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What are the major causes of Ovarian cancer?

A: There are two major types of this type of cancer. Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: This makes up for 9 out of 10 cases of ovarian cancer and effects the lining of the ovaries. Non-Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: This occurs in younger women more frequently and can include germ cell cancers that form from cells that are found in the ovaries that make eggs. Doctors are not exactly sure of the causes, but there are risk factors, these include: Women in developed countries Women who have gone through menopause. Women who have inherited the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes (also puts at risk for breast cancer) Women who smoke Women who...


  What is cause of numbness in my left leg. First of all, it only happens when Iam laying down. It feels like electricalcurrents running from top of thigh toknee, and a thousand continuous needle pricks and tingling. It occurs always inthesame area, left

A: Hi,This could be due to neuropathy - diabetes, vitamin deficiency - esp vitamin B12; obesity, standing for longhours, incorrect footwear, alcohol intake, anemia, etc. It would help to eat a healthy balanced diet, gettests to rule out diabetes and anemia, loose weight if you are overweight. Wear comfortable footwear. If yoursymptoms persist - see a neurologist to get nerve conduction studies and also to rule out circulationproblems. Regards....


what are the causes of breast cancer and what are the symptom.

A: Hi,There are several causes/risk factors for the development of breast cancer. Age ? more the age of the woman,more the risk, white women are at more risk compared to African American, family history of breast cancerincreases the risk, women who atrt periods at an early age increase the risk, having a child before 30 yrsdecreases the risk, postmenopausal use of hormones increases the risk and also overweight & obese womenare at a higher risk. The common symptoms of breast cancer are presence of a breast lump, nipple discharge,nipple inversion and changes in the color & texture of the...


What Are the Most Common causes of Tubal Ligation Failure?

A: Tubal ligation failure is a fairly rare occurrence, but when it does happen it is typically the result of one of a few common causes. The procedure may be performed incorrectly, leaving a passage for the egg and sperm to travel through. In certain cases, the ends of the tubes may grow back together. When the fallopian tubes are closed off using clamps or rings, those devices may come loose or slip out of place, re-opening the tubes. Women may also be unable to get pregnant normally but be more prone to ectopic pregnancies after tubal ligation. One of the most common reasons for tubal ligation failure is an...


How has the incidence of obesity in children changed in the past 30 years and what has contributed to this increase?

A: The incidence of obesity in children over the past 30 years has increased dramatically. Approximately 17% of children/adolescents ages (2-19) are considered obese; this rate has tripled since 1980 when the rate was about 5% and is even higher among low-income children and children of certain racial/ethnic backgrounds (e.g., African Americans, Hispanics). If overweight and obesity are considered, the incidence is 35%, an increase from about 15% 30 years ago. Children who are overweight are a major concern because they are at risk of becoming obese. There are numerous factors that have contributed to this increase - lower physical activity...


What are the main causes of diabetes? Does it run through the family?

A: somtimes obesity causes it my mom is 45 she has had it for almost 10 years she is now in the hospital cause her blood sugar got to 589 im setting up test to see if i have it im 18 and know i will get it type 2 runs in my family It is mainly hereditary. It is also commonly caused by being obese and having a poor diet. Diabetes mellitus is often referred simply as diabetes or blood sugar. Diabetes is the inability of the body to ‘produce’ or ‘properly use’ insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other foods into energy needed for daily life. The causes of diabetes continues to be a...

How can I get rid of obesity?

A: obesity is a common concern for many people around the world. The concern is quite valid, as there are many health related illness that can be caused by obesity. There are things that you can do to keep healthy and prevent obesity. First, you will need to make an assessment of your current eating habits and lifestyle. Set a goal to lose weight and stick to that goal. Avoid eating certain foods such as high calorie foods, fried foods, chips, sodas and other processed foods. Exercising is also essential for weight-loss. Exercise keeps the mind and body in good shape. Try to exercise every day for at least 20 to 30 minutes. You can slowly increase the time as your body gets used to the...


What Are The Associated Problems of obesity?

A: obesity is developed from the interaction of individual biology and the environment. It is connected with various diseases, particularly cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis. Coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea are all possible life-threatening risk factors that would give indication of clinical treatment of obesity. The facters that are suggested to contribute to obesity include: Genetic factors and some genetic disorders Underlying illness Certain medications Sedentary lifestyle A high glycemic diet Weight cycling (caused by repetition of attempts to...

How common is genetics as a cause of diabetes or obesity?

A: It sure would be nice to blame Aunt Mabel for the shape of your thighs, but it doesn''t quite work that way. For obesity and diabetes (we''re talking Type II diabetes, which makes up 95 percent of diabetes cases in the U.S.), your environment (that is, your lifestyle, your behaviors, and those Nutter Butters in your pantry) are a much more dominant trait than genetics. Diabetes ages you 1 years for every year you live. For example, get it at age 30 and live to 60, you''re not really 60, but you have the energy and disability risks of a 75-year-old. Here''s how it works: Type II diabetes is a genetic disease. That is, if you were an identical twin and your twin gets type II diabetes, you...

What Are The Health Effects of obesity And Fatness In Men? Please Explain Me In Detail

A: Fatness is itself a very dangerous disease and it also becomes the reason of so many different dangerous diseases. Fatness has a number of unpleasant and bad health effects; the highest degree of the serious risks includes: 1. Hypertension 2. Heart disease 3. Cancer 4. Diabetes The ratio of disease like hypertension is greater in obese and fat men than in the smarter and lean men. It is developed because of the increased amount of fat tissue in the body. This increment of fat tissues makes the heart to pump the blood with more exertion and because of this a larger quantity
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