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What Are the Causes of cervical cancer?

A: The causes of cervical cancer are linked to genetic mutations that turn healthy cells in the cervix into abnormal cells that grow at an accelerated rate. While the mutations are really the sole causes of cervical cancers, the factors that create the mutation are many and varied. Infection with certain viruses, smoking, and extensive use of birth control pills have all been linked to increased chances of cervical cancer.. Some research suggests that the presence of cervical cancer is overwhelmingly linked to a common virus known as the human papilloma virus or HPV. A sexually transmitted...


What Is Stage 1 cervical cancer?

A: Medical professionals sometimes assign stages to cancers to better define them. These stages refer to the extent of growth and spread of the cancer. Definitions can vary throughout the world for each stage. Stage 1 cervical cancer, however, is generally the earliest stage of the disease, with stage 4 the latest. Stage 1 also contains smaller sub-stages.. When medical tests show that a woman has cervical cancer, a doctor uses the results of the tests, and perhaps order more analysis, to assess the extent of the cancer and assign it a stage. As the disease does not progress in easily definable stages, doctors have come...


My ex wife has HPV(cervical cancer)we were married for 4 yrs. am i at risk of cancer? can women pass it to men

A: MEn dont have a cervix so no Yes you can get HPV and yes it can and does cause cancer in men. There are two drug companies that have a vaccine, but, i don''t know if it helps after you are infected. In India, HPV is treated topically with Neem and Turmeric, Wormwood and Black Walnut, and arbor vitae. Once the "warts" are gone, if you keep up the treatments (you take them internal also) eventually you will "shed" the virus. I don''t know exactly how it works, but basically you will not be a carrier anymore. I found the Wormwood, Black Walnut and arbor vitae to work much faster, and have had no recurrances for 2 years now. hello, well hpv can cause cervical cancer and men...


Can cervical cancer prevent pregnancy?

A: If a cervical cancer was quite advanced, then possibly it could. But, generally no - cervical cancer would not prevent pregnancy. With cervical cancer, you have to be very sure that you understand the information that is given to you about the stage of the disease. Many women (and their partners) think they have cervical cancer when they only have an abnormal smear. These women do not have cancer. An abnormal smear means there are some abnormal cells there. But they are not cancer cells. treatment nearly always gets rid...

What happens if cervical cancer goes untreated?

A: I''m an RN. Having an annual Pap smear and HPV test is the best way to find cervical cancer in the early stages. (It can also monitor pre - cancerous cells). The 5 year survival rate for cervical cancer treated in the early, localized stage is 90%. If left untreated, the cancer will spread and the 5 year survival rate drops to 50% or below depending on far the cancer has spread. Please get treatment now!! ---quote---- If cervical cancer is not treated, it may spread from the cervix to the vagina, then into deeper...


Why does the Gardasil commercial clame it is a cervical cancer vaccine?

A: I can see where the confusion lies but if I recall the commercials and the ads correctly, I think that the claim is against the most common types of HPV which have been shown to cause most of the cervical cancers. It''s a ''preventative'' vaccine. And I believe that HPV is the only thing that may lead to cervical cancer (I heard this somewhere, I could be wrong). HPV is one of the leading precursors to cervical cancer so in a round about away, it does prevent cervical cancer by protecting you from some of the most common and dangerous genital HPV types. However, just because you have HPV...


Vaginal discharge in advanced cervical cancer

A: This page tells you about possible treatments and how to deal with this distressing symptom. There is information on The causesDealing with itMore information The causesUnderstandably, this must be a very distressing time for your grandmother. Worrying about whether other people are aware of the smell must be so upsetting for her and those caring for her. This type of symptom can make people feel very self conscious, anxious and depressed. Coping with this symptom can be hard, but depending on what’s causing the problem, a number of things can help. There are a few reasons why women with cervical cancer may have an unpleasant smelling vaginal discharge. An infection is a common cause. And some women are more prone...

If a woman has cervical cancer does it also mean that she has HPV?

A: not all victims of cervical cancer have HPV. HPV often causes it though.All women should get tested for HPV and if you have cervial cancer talk to your doctor. If you have HPV you should seek treatment immediatly. Yes, HPV is the necessary for cervical cancer to occur. HPV (human papillomavirus) is the cause of cervical cancer. Although other factors like smoking can contribute to your risk, most experts agree that the presence of a high-risk type of HPV is necessary. www.thehpvtest.com Your family history or having other family member that have cancer


My sister has cervical cancer, is she going to die?

A: there isnt a cure for cancer, but there are treatments. if its not too late she can get surgery. if she dosent it is very rare she will survive. there are 4 cancer levels. level 1 is the best time to find out if you have cancer becuz then and get healed faster and easily. level 4 is the worst level. it is serious and the patient will be very sick. if someone is on level 3 and 4, then they need to take at least 5 yrs to heal themselves. ur sis might have to go through kimo theraphy and it will be really really really hard. her hair will start to fall out and she will start to look weak and old. good luck. ur sis can make it through and survive.=) If it''s been discovered in the early stages,...


Anyone have any information on lymphoma cervical cancer?

A: I can help. Your friend''s body is going to be very depleted of minerals and vitamins and this is what she needs to be able to heal and to have strength during chemo. I also know of natural cures for cancer that could save her from going through chemo in the first place. I need to chat with her to be able to pinpoint what to do, but I can help. please email me for more info, my name is Melinda. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lymphoma Hope this helps... And lots of prayers....Good Luck to your friend. :) cervical survivor of Almost 3 yrs:) Try this site for info: http://www.leukemia-lymphoma.org/hm_lls Best wishes to you and your friend/ I know one person, alive seven years later. cervical lymphoma generally has a...

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