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cervical spine Issues and Cognitive problems anybody?

A: while anything is indeed possible with c spine issues this really does sound a bit more brain related unless something is actually impeding the blood flow to your brain that is IN the c spine/neck area.cognative functions are not usually part of any c spine problem in and of themselves,you know what i mean?but many facial and head problems can be related to the nerves running thru the areas.but your particular symptomology sounds more a brain type issue.or like i mentioned,a possible blood flow issue stemming from something inside more of the neck area itself and possibly not so much actual c spine,am i confusing you more here or actually making some sense?somtimes i confuse myself too so...


cervical spine stenosis

A: sorry to hear about all your problems. I had spinal fussion in 96 in lower back and it took a while to find someone to find the problem. this can be very upseting, when you to the nero does he see the mri himself or does he read a report ab out the mri that someone else wrote. The nero foound my problem in aobut 2 minutes. i was so revealed. They have since figured out I have DISH diease. I have gotten radio frequency nerve blocks and they last longer everytime I get them in my neck. c2,c3,c4,c5,c6 I hurst so bad it seems to even get hot. sometimes the LIMDERM patches seem to help have yoiu tried them. my hands tingle , but the radio freq. nerve blocks stops that too. The lumber spine is where I was fussed and only gives me problems now and then. The pain in the...


cervical spine with chronic neck and arm pain

A: hi harriet- yes, it seems things overall have gotten worse- though i"m not sure how much of your current mri is caused by the injury in 2006 Translation: basics- ok, your spinal cord runs through a hole in your vertebrae called the foramen, yes? and the thecal sac is like a plastic bag around your spinal cord that keeps fluid moving around the cord. with me so far? current mri shows discs- the squishy things between vertebrae- are being aggravated by osteophytes (bone-y growth, often associated with aging or arthritis). These boney things are causing the disc a)to bulge out and push on the thecal sac and b)to push slightly on the spinal cord itself. The second part (b) is why you are probably feeling shooting pains or numbness or tingling or muscle...


Bad cervical spine and cold feet, feet tingling sensations

A: estella, i have also had strange sensations, including cold, in my feet--in particular my left foot. i have bulges @ c3-4, c4-5 and a herniation @ c5-6, along with bone spurs and generalized degeneration of the c-spine. my left foot buzzes a lot and i feel like i''m wearing a tight sock that vibrates on my lower left leg sometimes too. most of my drs., my PT and others on this board have indicated that those sensations are fairly common with c-spine injuries. sorry you are having troubles, but you will find a lot of support on this board. best wishes binx Estella...I jut wrote a long post to Tinafibro about how to read an MRI report and what spine surgeons are looking for. Read it and then let me know...


left side numb, lesion on cervical spine

A: so do you have an actual copy of your MRI report to look at?if not,get one and make sure to keep up on getting all medical recods and copies of all and any testing done on you from here on out.it is just a very good way for anyone to stay on top of things,i have to do this in order to be able to just deal with five seperate major medical probles,alot of them stemming from a spinal cord injury to try and remove a lesion from within my cervical spine. what did they tell you they think this lesion actually is?are they going to be sending you for surther more definitive testing if they cannot seem to actually tell this? the most likely culprit would be some sort of a vascular malformation.this is what mine was.i had...


MRI of the cervical spine

A: Leanabel, Is there any way for me to see that MRI?  There may be a very serious problem with her that general doctors are untrained to even look for, and I am finding contradictions in their report already.  If I could see her MRI I could tell you if she has that problem and if so, if we would be able to help her to get well. Otherwise, most doctors would wait and allow it to get bad enough and then offer surgery to try and fix it.  To me this is ridiculous and if we can locate and correct the cause of the problem now (without drugs or surgery by the way) then why wouldn"t we choose that route?  It offers a much better scenario for the treatment as well as the outcome. If you could send me the films via email that would be great Brainstem1@Yahoo.com Yours in Best...


MRI of the cervical spine - results

A: Jette,  What the MRI is saying is this: At C3-4 - there is some extra bone growth or spurring but without causing any closing or compromise to the foraminal canal or area where the nerves exit. At C4-5 - there is extra bone growth or spurring with left sided narrowing of the foraminal opening. Foraminal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal foramen, the hole through which passes a spinal nerve as it exits the spine. At C5-6 there is mild wear and tear or degeneration at the left facet.  The facet is a joint that helps with movement of the cervical spine.  I hope this helps clear some things up for you. Good luck. Martin...


Mri cervical spine

A: Dear Dennis, The cervical vertebral bodies are intact with a slight reverse lordosis and minimal marginal endplate spondylosis c5-c6 and c6-c7:  The curve in your neck has changed to the opposite direction (reversed lordosis).  Additionally, there are minimal degenerative changes to the top and bottom surfaces of the vertebra. At c6-c7 there is a tiny posterior midline disc herniation and annular tear effacing the ventral thecal sac:  the disk is made of two separate tissue types.  The outside is fibrous and tough, the inside is more gelatinous.  So the outside of the disk has been torn and is bulging rearward into the covering of the spinal cord. The central canal is developmentally adequate:  Normal presentation The



A: Maria: Thanks for writing! Yes, your tension headache can be a result of pinched nerves in your neck. It is a mechanical thing. The bones get in the way of the nerves trying to do their job and pain is a result. Motrin and other chemicals will never get the job done completly. Since it is mechanical, only mechanical methods will serve. Suppose you had a pain in the bottom of your foot and you found there was a rock in your shoe. How may aspirin would it take to get a rock out of your shoe? Acupuncture might help, but your best bet is a good chiropractor. Go to www.sorsi.com, www.icak.com and www.soto-usa.com and look for a good chiropractor near you. Here is a home exercise that will help. Normally, a pinched nerve in your neck is caused by the neck bones coming...


cervical spine arthritis

A: Cathy, Most spinal arthritis is caused by trauma to the spine. I have never heard of anyone getting arthritis as a result of a spinal. If it did play a role, it would only effect the two vertebrae on either side of where the needle was inserted because that would be the limit of the traumatized area. Rusty http://arthritis-symptom.com/cervical-Arthritis-symptoms/index.htm...

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