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need cervical spine surgeon

A: Hi, If you''re willing to go as far west as Rochester, NY area--I would recommend Dr. Seth Zeidman. He has done work on me four times (I have DDD), and he has fused me from C5 to C7 and L4 to S1 and I actually have to go there tomorrow to see one of his PA''s because I am having neck trouble again myself. Anyway, he does great work and I would recommend anyone to him. Nice personality and good bedside manner. Mind you, he is BUSY and appointments take a while to schedule. But he is worth the wait, if you can afford to wait. Good luck! Charlie was looking for info on Dr. Elowitz to send a friend, and saw your post in a search, and thought I would give a quick answer. Dr. Elowitz operated on me in 2005 and basically saved my life with back surgery. I told...


cervical spine fusions

A: I so understand your frustration with all the pain! I have a posterior 6 vertebrae fusion from C3 to T1 and it took a really long time to get rid of the major pain. I think it was somewhere around the 6-8 month post-op area that it went from "hair pulling out pain" to "I can cope with this pain". And it has steadily dropped since then although now I have major osteophytes hitting the C4 nerves and the cord again...inside the fusion. The neurosurgeon won''t touch it for now...afraid he''ll cause even more to grow. Give it time. I know that sounds trite but it''s all I can suggest. It takes a long time for fusions to really grow in and that is where the major pain is...it''s like healing a broken bone. They are testing new drugs for OA pain(on the news last week) that...


Mri of cervical spine

A: i would double check with the surgeon(just call his office,they would know what he normally uses,and it should be in your file too) who did this surgery and ask them to be certain,but with more recent surgeries(mine was done back in 2002 with hardware placement)they use titanium which IS okay with MRI. i have probably had at least five MRIs done on my c spine,brain and my knees since then and everything went fine. i do agree that the more likely place for your symptoms would be that c spine area. it wouldn''t hurt to get that MRIed. just how severe is your CP? marcia Thanks for the advice. I called the surgeon. Had the mri. Now I am just waiting for the results. Thanks. Very helpful. i am glad...


cervical spine problem - Having dizziness and headache

A: MRI results are complicated. I have learned that doctors put alot of stock into those tests & they do not always show it all. I have the same, the dizziness, & when I had my MRI it showed problems in the cervical but not enough to indicate it was causing all my problems. After years of suffering I started having PTs & even a doctor admitt that they are not as reliable as we are led to believe. 31/2 yrs since my problem started I am back to having my cervical & thoracic spine looked at. I dont have much faith in tests. My pt made a good point, you are in one postion for an MRI so it does not show what is going on in there when movement is involved. Anytime PT was attempted on my neck it would trigger off violent...


osteoarthritic of cervical spine

A: As someone with severe OA of the cervical spine who almost died after fusion surgery because I was becoming paralyzed...I''d suspect he''s not doing anything for fear of doing major damage to you. A wrong push on the side of the neck can cause a stroke besides possibly causing paralysis. I would walk....make that run...to a back specialist....either an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spines or a neurosurgeon. Don''t trust either then try a plain neurologist and let them read the films....they have no money to make off of you. No one except a neurosurgeon should go anywhere near the top 2 vertebrae in your neck. C1 and 2 are known as the atlas and axis bones and they work together to...


Bad cervical spine and cold feet, feet tingling sensations

A: estella, i have also had strange sensations, including cold, in my feet--in particular my left foot. i have bulges @ c3-4, c4-5 and a herniation @ c5-6, along with bone spurs and generalized degeneration of the c-spine. my left foot buzzes a lot and i feel like i''m wearing a tight sock that vibrates on my lower left leg sometimes too. most of my drs., my PT and others on this board have indicated that those sensations are fairly common with c-spine injuries. sorry you are having troubles, but you will find a lot of support on this board. best wishes binx Estella...I jut wrote a long post to Tinafibro about how to read an MRI report and what spine surgeons are looking for. Read it and then let me know...


Bone spur on cervical spine with breathing issues?

A: Your problem could be from the bone spur, but it could be of other origin as well. Your thyroid could also be a culprit if it is enlarged or has nodules or what they call goiter. Even if you go for the bone spur, make sure you have them rule out any involvement from enlarged thyroid. The doctors that address these issues are either neurosurgeons or orthopedic spine surgeons. Ask your primary care doctor for some help determining who to see. Thank you for that reply...I had my thyroid checked and it''s only slightly enlarged , I ill see a doctor and show them the x-ray. Thank You you may want to see an ENT to rule out vocal cord problem. POST ACDF surgery I was air starved with swallowing issues (also had large...


MRI cervical spine with & w/o contrast

A: Stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal or the foramen between the vertebra that have the nerve roots run through. It is bad and your do NOT have it in the C2-C4 levels which is the upper levels of your neck. You have 7 vertebra that make up the cervical spine in your neck. C1-C7. The parts talking about spurs are osteophytes. They are calcium deposits that begin to build up on bone when there is degeneration in the area. C4-5 Right facet hypertrophy. This is an enlargement of the little joint between the c4 and c5 vertebra due to degeneration of the joint. It can lead to nerve irritation since the the root runs past it as it exits the spine. This is what they are talking about with the foramen stenosis. ...


Trying to understand my mri results of the cervical spine

A: just exactly where is your pain and what overall symptoms are you experiencing in the shoulder and c spine areas?i just went thru a surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder(the ''cuff" is where all the tendons kind of meet together?).i had been assuming that at least some of my really bad pain that was in my upper back,shoulder and neck was all coming from just my huge c spine mess when it was also from my torn rotator cuff.this is a VERY common injury that alot of people actually have but don''t really know it til that MRI gets done of the shoulder(i got the MRI done on the shoulder when i started to feel really awful "knife like" jabs into the upper arm shoulder area whenever i extended...


Has anyone has laser spine surgery at the Laser spine Institute in Tampa, FL?

A: yoyorat The cost is high because there are only a handful of spine centers who specialize in minimally invasive procedures. The reason is that few practioners can take the time away from their lucrative work and return to student status to become accredited. Hospitals don''t offer orthoscopic spine procedures, because the procedure is out-patient, and no revenue is generated for post-operative hospital care. My surgery will cost $35,000 of which Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO will pay all but $4000. I signed a contract with LSI indicating that my exposure is limited to $4k only, even if the insurance carrier decides not to pay. YES MY WIFE in 2008 Aberkov@tampabay.rr.com mizzbryce ...

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