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Normal T cell count

A: Response from Dr. Young Thanks for your post. Great to hear that you''re having treatment success with tenfovir/FTC (Truvada) and efavirenz (Sustiva, Stocrin). While there''s a slow decline in cd4 counts as we all age, you cd4 count at 595 is entirely normal, even for a 18 year old. More good news, no? Best of health to you. BY...


cd4+T count and..

A: Response from Dr. Young Dear Danny- Having an infection (for which you received penicillin) or a vaccination can influence the cd4 count, though I have to admit that I don''t think that the next result will be dramatically different (for example, over 350). This is of course, very speculative, and would suggest getting repeat labs, if possible in a few weeks. If a second cd4 count comes back at or around 200, I''d strongly advise that you consider starting on HIV medications. Good luck, let us know how things turn out. BY...


Low T-cell count

A: Response from Dr. Young With a cd4 count of 4, the person has profoundly advanced HIV disease or AIDS. Newest combination treatments have been shown to be very effective in increasing cd4 counts, even in persons with very low counts. I''d definitely recommend starting treatment as soon as possible. BY...


Atripla and T cell count

A: Response from Dr. Young Hi and thanks for your post. cd4 counts bounce around a lot-- if your viral loads were undetectable during this period, there''s very little to worry about. One thing; examine your cd4 percentages, my hunch is that they will show no decrease, or perhaps an increase. If so, this provides reassurance that nothing is amiss. Hope this helps,BY...


Elevated CD3/CD8 (T cell)count. Everything else is normal

A: Hello,normal adult absolute cd4 would be 420 to 1250 cells while CD8 range 220to960 cells/mcL.Your test results accordingly may be interpreted as normal.This test is mainly used in HIV patients to prognosticate the disease and to compare with the earlier test results.This would tell the doctor how strong the immune system is.Also to start anti retroviral therapy,or prophylactic treatment against oppourtunistic infections this would be of great help.Best wishes. so all of my levels are normal? it sounded as if you were advising me to get treatment. i had HIV test, and all is negative. Should i be concerned about the levels? I have included the confusing statement below. thank you again!! "Also to start anti...


T-cell counts

A: Response from Dr. Young This will no doubt anger the proponents of the nutritional supplement industry. Saddly, there really aren''t any good ways to increase cd4 count other than antiretroviral medications. Good living, good diet can all improve one''s sense of well being, but despite years of trying just about everything in the pre-HAART years, there was little glimer of hope in improving cd4s. BY...


Elevated T-cell count

A: Hi Dowa, I have read your posts here and on the lyme board.  I am sorry no one had responded.  I don''t think elevated T-cells is something we have to consider.  In MS it is not that we have elevated numbers......we just have T-cells that are somehow wanting to attack myelin.  From my understanding, elevated T-cells is a sign of infection or it can be caused by something more serious.  HIV, leukemia and multiple myloma are the bad ones.  What does your doctor say about the elevated T-cells? I hope you are just fighting a cold or something minor.  Good luck.  Feel free to keep us posted as to how you are...


t cell count 34

A: Response from Dr. Young Hi and thanks for your post. Your cousin has quite advanced AIDS- cd4 counts below 200 qualify, he is well below this level. While his health isn''t a guarantee, current treatments, when carefully selected and optimally taken can restore health and immune function to the vast majority of persons who have access. As such, I counsel all of my newly diagnosed patients (advanced or not) to expect a normal, or near-normal life span. The key thing for you to do at this point is to provide emotional and spiritual support to your cousin-- make sure that he gets to his doctor''s appointments and takes his medications with as perfect adherence as humanly possible. Best of health to him and please feel free to write back...


Decreasing white cell count

A: Response from Dr. Young Hello and thanks for your post. It''s not clear exactly what is the cause of your declining WBC count. While it''s reasonable to try substituting one drug for another, I probably wouldn''t substitute abacavir for FTC. This would put you on a rather unconventional regimen of tenofovir/abacavir+efavirenz. There are circumstantial data that would suggest that this combo might not be as effective as desired. At the least, I''d suggest replacing the FTC part with 3TC, or the tenofovir with abacavir (provided that your HLA genetic test was negative). Indeed, some case studies have suggested that tenofovir can be associated with rare cases of WBC or cd4 decline, despite having undetectable viral loads. Last, a switch from...


cd4 cells plateued ?

A: Response from Dr. Cohen So, in one year your cd4 count tripled - from about 115 to about 345 - and you wanna know when they''ll get to 500? Patience... It appears that you have had a very impressive response to meds. A major improvement as you say. Since in many studies, the average increase in counts is not as dramatic as what you have had. A 200 cell increase in one year, especially when starting from nearly 100 cells, is actually better than average. And since you have ongoing viral suppression - to I assume And besides, a count of 350 is protective and excellent enough to prevent most anything HIV related - so...

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