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Any remedy for body pain

A: Soak in a warm epsom salts bath....


What Could Be Causing This Pinching Feeling In My Neck?

A: The pinching feeling might be probably due to the compression of the neck bones which are arranged like a stack. It is better to do physiotherapy. It could be a pinched nerve, it could be muscle strain, it could also be related to your spine. Try using some ibuprophen and warm compresses, ask someone to give you a neck massage. If the pain does not go away in a few days then seek medical treatment, you may need a muscle relaxant. It could simply be a sore neck. Perhaps you slept on it wrong. However, you should see a doctor, as it could be a sign of a serious injury to your neck or back. If you have been in any trauma recently, such as a car accident, you really need to see a doctor right away. The pinching feeling in your neck could be...


How To Get Tested for Spinal Stenosis

A: First of all, what is spinal stenosis? This is a condition that might affect people over 60, and affects the thoracic, cervical or lumbar spine. It can also affect younger people who have a spinal injury or those born with a narrow spinal canal. Conditions such as scoliosis and osteoporosis may also hasten the development of spinal stenosis. In simplest terms, spinal stenosis is a condition when the spinal canal narrows and pinches the spinal cord and its nerves. This can cause severe pain in the neck or back, weakness or pain in the arms and/or legs, and foot problems. If you or a loved one is constantly plagued by any of the symptoms above, you may need to be tested for spinal stenosis. Here are some of the...


I was in a car accident and 6 months later I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.?

A: 1. Your bones have been displaced. Go see a chiropractor. He can fix it for you. 2. If you have medical evidence of upper spinal injury/trauma, you might have a case as this is one cause of fibro. I can't predict the outcome of your case. Run a search for fibromyalgia and learn more about it. 3. Cymbalta is being prescribed for fibromyalgia and has worked for me. 4. Your focus is the litigation and physical relief. First fibromyalgia is a new, less than 10 year old entity to describe a cluster of symptoms and signs that occur primarily in women. It appears to be a very real disease entity but the cause is unknown. It is also used as a "waste basket diagnosis" for the aches and pains of middle aged women, misdiagnosing other real and treatable...


Triple whammy - OA, AS, & FMS

A: HI CS7...I''m Jenny and a regular here on Arthritis. I have a quadruple whammy...OA, RA, secondary Sjorgrens'' and secondary gout. I understand your frustration! Actually, AS can start with large joint disease long before the bad back problems show up and the arthritis is identical to OA in both x-rays and MRI''s of the knees. Considering replacements yet? If so, I''ve got mine! Has anyone suggested you try a biologic med for your AS? I understand that Cimzia is a new one for AS and I believe they do use some of the others. They can be scary drugs to use but I wouldn''t be typing without them. I''m on Orencia(an IV biologic) and methotrexate that inject myself every week...keeps the stomach problems away. Pretty stable right now. I have severe spinal arthritis and just had my


received my results as well

A: Binx, Sorry that you did not get a definitive answer from those tests. Did I remember that you have a C5-C6 deformity now also? If so I would suggest you search for a chart of the nerves and the areas that they innervate. I know that a lot of the neuro type symptoms may be explained by the involvement of the spinal cord. I know that I have trouble from C4-T1 and that covers a lot of territory when it comes to the areas of the body that those nerves serve. It might help you understand some of the symptoms you are experiencing. Let us hear how you are doing! hi goldfym, thank you for your reply. i do have a c5-6 herniation, with bulges at c3-4 and c4-5. i recall you had a cervical discectomy--right? mine was supposed to take place next thursday, but i...


Short note on smoking?

A: QUIT SMOKING Statutory Warning:Smoking is injurious to your health and those around you.Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer and related problems. Smoking involves inhaling and absorbing chemicals into the body. These chemicals are both poisonous and addictive. They include nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. What is tar? Cigarette smoke contains tiny particles. These particles can be collected on a filter pad in a laboratory. Tar is usually defined as the particulate matter collected by this way after water and nicotine have been extracted. Some of the components in tar have been identified as related to some of the serious health risks from smoking such as cancer. In most countries around the world tar and nicotine measurements are printed on the cigarettes packs. They vary with...


Headache started from neckpain

A: Thats similar to what I am going through - started as a neck ache and then went to the skull base and it hasn''t left in 3 months. Moving my head sometimes makes it worse. Had a head CT, Head MRI and spinal MRI - Turns out I have 3 crushed vertebrae an its pinching nerves causing the pains. I have an appointment with a spinal surgeon the 31st. Dave So what are you going to do about it. Is it going to be somekind of surgery to correct it. Keep me posted. Hope everything is well for you. The soonest the spine surgeon could see me is the 31st so I won''t know what the options are until then. I will post back after I know more. Dave Did you neck pain begin from a specific injury? I was in a car accident in...


Emergency Surgery at C6-C7

A: I can relate to your concerns, since that''s how I felt also when I was shown the MRI that revealed my rather severe spinal cord compression. I had a great surgeon, and he was able to stabilize everything from the front (ACDF) and my recovery was pretty smooth. I asked about outcomes and he said that in my case there was 80 % chance of things improving and only 2-3 % chance of things getting worse. It has been over two years now and I am still improving, since my leg weakness, etc. was not diagnosed for around 9 months. The first surgeon I went to was only looking at my lumbar spine. I finally deteriorated so much that he looked at my cervical and found the problem. By then I wanted a second opinion, and went with the second dr. I too had...


Steroid anti inflammatory

A: Steroids are the most powerful anti-inflammatory there is and are used to reduce swelling in the spinal cord. That is why you feel better. What you need to report is the return of or no return of any symptoms as it will tell your docs if there is swelling in the cord and if an epidural injection of steroids in the area might help(it''s placed by catheter right where you hurt the most). If your symptoms don''t resolve that much, it shows that the cord is really trapped and can''t be made smaller and you need surgery ASAP. That was the first question my neurosurgeon asked....did the epidurals work. I said no and he knew it was time to operate. If the steroids do work it might be worth it to try to see if you can get the cord swelling down and put off surgery a little while. But chances are...

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