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cervical spine mri results from rad

A: Hi and welcome. Sorry no one answered yet - there are lots of people here with similar problems. In the broad scheme of problems that can go wrong with your spine - this one is very common. I know it is scary, the best thing to do it try to learn the terminology and ask good questions to the doctors. You have degeneration of the discs - that means they are drying out, weakening, and maybe growing arthritis in there, and in this case at C3-4 you had one that is really damaged. The inner material called nucleus populus tore out of the tight outer band of the disc called the annulous fibrosis, and escaped. this material is gel like. Not only did it bulge out, you have an extrusion and a fragment that pushed through your posterior longitudinal ligament. This...


cervical spine ct

A: David, I am a lawyer, not a doctor. From what I know, The small posterior protrusion is probably asymptomatic;Your doctor is "suspicious"( unable to confirm) of a second protrusion that , if it is present, is of concern and probably causing your symptoms. Of course ask your doctor about the x ray findings. He is the logical person to advise you, not an attorney! Richard Sindell Seattle Wa. Personal injury Attorney...


Interpreting MRI of cervical spine

A: Dear Paula, These results are not as bad as you may think.  Although you have degenerative disc disease and arthritic changes to the spine, the magnitude of these changes is the most important thing to consider. First some terminology: Spondylosis = degenerative changes to the bone such as spurring Anterior subluxation = forward slipping of one vertebra on another Foraminal = holes in which the nerve roots exit the spine Central disc protrusion = straight back towards the spinal cord Stenosis = narrowing of the spinal canal or foraminal canals Now the worst thing that I see here on the report is the severe right and left forminal narrowing visualized at C4/C5/C6. This is the most likely source of your arm pain (I am...


Reverse Lordosis of the cervical spine

A: Although I"m not a physician, I can tell you that lordosis  is a medical term used to describe an inward curvature of a portion of the vertebral column. Two segments of the vertebral column, namely cervical (neck) and lumbar (lower back), are normally lordotic.  That means they are set in a curve that has its convex side to the front and the concave side to the rear. Apparently, your son has curvature going in the opposite direction, resulting in pain. Thank you for your question, Roni.  I hope that my answer was helpful....


cervical spine

A: Hello Jogesh,   You may want to have a consultation with a orthopedic surgeon.  The C5-C6 impingement on the nerves is the cause your symptoms.  If your symptoms continue to worsen, loss of muscle strength, numbness, etc. surgery may be necessary to relieve pressure on the nerves to prevent possible permanent nerve damage.  Often the surgery is quick and simple, they can make a small incision and basically clean up/increase the size of the foramen for the exiting nerves.     Acupuncture may help with the pain but will not take pressure off the nerves. Have a great day, Dr. Brendon O"Brien D.C....


Cylindrical defect in cervical spine

A: Sounds like their talking about something protruding into the space where the cord is. It''s not exactly cylindrical in the neck...actually it''s oval...goes round in the thoracic. But if they see something possibly congenital(born with it) or post-traumatic(injury)then they must see something that should be there. Don''t get scared. If it''s something that''s causing problems and has to be removed, then you have lots of company here to hold your hand through it. See the neurosurgeon and then get back to us so we can help you through whatever and help you with resources. gentle hugs and prayers..............Jenny I know it is scary to think that you need to see a surgeon, but think of it this way: This may be an answer or one of the


cold feet (or foot) w/ c-spine injuries?

A: Hi Binx, I have a herniation at C5/C6 and experience left side weakness and numbing. I think this is "normal" for this type of condition. I have slight inpingement on my spinal cord and am seeing surgeons for their recommendations for surgery. Although I have minimal (knock on wood) pain, I am concerned about permanent damage to my nerves. So although I''m scared "sh__ less" about surgery, I want to get this resolved now and try to get on with my life. Right now I''m so guarded about my condition, I don''t want to do anything physical besides the basic household chores. Not sure if you feel the same way. I hope you are able to do something with your condition to make you feel somewhat whole again. Take care. Robin Oh yep, me too! the tops of my feet are all...


Does anyone have knowledge about compressed disc in cervical spine?

A: I''m not sure about the comressed disk. I was told that I have bulging disk at the c-5 and c-6 and also the c-6 and c-7. I have had a lot of shoulder pain, neck and back pain, radiating into my right arm. The muscles in my upper back were in spasm all the time, started having headaches and I became one constant ball of pain. It got to where I could not use my right arm much at all. The doctor gave me an epidural block injection about nine months ago in my upper back area. Some kind of steroidal/numbing stuff. It was pretty rough for the first few days immediately following but I have been pain free since. .....well until now, I have been riding horses and doing a lot of no no''s. I have an apt. for the 1st. I wonder if this is the same thing you are talking about.? Oh my, you...


MRI of cervical spine without contrast

A: I don"t believe you need surgery, yet.  I and many of my colleagues treat these symptoms everyday.  It would be easier to describe to you in person the MRI, but I will take a shot. Uncovertebral spurring means there is a bone spur in a specific joint in that area of the bone in your neck, sounds like it might be starting to touch the disc which could cause some troubles in the future. At C6-7, the "annular tear and protrusion" mean that the disc has slightly ruptured and is protruding into or onto the nerve that exits out of the foramen, which is a hole in the vertebrae where nerves exit.  This could be the culprit causing your "numbness" in you hand.   My strongest suggestion is to seek a chiropractic consultation, take your MRI so they can discuss it with you....

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