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When to start? Over 500 cd4 cells...

A: Response from Dr. DeJesus Louis, I appreciate your interest on this topic and thanks for posting your thoughts and questions. I want to make clear that current guidelines recommend initiation of therapy for the most part for patients with cd4 Given that the new drugs are so well tolerated with minimal toxicities, it is certainly conceivable the idea to start earlier in well educated patients that have evidence of progressive disease, even if their cd4 count remains elevated. For example, a well educated and motivated patient that has a persistently declining cd4, now approaching 500, with an elevated HIV viral load. Sometimes, there are patients that are very anxious about having HIV...


Unusual increase of cd4 cells after HAART?

A: Response from Dr. Wohl It is not impossible but that is a pretty extraordinary response. I would want to know if the cd4% (rather than the absolute count) changed much. A repeat test should be done to make sure that this is not an error. DW...


Abundant cd4 cells

A: Response from Dr. Young Thanks for your post. I''m not sure about crazy, but if I were you I wouldn''t be even remotely thinking about a treatment interruption. Your very, very low initial cd4 count predicts that your counts will fall precipitously when you stop - effectively reversing the years of hard work at taking your medications and putting you at very significant risk of having a complication. In my view, if you''ve had good ongoing monitoring (clinical and laboratory), and haven''t yet had any significant drug-related toxicity, it''s pretty unlikely that you''ll have any in the near future. Make sure that your doctor focuses not just on your viral load, but is also monitoring your liver, kidney and heart...


t cells count

A: Response from Dr. McGowan A T cell (or cd4 count) of 20 means his immune system is very out of balance. He is at risk for infections and other AIDS-related diseases. But he should not loose hope, if he starts an effective treatment combination (and there are many very good options even if he has had alot of prior failed treatment) he should be able to increase that number and get out of danger. He should use the time he has in jail to focus on his health and turn things around, it is not too late. Best,Joe...


Initial T cell count and Viral Load

A: Response from Dr. Young Thanks for your post. As far as I''m aware, there''s no relationship between initial cd4 count and viral load. BY...


Do my T-cell count affect my body to rehabilitate?

A: Response from Dr. Young Dear K in Charlott, thank you for your post. I''m happy to hear that your viral load is undetectable and cd4s are starting to increase. Your symptoms are difficult to pin down and the diagnosis may depend a lot on which medications you''re taking. It''s also possible that your achiness and fatigue are related to a non-medication-related problem (like depression, testosterone deficiency, or anemia). I''d certainly recommend that you discuss your symptoms with your doctor- your case illustrates that it''s not just a lab test that we treat. Having an undetectable viral load is important, very important when your taking antiretroviral medications, but an undetectable viral load isn''t the end or the story, nor the end of medical assistance with...


Falling cd4 count with stable cd4 %

A: Response from Dr. Wohl Dear Matt, You are on the right track. The cd4% is the proportion of white blood cells (WBC) that are cd4. So, if the cd4% is the same, a modest drop in the absolute cd4 cell count is probably meaningless (as in your case). The cd4% is very meaningful if it is low as the smaller the propotion of WBCs that are cd4, the worse off one is. A cd4% of 7%, let''s say, demonstrates that very feww WBC are cd4 cells whether the absolute cd4


Viral Load and cd4 Decline and Other Conundrums

A: Response from Dr. Wohl Thanks for the reference. As for the cd4%: Let''s say Bill has an absolute cd4 cell count of 350 and a cd4% of 11%. His pal Will has a cd4 cell count of 350 but a cd4% of 22%. Would you rather be Bill or Will? I''d rather be Will. I would want my cd4''s to be as close to the normal proportion of all white blood cells as possible. In general, the absolute and % track together. But, in some cases, especially when looking at changes in the absolute count in a same person,...


The Grey Zone 200-350 T-cells

A: Response from Dr. Wohl You are exactly right when you say your cd4 cell count is in the ''gray zone''. The dominant paradigm in the US right now is to start therapy at a cd4 cell count below 350 if a patient seems ready, willing and able to take HIV medications. Certainly, your moderate to high viral load suggests that you are headed toward further cd4 cell count declines in the not too distant future. When cd4 cell counts remain stable at 300-350, it is hard to get excited about rushing into...


Low T-cells

A: Response from Dr. Wohl I would ask you what you feel is lacking in the doctor you are going to? Your viral load is undetectable. Your cd4 cell count is over 8 times that of your baseline. And, you are alive. Certainly, it would be great if your cd4 cell count was 1660. But you started therapy with a very depleted population cd4 cells. Whole lineages of cd4 cells were likely eliminated by the time you started meds making recovery of these cells difficult and slow. In fact, many people who began therapy with very low

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