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What is cervical spine surgery?

A: cervical spine surgery is a procedure aimed at alleviating weakness, tingling, numbness and pain associated with the cervical spine. At the same time, the surgery seeks to correct any abnormalities in the function of the spine and help to restore a proper level of nerve function. The exact form of cervical surgery will depend on the general condition of the patient and what must be done in order to ease pressure on the nerves along the spinal column or any irritants to the vertebrae of the back. Surgeons can take several different approaches to the process of


cervical spine surgery - Rear Approach??

A: Hi I dont check back often. I had the rear approach, a C4-C7 laminectomy in Sept 05. My understnding is that this is the older technique but it made sense to me as far as range of motion, etc. A laminectomy "frees" the constriction but without removing the disks so there are no plates and no fusion. The recovery wasn''t that difficult. I was surprised that I couldn''t lift my arms well right after surgery but within a week it was significantly improved. I couldn''t drive for 8 to 10 weeks but I was back to work in 2 weeks (taking breaks to rest flat every few hours). See my old posts and I''ll try to check back to see what you decide. Sunshine I''ve had 2 posterior cervical spine surgeries....


cervical spine surgery

A: Hi Bruce- Personally (and i"m not a doctor of course) i"d get another opinion. Especially if someone was recommending doing general anesthetic surgery on an older guy without having clearly stated the problem And it"s very true that even short term hospital stays or surgery on an area can totally weaken muscles- way faster than most people think. As an example, i got tired just chewing after 2 months of not eating (due to tubes down throat). After a month and half in ICU on my back, they tried to sit me up to 45 degree angle and i passed out cold. This was when i was 21, healthy, etc. so- i think it"s real possible that some physical therapy could help your dad. Make sure there"s no condition with the bones first that could be...


How Long Is One Required To Stay In The Hospital After cervical spine surgery?

A: There is no definite rule about your stay in the hospital after the cervical spinal surgery is performed on you. But usually it does not take more than two days after the surgery for you to go home.       But the two days requirement is only for those whom doctors think that they don''t require any special care. If they think that the person needs special care they send him to the rehabilitation facility and after recuperating well in the facility he is sent to home.       When you are at home you need to take rest and your doctor may also ask for the arrangements when the nurse or the therapist from the hospital visits your home. When you follow all the directions...

cervical spine surgery and problems

A: Hello Southviewgirl! I have not had the cervical surgery yet, but do need it at some time in the future. I also have that catch in my neck that gives me quite a bit of pain. I''m still in recovery from a double lumbar fusion, and in no hurry for another fusion at this time. Have you had an epidural yet? This may give you some relief. Take care, SE Southview, WhiteBeard has just recently had another c-spine fusion, I will let him know you have questions. Also, please insist on being sent to a neurosurgeon for your neck, not an orthopedic. The orthopedic as you know specalizes in the bones & structure, but the neurosurgeon is specialized in the nerves and nerve pathways which is something to really consider. ...


having anterior cervical spine surgery PLEASE READ

A: I don''t want to tell you to postpone your surgery, but I cannot imagine having to pick up small children for at least the first 3 weeks after surgery. Are there any relatives or neighbors that could help? You don''t want to disrupt the fusion by lifting more than 15 pounds and have problems for the rest of your life. I agree. I don''t want to encourage postponing surgery either, but there is no way you can pick up your little ones. You have to be so careful after surgery. I had mine 3 and a half months ago and babied myself. Birdman is right, you don''t want to injure yourself after surgery and have more pain and problems. I know it is hard to be in the...


Does it tend to take longer for a type 2 diabetic to heal after cervical spine surgery, and for fusion to take place?

A: People with diabetes whose blood sugar is within normal range do not take longer to heal than people without diabetes. Your A1c is excellent. If you are contemplating surgery, maintaining excellent blood sugar control and achieving some weight. loss would help the healing process. The better physical condition, the better the outcome of the surgery. Take care....


Has anyone had bone graphs taken from their own hip and back for cervical spine surgery?

A: 13 Oct 2011 It is unfortunate but you are correct that most drs wont touch another Drs screw up. I havent had this done to myself (yet-they are pushing for a lumbar fusion but I keep trying to put it off) but I do know that statistics show that you usually do better with your own harvested bone than bone from a cadaver. There is much less liklihood of rejection and it usually heals much better. Good Luck-hope it goes well for you. I can understand your fears. I feel the same way. I''m very frightened of someone cutting on my back! Let me know once you have it done how it goes for you! Votes:+1CommentVote upReport tryntostopthepain 16 Oct 2011Hi,and thank you for you time and concern. My surgery is Dec 2oth. My surgeon said they will keep me under for the first day...


My Journey to cervical spine surgery

A: Wow, that''s a very interesting story. I have shared some of your misgivings about ACDF, and ended up having a foraminotomy to resolve my symptoms (mainly because my NS decided at the last minute to go that route because of concerns about how fusion would affect other levels). {REMOVED} there''s a lot there that is food for thought. Could you clarify a couple terms: ACMF? MISS? Keep us posted on how things progress! ACMF--Anterior cervical Micro Foraminotomy--the procedure invented by Dr. Jho. MISS--Minimally Invasive Spinal surgery While the ACMF is usually billed as a MISS, I would probably consider it a moderately invasive spinal surgery since, while it does preserve the disc, does involve the removal...


Alternatives to cervical spine surgery?

A: IDET (Intradiscal Electrothermal Annuloplasty) IDET is usually reserved only for patients who enjoy tried aggressive, non-operative techniques to relieve their spasm without nouns. Because this is a relatively new procedure, you should engineer sure that the practitioner you see is adequately trained within using the equipment. The procedure itself takes in the region of one hour to complete. A local anesthetic and intravenous pain relievers are used. The physician uses an X-ray gadget (fluoroscope) to see the spinal structures. A hollow needle is inserted into the prickly disc. A thin heat wire (electrothermal catheter) is passed through the plunger into the disc, and maneuvered into place around the outer edge of the inner nucleus. The wire is heated slowly to a warmth of about 194...

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