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Shoulder tendenitis and cervical spine

A: Hi Qin, I would go to a Chiropractor that utilizes towel traction, this will enlarge and rehydrate the discs and eliminate any bulges. The spurs may end up having to be removed by a neurosurgeon if they end up being the sole cause of your problems. I sincerely doubt it though, give the traction a try for a few weeks and see. Dr. Durnin...


Major fatigue following cervical fusion surgery

A: I know for me, the fatigue was a long battle and came from the type of anesthesia they use for spine surgery. It''s is VERY deep to keep you from any movement while they are working around the cord. The weakness in your arms and legs after going home may have been from swelling that occurred once you were up and moving around. Swelling around the spine can put pressure on all the nerves in the area and make them feel weak. Swelling around the cord can do the same. But the all over fatigue....I''d bet it''s the after effects of the anesthesia. And I bet a lot of people here will agree. Seems to be fairly common. rest up and take care................Jenny Jenny, How long did your fatigue last and how...


Interpreting MRI of cervical spine

A: Dear Paula, These results are not as bad as you may think.  Although you have degenerative disc disease and arthritic changes to the spine, the magnitude of these changes is the most important thing to consider. First some terminology: Spondylosis = degenerative changes to the bone such as spurring Anterior subluxation = forward slipping of one vertebra on another Foraminal = holes in which the nerve roots exit the spine Central disc protrusion = straight back towards the spinal cord Stenosis = narrowing of the spinal canal or foraminal canals Now the worst thing that I see here on the report is the severe right and left forminal narrowing visualized at C4/C5/C6. This is the most likely source of your arm pain (I am...


MRI of the cervical spine

A: Leanabel, Is there any way for me to see that MRI?  There may be a very serious problem with her that general doctors are untrained to even look for, and I am finding contradictions in their report already.  If I could see her MRI I could tell you if she has that problem and if so, if we would be able to help her to get well. Otherwise, most doctors would wait and allow it to get bad enough and then offer surgery to try and fix it.  To me this is ridiculous and if we can locate and correct the cause of the problem now (without drugs or surgery by the way) then why wouldn"t we choose that route?  It offers a much better scenario for the treatment as well as the outcome. If you could send me the films via email that...


straight cervical spine

A: Sorry to hear you are having problems at such a young age. I also have what my doctor said was an abnormally straight cervical spine. I woke up one morning in 8/08 with shoulder blade/neck pain and severe headache. I now have arm pain and have spams/cramping in my arms and hands. It continued for about 6 months, then eased up. It then returned and has progressively gotten worse. I have tried PT, meds, injections - to no avail. I am now considering surgery and will be going to my os in 2 weeks to discuss this. I have not tried chiropractic as I am not interested in that type of treatment. Hopefully you will receive treatments that will help you resolve your neck problems. Also, my MRI does not look that bad...


cervical spine Issue

A: Dear Lee, Here are the responses to your question. 1) How serious is my condition?  Not looking good at this point.  The degeneration will not improve and will only get worse over time without the correction of your reversed curve and improved biomechanical function.  Although this is not life threatening by any means, it will eventually lead to surgery as the degeneration gets worse. 2) Is the above program sufficient to treat my condition? If not, what else do you recommend?  The above program is sufficient, but the chiropractor will likely need to increase the traction weight a bit over time...but within your tolerance.  The doctor should have shown you your x-rays and explained how and why the traction is being targeted to...


cervical spine

A: Hello Jogesh,   You may want to have a consultation with a orthopedic surgeon.  The C5-C6 impingement on the nerves is the cause your symptoms.  If your symptoms continue to worsen, loss of muscle strength, numbness, etc. surgery may be necessary to relieve pressure on the nerves to prevent possible permanent nerve damage.  Often the surgery is quick and simple, they can make a small incision and basically clean up/increase the size of the foramen for the exiting nerves.     Acupuncture may help with the pain but will not take pressure off the nerves. Have a great day, Dr. Brendon O"Brien D.C....


MRI cervical spine w/o contrast

A: Kathy, OK, basically what they are saying is that see a very mild problem.  It is so mild that they cannot cut on you just yet. So, they will want to wait until this gets bad enough that you come back in a year or two, you can then be a candidate for surgery. Hopefully, you respect yourself just a little bit more than that. What I suggest is to have an evaluation done by our testing protocol that is highly sensitive and looks for the cause of your health problem where other cannot even see it.  How can we do this? Because we have been specifically trained to be able to locate  and to correct an obstruction in your nervous system that 99% of the time is the cause of your abnormal health condition. You know your body better than anyone else ever...


cervical spine stenosis

A: sorry to hear about all your problems. I had spinal fussion in 96 in lower back and it took a while to find someone to find the problem. this can be very upseting, when you to the nero does he see the mri himself or does he read a report ab out the mri that someone else wrote. The nero foound my problem in aobut 2 minutes. i was so revealed. They have since figured out I have DISH diease. I have gotten radio frequency nerve blocks and they last longer everytime I get them in my neck. c2,c3,c4,c5,c6 I hurst so bad it seems to even get hot. sometimes the LIMDERM patches seem to help have yoiu tried them. my hands tingle , but the radio freq. nerve blocks stops that too. The lumber spine is where I was fussed and only gives me problems now and then. The pain in the...


MRI of cervical spine without contrast

A: I don"t believe you need surgery, yet.  I and many of my colleagues treat these symptoms everyday.  It would be easier to describe to you in person the MRI, but I will take a shot. Uncovertebral spurring means there is a bone spur in a specific joint in that area of the bone in your neck, sounds like it might be starting to touch the disc which could cause some troubles in the future. At C6-7, the "annular tear and protrusion" mean that the disc has slightly ruptured and is protruding into or onto the nerve that exits out of the foramen, which is a hole in the vertebrae where nerves exit.  This could be the culprit causing your "numbness" in you hand.   My strongest suggestion is to seek a chiropractic consultation, take your MRI so they...

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