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MRI cervical spine w/o contrast

A: Kathy, OK, basically what they are saying is that see a very mild problem.  It is so mild that they cannot cut on you just yet. So, they will want to wait until this gets bad enough that you come back in a year or two, you can then be a candidate for surgery. Hopefully, you respect yourself just a little bit more than that. What I suggest is to have an evaluation done by our testing protocol that is highly sensitive and looks for the cause of your health problem where other cannot even see it.  How can we do this? Because we have been specifically trained to be able to locate  and to correct an obstruction in your nervous system that 99% of the time is the cause of your abnormal health condition. You know your body better than anyone else ever will, and so what you are...


Alternatives to cervical spine surgery?

A: IDET (Intradiscal Electrothermal Annuloplasty) IDET is usually reserved only for patients who enjoy tried aggressive, non-operative techniques to relieve their spasm without nouns. Because this is a relatively new procedure, you should engineer sure that the practitioner you see is adequately trained within using the equipment. The procedure itself takes in the region of one hour to complete. A local anesthetic and intravenous pain relievers are used. The physician uses an X-ray gadget (fluoroscope) to see the spinal structures. A hollow needle is inserted into the prickly disc. A thin heat wire (electrothermal catheter) is passed through the plunger into the disc, and maneuvered into place around the outer edge of the inner nucleus. The wire is heated slowly to a warmth of about 194...


Trying to understand my mri results of the cervical spine

A: just exactly where is your pain and what overall symptoms are you experiencing in the shoulder and c spine areas?i just went thru a surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder(the ''cuff" is where all the tendons kind of meet together?).i had been assuming that at least some of my really bad pain that was in my upper back,shoulder and neck was all coming from just my huge c spine mess when it was also from my torn rotator cuff.this is a VERY common injury that alot of people actually have but don''t really know it til that MRI gets done of the shoulder(i got the MRI done on the shoulder when i started to feel really awful "knife like" jabs into the upper arm shoulder area whenever i extended...


Straightening of the cervical spine

A: X-rays after a roll-over accident showed straightening of the cervical spine. My doc said loss of the normal curvature is classic sign of a whiplash injury/ muscle spasms, etc. Muscle relaxants and NSAIDS helped a great deal. Don''t know if you''ve suffered a recent strain or trauma to your neck or something else entirely. Good luck at your appt. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the reply. The strange thing is that I have not suffered any trauma to the neck of any sort. I have been under a lot of emotional stress lately and I don''t know whether that caused the muscle spasm which in turn caused the straightening of the cervical spine or was it the...


cervical disc injuries and the heart

A: I''ve spent quite a bit of time searching for info on cervical spine issues and PVC''s and I can''t find credible info on i(people report it but no doc can conclude the neck problem caused it). There is some credible info on thoracic spine issues doing this but not cervical. Doesn''t mean it doesn''t happen but even if it does, meds should help control it. I am fused from C3 to T1 due to massive problems like your and I developed a problem with PVC''s earlier this year. Testing showed 50% of my heart beats were PVC''s. My doc put me on metoprolol and it helped some. Then we tried diltiazem and that did it....shut them down completely. I too wanted to blame my neck but then my doc pointed...


MRI cervical spine with & w/o contrast

A: Stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal or the foramen between the vertebra that have the nerve roots run through. It is bad and your do NOT have it in the C2-C4 levels which is the upper levels of your neck. You have 7 vertebra that make up the cervical spine in your neck. C1-C7. The parts talking about spurs are osteophytes. They are calcium deposits that begin to build up on bone when there is degeneration in the area. C4-5 Right facet hypertrophy. This is an enlargement of the little joint between the c4 and c5 vertebra due to degeneration of the joint. It can lead to nerve irritation since the the root runs past it as it exits the spine. This is what they are talking about with the foramen stenosis. ...


Bone spur on cervical spine with breathing issues?

A: Your problem could be from the bone spur, but it could be of other origin as well. Your thyroid could also be a culprit if it is enlarged or has nodules or what they call goiter. Even if you go for the bone spur, make sure you have them rule out any involvement from enlarged thyroid. The doctors that address these issues are either neurosurgeons or orthopedic spine surgeons. Ask your primary care doctor for some help determining who to see. Thank you for that reply...I had my thyroid checked and it''s only slightly enlarged , I ill see a doctor and show them the x-ray. Thank You you may want to see an ENT to rule out vocal cord problem. POST ACDF surgery I was air starved with swallowing issues (also had large osteophytes in same area PRE...


cervical spine surgery

A: Hi Bruce- Personally (and i"m not a doctor of course) i"d get another opinion. Especially if someone was recommending doing general anesthetic surgery on an older guy without having clearly stated the problem And it"s very true that even short term hospital stays or surgery on an area can totally weaken muscles- way faster than most people think. As an example, i got tired just chewing after 2 months of not eating (due to tubes down throat). After a month and half in ICU on my back, they tried to sit me up to 45 degree angle and i passed out cold. This was when i was 21, healthy, etc. so- i think it"s real possible that some physical therapy could help your dad. Make sure there"s no condition with the bones first that could be worsened though- maybe talk to his doctor and ask why...


cervical spine MRI

A: Hanna Somatic Educatio Hello, Cathy, Your neck muscles are so tight that they are shortening your neck, compressing discs, causing them to bulge, and forming bone spurs at their attachments. The pain comes in part from muscle fatigue of the involved muscles and from facet joints of the vertebrae being irritated. I write more on that situation at http://www.somatics.com/whiplash.htm The write-up also gives my recommendation for a solution. Here is a page with video of an exercise that can help.  I think you"ll need more than that, but this should help. http://www.somatics.com/emergency_back_care.htm --  "12-Minute Emergency Back Self-Care" regard, Lawrence Gold...


cervical spine pain:Headaches

A: Hi, Shelia, All those disc bulges and changes of spinal curvature point to one thing:  muscular contractions. Did your practitioners check for that? There are three major categories of headache.  I describe them in my article on headaches at somatics.com/page4b.htm It will answer a lot of questions, including what to do. with regard, Lawrence Gold...

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