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What Are the Different Types of obesity Surgery?

A: obesity surgery refers to any type of medical procedure that is used to make a person lose weight by physically altering the structure of his or her digestive system, particularly the small intestine and stomach. Although the exact guidelines may vary depending on the country and the specific medical professional, a person is generally considered to be obese if he or she has a high percentage of body fat. Being obese can have serious health consequences, including diabetes and heart disease. Obese people who have been unsuccessful at losing a significant amount of weight on their own may be eligible to undergo obesity...


Is fat one of the causes of diabetes?

A: fat is associated with sugar I''m not sure of the dynamics behind it, but yes, fat (particularly milkfat) is the major cause of type 2 diabetes. For many years, it was thought to be sugar, but that is just an old myth. The primary criteria are, 1. genetic predisposition, 2. sedentary lifestyle (lazy), 3. poor diet (too much junk food), and 4. being overweight. That''s about it. I was guilty of all four, but you don''t have to have all four to qualify. Links available on request. FAT IS SUGAR AND IF THERES A LOT of FAT YOU CAN GET DIABETES!! Abdominal obesity (belly fat) is one of the causes of...


How can vegetarianism help getting rid of obesity?

A: Yes you need to cut out the sugar!! I think meat is ok to if you balance it with veggies. If man made it dont eat it! ;-). meat has alot of unhealthy fat. when you are a vegetarian, you rid yourself from alot of unhealthy meat fat.. fat causes obesity (usually) -> therefore, when you eliminate fat, you get rid of obesity during a number of years. (of course this doesn`t happen automatically, it might take 2+ years to see a big difference). The simple answer is Yes, if done correctly.. So then the question becomes, what is the definition of correctly.. By Correctly I...


What Are the Different causes of Cellulite in Men?

A: Some of the main causes of cellulite in men are overeating, weight gain, and obesity. Sometimes, genetics or health problems can play a role in developing cellulite. Generally, though, gender doesn’t play as strong a role in cellulite in men as it does in cellulite in women. often, cellulite in men will appear in many of the same body parts as it does for women, though because the two genders store fat differently, the appearance may be minimal or it might take more fat to cause cellulite to develop. Overall, men can use many of the same techniques for getting rid of cellulite that women use.....


What are the main causes of diabeties in children?

A: can be genetic. however there are many causes like too much sugar The main causes of diabetes in children are: 1) heredity 2) eating too much junk food (obesity) Overweight, poor diet, too many sweets...if kept under control she will be okay...her medication will either be injections for type 1 or tablets for type 2... not life threatning, but life-altering. The main cause of any diabetes, is too much sugar and irregularities with insulin production, or absorbtion. Childhood diabetes is generally genetic. It can be life threatening in some cases. obesity makes it more difficult to manage. Being "slightly overweight" is normal at...


Mosk people are dying of cancer,what is the main cause of kidney and liver cancer?

A: Everybody including you and I must die. When the time comes, medical people call it whatever nonsense they like. As most deaths with mosk people are called ''cancer'', so are most deaths in Africa called ''typhod fever'' You can not run away from the weather, what you eat, what you drink and what you do for your living. These are mostly the causes of deaths and not stupid medical jargons. unfortunately, we are all born with cancer cells in our body and all they have to do is be activated. sometimes by things like smoking and sometimes it just happens. smoking. Chemicals from the smoke destroys lungs, kidney, and liver. Excess CANCER PREVENTION AND ALCOHOL INTAKE Alcohol consumption is not recommended. If consumed, limit alcoholic drinks to...


What is the cause of diabetes?

A: obesity is the #1 cause of adult onset diabetes when there is high level of sugar in the blood low level of insulin. you eat lots of sugar, the apncreas gets tired, and start to fail. it may still be working but is not doing enough insulin to break all sugar. it may be cause by infection, and stop causes of Diabetes. (1)Hereditory factors.(parents, brothers & sisters having diabetes.) (2) Overweight & belly stomach. (3) Over 45 years of age. (4) Ethnic community more suceptible for diabetes. (5) Women who had gestational diabetes and those who had delivered a baby having a weight more...


What are the causes of High Blood Pressure?

A: Crazy.Stupid.Love.720p.BluRay.x264-REFiNED MEGAUPLOAD LINKShttp://xurl.es/siw1p In general the major causes of hypertension are the following: •Hectic and stress filled life style •Unhealthy food habits •obesity •Excessive consumption of liquors •Smoking •Over consumption of tea/coffee •Insufficient rest and sleep •Metabolic disorders •Hardening of the arteries •Excessive use of pain killers and other strong medicines •Genetic disorders •Over consumption of oily food and fast food •High salt intake...


What is the main cause of diabetes?

A: sinning blood glucose levels are not normal. Type 1 is genetic and Type 2 is caused mainly if you dont eat right. That depends if you are talking type I or type II. Type I is genetics, while type II is often caused by diet. There are two types of Diabetes. Type I (insulin dependent diabetes) the Pancrease does not produce enough insulin to control blood sugar. The causes is thought to be an enviromental factor (possibly a viral or nutritional factor in childhood) that causes destruction of the insulin producing cells of the Pancrease. Type 1 diabetes accounts for only 10% of cases. People with this form


What Are the causes of Secondary Hypertension?

A: The causes of secondary hypertension include obesity, alcohol abuse, use of certain medications, adrenal tumors, polycystic kidney disease, and pregnancy. Other causes include sleep apnea, thyroid problems, Cushing`s syndrome, diabetes, and hyperparathyroidism. Other factors such as age, gender, race and heredity can be among the causes of secondary hypertension. Level of education and income are also among the causes of this disease. Treating the causes of secondary hypertension usually helps...

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