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neuropathy due to cervical spine injury-surgery

A: Hello Oldncold I have cervical injury which you can read in my signature. I also suffer with polyneuropathy and this has been diagnosed through an EMG. But I did have my neck injury over ten years ago, and didn''t have insurance at that time to see a neurosurgeon and neurologist. I was diagnosed with polyneuropathy several months ago as well as Diabetes, so I do not know if their is a connection. I am sorry that you also suffer with this neuropathy. Jeanne _____________________ ~LUMBAR~ Posterolateral Fusion & Infuse with Laminectomy & Discectomy on L4,L5,S1 June 2003 Instrumentation = 2 Rods, 6 Screws, 2 Disc Spacers FBSS-Failed Back surgery Syndrome ~cervical~ Straightening of the Normal


Breathing issues due to cervical spine PRE surgery.....?

A: if you have actual spinal cord compression going on,it ''could'' be part of the problem.cord compression just affects much more than having a nerve compressed within the spine.considering where your problem is,this could explain what it is you are feeling.the one big thing when you have some level of damage or compression to the actual cord is you will ''feel'' or ''percieve" really strange types of things like actual things are being done to certain body parts?do you ''feel'' like there is some sort of a ''banding'' around your chest area that is responsible for feeling like you cannot breathe properly?if so,this could be just the perceptionary crap that comes along with spinal involvement.if you have been checked out for actual lung issues and everything is...


cervical spine damage

A: Hi, and welcome to the Board! I''m not sure if I can be of much help, but I''ll try. MY husband, Tygh (pronounced ''ty'') has Cerebral Palsy. He will be 34 this November, and in MAy he started having pain/ stiffness in his neck and nerve problems down his arm. He could not sleep flat on his back, it hurt so bad (thank goodness we had just gotten one of those lift recliner chairs!). He saw his regular Dr, who knew by his symptoms that he had a pinched nerve, but didn''t know what was causing it. Now, as far as treating a pinched nerve, they start with the least expensive/ drastic procedure (which also many times takes care of the pinched nerve), and if that doesn''t work, keep trying the next thing, and only if all the stuff doesn''t work will they have you do an MRI and then most likely...


Corrections medically and non-medically for cervical spine

A: Hello, You have some positive findings on cervical MRI. These structural changes will not change but you may help progression with excellent health including good posture. Since the spinal cord signal is normal and you have reported no neurological symptoms (arm numbness or tingling, arm or neck pain and poor upper extremity strenght) then there is less concern for fixing the structural changes and you can resume activity as tolerated. Best cases scenario is that you attain and maintain excellent overall health and the neck discomfort decreases and no further problems. No surgery. No rehab. No medicine. Worse case scenario is that the central spur worsens or the disc protrusions worsen , deform and compress the nerves so that neurological...


cervical spine

A: Kara, Thanks for your question. A 117-degree loss of the cervical lordosis would indicate a reversal of the lordotic curvature of the neck, called a cervical kyphosis. That"s a rather significant loss of the normal curvature. In some cases, a dramatic loss of the cervical curvature may produce pressure against the spinal cord, resulting in neurological symptoms. More commonly, such a loss of the cervical lordosis results in degenerative joint and disc changes (osteoarthritis) which in itself is painful and chronic. Generally, surgical intervention is considered when a person has severe, unremitting pain that is unresponsive to conservative care, progressive neurological symptoms,...


Cylindrical defect in cervical spine

A: Sounds like their talking about something protruding into the space where the cord is. It''s not exactly cylindrical in the neck...actually it''s oval...goes round in the thoracic. But if they see something possibly congenital(born with it) or post-traumatic(injury)then they must see something that should be there. Don''t get scared. If it''s something that''s causing problems and has to be removed, then you have lots of company here to hold your hand through it. See the neurosurgeon and then get back to us so we can help you through whatever and help you with resources. gentle hugs and prayers..............Jenny I know it is scary to think that you need to see a surgeon, but think of it this way: This may be an answer or one of the answers for your...


cervical spine pain:Headaches

A: Hi, Shelia, All those disc bulges and changes of spinal curvature point to one thing:  muscular contractions. Did your practitioners check for that? There are three major categories of headache.  I describe them in my article on headaches at somatics.com/page4b.htm It will answer a lot of questions, including what to do. with regard, Lawrence Gold...


Are zometa + corticosteroids (+tamoxifen) okay prior to surgery cervical spine?

A: Your surgeon must be aware of the medications you take prior to surgery. Discuss any risks and concerns you may have with the surgeon. I appreciate your taking the time to reply but ... Duh I wouldn''t be asking this question if oncologists communicated with neurologists who communicated with surgeons who communicated with endocrinologists. Add your Comment...


cervical spine mri results from rad

A: Hi and welcome. Sorry no one answered yet - there are lots of people here with similar problems. In the broad scheme of problems that can go wrong with your spine - this one is very common. I know it is scary, the best thing to do it try to learn the terminology and ask good questions to the doctors. You have degeneration of the discs - that means they are drying out, weakening, and maybe growing arthritis in there, and in this case at C3-4 you had one that is really damaged. The inner material called nucleus populus tore out of the tight outer band of the disc called the annulous fibrosis, and escaped. this material is gel like. Not only did it bulge out, you have an extrusion and a fragment that pushed through your posterior longitudinal ligament. This...


cervical spine MRI for radiculopathy

A: The first two times I had ACDF''s done. I am now waiting on my 3rd one scheduled this week however it will be a bit more complex in nature as my second one failed and I continue to herniated up the c-spine. I can say, without a doubt, for me that is, my first surgery eliminated my pain completely. What has your surgeon suggested? If you are having neck pain that radiates over the right shoulder, into the bicep, forearm, and involving your thumb and index finger -- it would seem this MRI is showing the cause of your problems. The right sided disc herniation at C5-6 could cause the "pinched" nerve here, causing those symptoms above. The other levels seem to have some degenerative changes, but nothing too bad. Of...

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