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Can cervical cancer reoccur after you get treated for it?

A: Yes, like any cancer, there is always the possibility of cervical cancer recurrence. That happens when the cells either show up again in the cervix or have migrated to other parts of the body, such as the lymph nodes. If it does happen, doctors will probably try a different approach to treatment than their initial one.. ...


What Are the Different cancer treatment Options?

A: cancer is a potentially life-threatening disease in which abnormal cells develop and multiply in some area of the body. Any organ in the body is susceptible to the development of these abnormal cells. Some forms of cancer affect the blood or bone marrow of a person instead of directly attacking an organ. cancer treatment options vary according to cancer type, the stage of the cancer, and the overall health of the patient. Some of the cancer treatment options available include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, and bone marrow transplant. Surgery is one of the most widely used


Does anyone know how a person can get cancer treatment if thier insurance has denied their claim?

A: Not sure where you are so hard to say what is available to you. I would start with organised charity groups that deal with cancer, just google for you local area. http://www.cancercouncil.com.au for example in Oz. On a more personal; note I am sorry to hear about your nephew. I lost a close family member years ago to Lupus and our dealings with the insurance company were a nightmare to say the least. What I suggest you do is take the policy to and get legal advice on what exactly the companies obligations are to you nephew as insurance companies will always say no, first second and probably 3rd and 4th time as well. They have to say ''no'' they arent in it to help Joe, just to make profits sadly. Should that not work maybe your best be is...


cervical cancer - adenocarcinoma

A: any cancer jump as you said to lymph nodes we call this metastasis and invasion, it is available for the type of cancer that you had or any other cancer. usually we use a staging for an evaluation including a preoperatory staging [ct or MRI] and a post operatory staging with exploration, if it did spread around in the lymph nodes the surgeon can feel it, or see it but sometimes the size of the tumor is so small that it can not be seen, but the pathology will tell more about it and usually you wait 15 days to know the final results. Following the surgery depending on the staging but in you case I think a chemotherapy might be needed to make sure that every tumoral cells are killed. After any

cervical cancer and kidney infection related ?

A: Urinary tract infections do not affect incidence (occurrence) of cervical cancer. It is true that urinary tract infections (including renal infections) might be related to a higher incidence of genital infections because of the close anatomical position of the outer opening of the female urethra and the outer rim of the vagina, but it is not sufficient to relate it to cervical cancer. cervical cancer is most often associated with the presence of HPV (human papilloma virus) infection, but the urinary infections are most often caused by bacteria instead of viruses. A urine culture is needed to reveal the exact bacteria and the most effective...

cervical cancer and promethazine dm/caugh sryp?

A: 24 hours ago Hello lovlyme01. No. It will not alter the percentage of the cancer whatsoever. However I am not a doctor, so you might ask your doctor/pharmacist to confirm or get thier opinion. Regards, pledge Votes:+0CommentVote upReportSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsI received a letter from my ob/gyn stating i need to have a colposcopy due to cervical cancer?... abnormal results on a pap/pelvic test.. i have been informed that i am high risk hpv and that they have found possible cancer cells in my ... 1 answer • 25 Jul 2009 • Codeine/Promethazine - do you...


Ok so I have been told by my doctor that I have cervical cancer stage 1, should I go ahead and get pregnant?

A: READ: The Allopathic cancer Conspiracy at: http://whale.to/a/cancer_c.html Then think about trying this: New studies on the benefits of Onion juice for eliminating cancer have just been concluded by researchers at Cornell University, confirming what we have been saying all along - Onion juice will cure your cancer. What they are still not understanding is how the onions should be administered to effectuate the greatest benefits in eliminating your cancer. Find out the proper procedures for Onion juice treatment at http://www.brokenearth.org/cancer this is a question you should have asked your doctor. but since you...


My doctor has told me that I have HPV, however I have had a hystrecomy and supposedly not in danger of cervical cancer, however she did find a spot on my vaginal wall and took a byopsy and did not show anything thank God. However, sometimes i feel pain in that area and it feels like the bottom is falling out from inside me...like strain in between my legs. What does this sound like to you. I have not had sexual intercourse in about 10 months because I''m afraid it will hurt. Have you heard of this symptom before?

A: hang in there I have a lot of pain in my lower left side of my abdomen duringintercourse. It even hurts when i''m not having sex. Could I have cancer? I have a lot of pain in my lower left side of my abdomen during and after intercourse. Could i have cancer? hello and how are you . I had a historectomy as well about two years ago, at that time there was a small cyst on the inside wall of the vagina that the doctor was supposed to remove as well, however, he said he forgot it!(how can you forget when you werer already down there I thought) anyway I also developed HPV and the cyst now had turned into a brownish white color which was biopsied and came back as VIN3 Carcinoma Insitu which is the last stage before invasive vulvar

I have almost stage 2 cervical cancer. Just had a radical hysterectomy and was just told that I will be starting Chemo and Radiation. Please help!!!What should I expect and is there anything I can do (naturally) to help against the side effects of these treatments. Thank you

A: i'm sorry to hear that...i dont know ne thing about that stuff but i hope everything turns out fine...best of luck to u...God bless Consider joining http://eyesontheprize.org/ , an email support group for women with gyn cancers, for the answers to your questions. My mom was recently diagnosed with stage IIIB cervical cancer. She is currently has gone through 6 weeks of Radiation(5x''s/wk) and Chemo (1x/wk for 6 treatments). Her most common symptom from Radiation was diarhea, which she took immodium for, it helped. The doctor stated she could certainly lose weight, which she did. For chemo, the doctor stated there was a chance of losing hair. She fortunately did...

what kind of treatment is there to care cervical cancer? Is it dangerous because my friend is 24 years old and has that kind of cancer.

A: Here is an article giving you treatment information on cervical cancer. Good luck to your friend! I have HPV and have had two pap smears come back abnormal. A biopsy was done the first time to remove them but since they have come back I was told another treatment will be needed. What is the best treatment to save my fertility? I''m only 19 and plan on having many kids. Your friend has alot more options these days then she used to. tell her to search internet under womens health and ask her doctor all of her options. she must always be at the front of her own care and ask for what she wants from the doctors, to ensure her needs get met. I think if she does this she...
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