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Does anyone take Lyrica with any kinda of bi-polar meds? If so, what do you experience?

A: RRTlady, I do not take any meds for depression, however, I was taking Lyrica for 8 days... had to quit today. Lyrica made my legs/feet swell, also having bad muscle cramping. From what I have read, yes Lyrica causes weight gain. May be the right med for you, though. I know the horrible pain of neuropathy, so I hope and pray you will feel better soon!!! Keep your chin up, lady! sweetlemon Thank You... so far so good. I''ve been on it for 2 weeks, having to up the dosage from 50mg BID to TID, which they like to start you on 75mgs which can just knock your socks off and make you sleep..It helps having medical training and knowing these things lol..So far, I''ve gain 5lbs..which yea, please give me 30 more. Thanks for your prayers sweetiemon. I appreciate your understanding of Nueropathy; most...


  Lost of vision focus - fainting

A: Hi there. Your symptoms are disturbing and alerting to various possible etiologies. This could be a transientischemic attack or a mini stroke caused by brief neurological dysfunction due to change in blood supply to aparticular region of the brain. There is temporary loss of vision, difficulty speaking, weakness of one sideof body, dizziness and lack of coordination and poor balance. CT/ MRI brain would be needed to preclude this.A brain tumor could also present like this. Certain cerebellar disorders manifest with impaired balance andataxic gait which is a wide based gait where you can stumble could also be the culprit. Then this could bemeniere?s disease, a disorder of the inner ear which can affect hearing and balance, episodes of vertigo andprogressive hearing loss. Sometimes you can...


enlarged node @ base of skull

A: Hello, I am sorry but something is not clear in your post. You mentioned that two years ago you had a bone marrow biopsy and this lead to your doctor suspecting lymphoma vs. hairy cell leukemia. So have you been diagnosed with any of these diseases? I do not have an answer really for why you feel your lymph node to be more swollen on waking up other than that it could be a result of edema that results from pressure on the lymph node while sleeping. Of note is the fact that at their current size they do not seem to be clinically significant. However, given the results of your blood picture it is advisable to pursue investigation further. Have you had any biopsies....


Help with scene in my novel

A: Hi Wendy I am not sure exactly how to answer this but I will give it a shot. The paramedics are going to remove the most severely injured victims first.  If the front passenger is trapped and the back passengers are not they will take them out first to be able to gain access to the front passenger.  Someone with turn-out gear (usually a firefighter) will get in the back seat if it is accessible and hold the patients head with manual traction.  The other firefighters will use the jaws of life (Hurst tool) to cut the roof of the car away.  Once they are able to get the victim out they will immobilize him on a long spine board (backboard) and move him to the ambulance. If during the extrication life saving measures are needed they will...

Mild Bulging Disc C6-C7

A: OK there is some thing i want you to do before seeing the neurosurgeon and i want you to try Glucosamine and Chondroitin, and get the triple strength, ok most good doctors of meds do recognize this as a very good healing med . and lots of doctors use this all the time. ok i took this to see what it would do for my back i have 5 disc that are bad and this makes the fluids build up and really helped me. and i took it for a month before it really started working . but when it did i throwed my meds away . and didn't have to take a pain med one. so try this for yourself and see what it will do....


What Is Common Treatment For A Back Injury Located At Dis 6 And 7?

A: The best type of treatment for an injury arond the neck is total inmobilization, cold pad until further information is available as to how serious the injury is. The type of treatment will vary whether it is in your cervical spine - 7 verterbre - or thoracic spine - 12 verterbre. If it''s a ruptured/fractured/slipped disc a possible fusion and physical therapy. If it is a basic disc buldge then probably physical therapy to strengthen the surrounding muscles. Treatment an injury at disc 6 and 7 depends on the severity. Minor injuries are treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and the application of cold compresses. Severe injuries require surgery. Lumbar back injuries are usually treated with...


upper back pain accompanied by slight chest pain. is it something to worry about?

A: 1. Have a ct scan done on your cervical spine and thorasic spine, if the pain radiated to your shouler blades and thumbs or finger, there is a chance you have nerves pinched due to narrowing of the exits. surgery can fix this, in the mean time, strong pain killers might help, such as pregablin 2. Your back pain is caused by pinched muscles there and to get rid of the pain you have to free up your back muscles. When back muscles are pinched they often send the pains around your body to become rib, chest or heart area pains. To get rid of the pains you have to free up your back muscles which will also get rid of the pain from the other pains you had before, and here''s how to free them up:...


Someone Please Listen......i Need Feedback!

A: It is difficult to know for sure, but fibro would seem to be a more likely concern (my non-medical opinion). I have a sister with fibro and your description sounds like her. Her fibro hits especially bad when a low pressure system approaches or it rains. You can always ask your doctors to show why it would not be MS. If it is fibro, there are forums with people who can understand your situation very well. Keep asking and keep on keeping on. I can empathoze with your dilemma. Please know that most all of us have shared the fears you feel. I just wanted to add that you are not going to die. I was dx in 06 at the age of 34. My daugher was 5 and son was 1. I cried hard, too. I learned about MS and came here to this board. Hearing other stories brought a sense of relief. It''s a...


what can be done for artheritis of neck pressing against esophagus

A: Arthritis so severe in the cervical spine that the bone spurs(osteophytes) are pressing on your esophagus can be fixed. Has anyone done an MRI on your neck to see if you have other problems as well? Sometimes the spine starts to curve more deeply inward and that can also be a problem and can also be fixed in surgery. My neck decided to curve the other way...outward....and had to be re-shaped back to a normal inward curve and held there with rods and a fusion. But it is fixable. gentle hugs.............Jenny...


Feel out of my league and alone... Chiari related

A: Hello Overheated! It took me close to three years to get a proper diagnosis and I was pushed out many doors and labled as "complex migraines" whatever that is!!!! I knew differently. I was, at the time, a nationally competitve runner and duathlete and my symptoms came on during intense training or racing. I have many of the same symptoms you have and I still do.....Worse are the headaches and flashing lights in my vision with any sort of exertion.........I FINALLY got the correct diagnosis by way of my Lyme doctor ordering an MRI when my symptoms would not go away after treatment. I have a 5MM herniation, 9mm cervical syrinx and restriced CSF flow. Even with the hard core diagnosis you can still have problems with NL and NS believing chiari can and does...

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