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cervical spine advice requested

A: Hello - we are all patients just like you. I think you tried to post pictures and although some of us are familiar with films, a true read of them needs to be done by your treating doctor. But we can take your MRI text and explain it to our knowledge and experiences. I will break it down by paragraph and the response will follow each paragrah. Overall it looks like your condition is stable and not getting worse from the words they have written here. That is good! The question is - have your symptoms changed or worsened? The MRI is only one part of the picture. I am assuming you have had pain since you have a history of radiculopathy - is this under control or is it getting worse? That is pretty good news because there are some of who the bone spurs grow very fast and even within a year...


Translating cervical spine MRI results

A: You need a spine surgeon. I assume from this report you have a lot of numbness in your left arm going down into your left index finger and thumb? And I bet they don''t work too well either. Some interpretation....let''s start with an anatomy lesson. The spinal cord exits the brain and comes down through the spinal canal inside of the vertebrae. It is encased in the "thecal sac" that holds spinal fluid around it. At each vertebra, a pair of spinal nerves peels off like a banana and leaves the vertebra by holes called the neural foramina(one on each side of the vertebra). In between each vertebra is a disc that is made up of spongy material that acts as a cushion between the vertebra. The discs can rupture and the spongy material can end up oozing out...


2nd opinion on Thursday for cervical Stenosis/surgery, etc. (m)..

A: Wow! Your MRIs sound alot like mine. My pain prior to my ACDF surgery on levels C5-6 & 6/7 was much like yours, except I didn''t get the peripheral neuropathy-like symptoms in my lower extremeties until about 5-6 months post-surgery. Everything prior to surgery was neck, shoulder and numbness in my right arm. I had severe cord compression and surgery was done about 12 days after the NS saw my MRI. It does sound to me like you might be heading in that direction, too. I had my surgery Jan 2, 2007. It''s been just over a year, and I''m just starting to accept that things will never be the same. (guess I''m a slow learner!) I had been getting along with the burning in...


cervical spine deterioration

A: just wondering if you have obtained more than just one opinion on your situation? i too had some very very scarey stuff going on at the cord level with three seperate neurosurgeons giving all kinds of differing views on just what this ment for me risk wise and what could be done. you just need to be seeking out the most experienced type of neurosurgeons who deal with compression and whever else is going on up there. just what does your MRI state about the hard findings in that summary at the very end? trust me when i say that not all neurosurgeons are created equal. not by a long shot. what any NS tells you about being able to actually fix something is kind of set by many ways by his or her own training,experience and limitations. other NSs may see your case very differently. i cannot...


Thoracic spine surgery

A: Alex, I can"t answer your question about surgeries, as my practice addresses the aftermath of injuries with the intention to avoid (unnecessary) surgeries. The constellation of conditions you describe indicate patterns of muscular contraction triggered by the accident.  Disc bulges,  herniations and protrusions commonly result from highly contracted muscles along the spine. The annular tear is probably a result of the accident, itself, and, to my understanding, requires surgical repair. The prognosis for the other conditions, addressed surgically, is rather poor, as they result from a precondition that surgery can"t properly address:  reflexive muscular contractions.  You can"t quiet reflexes with


New Problems With cervical spine!

A: Hello! Well that popping sound in your neck may not mean anything other than a normal buildup of gasses (or could be caused by some movement in there, or pressure). Lot''s of us have it even after corrective surgeries. Your symptoms do sound like cervical issues, X-ray is a start, but to see it all you need a MRI. The xray will show bone and arthritis and aligment but won''t be able to show the soft tissue elements of your spinal canal. While you wait for results and next steps take it easy, ibuprofen, heat/ice. My symptoms have gotten more severe, since my last post...I am now suffering from severe neck pain, extremely high blood pressure (due to the severe pain), and also severe migraines (due to the severe muscle spasms). The doctor that read my (2)...


cervical spine Issues and Cognitive problems anybody?

A: while anything is indeed possible with c spine issues this really does sound a bit more brain related unless something is actually impeding the blood flow to your brain that is IN the c spine/neck area.cognative functions are not usually part of any c spine problem in and of themselves,you know what i mean?but many facial and head problems can be related to the nerves running thru the areas.but your particular symptomology sounds more a brain type issue.or like i mentioned,a possible blood flow issue stemming from something inside more of the neck area itself and possibly not so much actual c spine,am i confusing you more here or actually making some sense?somtimes i confuse myself too so...


cervical spine fusion

A: Dear Krystyna, Sorry to hear about all the problems you have been having.  The first thing I want to convey to you is that the Independent Medical Exam (IME) doctor you saw is not independent...he is paid for his opinion through the workers compensation program and will likely always generate reports that are in their favor.  So it is no wonder that he blew you off...his behavior was unethical and ridiculous. He should have evaluated the neck, the elbow and the hands. If I were you I would talk to an work comp attorney about this so that you can be made aware of your rights. I would additionally do an inquiry about the IME doctor to find out more information on his practice, relationship with the workers comp network and his medical license.  you are probably not the...


Arthritis - cervical spine

A: Mobic needs to be taken daily in order for it to be effective, not as needed when you have a flare up as it is an anti-imflamatory medication that takes time to build up into your system. You might try some phsycial therapy which may helps to ease up the tension. Also a prescribed muscle relaxer may be of help and it will also help you to sleep a little better at night. Have you seen a nuerosurgeon regarding the problem? If not you might want to check into it to see if there''s anything that can be done to help How can a neurosurgeon help? If you are experiencing herniations or compressions of the cervical spine as a result of the arthritis they can be removed and the neck fused. Overall the outcome of the proceedure...


  spine surgery in the cervical area

A: Hello bassmatt, I would suggest you to get a second opinion near a neurosurgeon or orthopedician. Go foranother X-ray and MRI and get it commented by a radiologist. If required go for the dye thing, discographybefore intervention surgery. More than the cost you cannot go for surgery before not getting properlydiagnosed. Delay the surgeries like fusion as till the last resort. Physiotherapy, life style changes,ergonomics changes, replacement surgery are the first options. Take care!...

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