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what causes extreem hair loss or go bald at 33 weeks pregnant

A: Up to 50% of women experience some hair loss within 3-4 months after pregnancy. If you are having hair loss during pregnancy it could be one of a few things. The most common is a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Try to get more fruits and vegetables. If you have a thyroid condition already, the pregnancy may have worsened it and you are suffering from the symptoms. You should see your doctor though because the worst case scenario is that there is something wrong with the pregnancy. hair growth is influenced by pregnancy. If you suddenly are losing a lot of hair it means...


Hi Lillie, I really need your help with this one. My mom was recieving whole brain radiation. She completed 11 rounds and then chose not to have any more treatments because the side effects were very severe. Now, it has been nearly two months since the last treatment and she has had NO re-growth of hair. In addition, we are very concerened because the specialist administring the radiation failed to tell us about all the possible side effects. We have become educated on this on what we have read on the internet. My question is this: Does WBRT cause permenant hair loss? Is that a rare side effect? Also, is there a large percentage of people who will suffer the long term side effects within 2 years? We believe that there is professional liability on the part of the specialist by failing to tell us about the side effects she will experience later. I am hoping you will tell me that these serious side effects are rare. Permanent hair loss will be extremly hard for my mom. Her developing dementia or radiation necrosis in a year will be even worse. Thank you for creating this site for people like me who have no where else to turn for help and advice. Although it is my mom suffering with this horrible disease, I am suffering in my own way right along with her. I look forward to your response

A: hair loss is a common and anticipated side effects of whole brain radiation and it is permanent usually. so sorry... of course you are both suffering. this is a disease that effects everyone who loves the patient. so get her some beautiful turbons and a wig that is as close of a match to her natural hair-- make sure it is a ''breathable'' wig so her scalp isn''t irritated by sweat since we are now into summer... the radiation oncologist''s mission in giving her radiation was to buy her some time. she is in a situation that is very worrisome as you know. time with her is precious. i''m sure she values every moment she has with you....


What are the most common side effects of CMF and AC? I know AC causes more hair loss but are nausea and vomiting also more common on the AC regimine than CMF?

A: hair loss is the primary difference. Patients react differently-- some have no GI side effects at all, from either and others do. there is no way to determine this upfront either. taking anti-emetics prophylactically is usually fairly standard though and in doing so reduces the probability of having GI side effects. Most women , if given the choice, go with AC because the treatment regimen is done sooner....


What can cause extreme hair loss in a women 27 years old

A: There are several reasons for this. All of which you should consult your Ob-Gyn. First, it could be familial (genetic): your Mom, any sisters, aunts, grandmother, great grandmother. Second, having kids so close together can wreak havoc on your estroge. Have your Ob check your estrogen levels. (a simple blood test) Also, it could be your Thyroid. You can also have your Ob check your TSH level, initially. If it is yourThyroid, you should make an appointment with an Endocrinologist. Being a specialist, he can also check into it further, and maybe recommend further testing along with medication. Hope this helps and good luck....


Will getting my hair braid before surgy. cause more hair loss ?

A: i think that you didn''t mean like a french braid right? You meant tightbraids. That won''t make a difference. The hairloss is from the generalanesthesia in your body, and if you get affected by the anesthesia, thenyou will miss a hair cycle regardless of how you styled your hair. Istarted losing mine at around 2 months, and now i''m at 3 months post. There''s really nothing we can do but wait for the next hair cycle which isin 3 months. So whenever you start the hairloss, expect it for 3 months,before the next hair cycle starts up. :) Good luck on your surgery!...


Androgens and hair loss

A: I was wondering, could low estrogen be the problem?      Yes it could Since I have been on the pill for 13 years (a long time), could lowering the estrogen dose (when I changed from Lo-Estrin 1.5/30 to Lo-Estrin 1/20) have caused this?           Yes Also, can blocking androgens, even if that may not be the cause of hair loss, by taking Yaz or spironolactone have detrimental effects to hair growth or cause more hair loss?          NO I am just wondering if I should just stop the BC completely.  What do you think? ...

NJ water and hair loss

A: I have never heard of water causing hair loss unless it had toxins associated with it.  causes of hair loss include: thyroid disease, hormones, genetics, hormonal therapy, stress, systemic disease, polycystic ovarian disease, oral medications, infestations and infections of the scalp.  You may want blood work to determine if there are any systemic causes of your hair loss.  The only treatment for women is Rogaine for Men not women because it is stronger.  Rogaine is over the...


Teen female hair loss

A: If she wears a pony tail she could have a condition called traction alopedia.  The pulling of the hair by the pony tail eventually causes hair loss.  This type of hair loss occurs on the temples. A biopsy of the site would determine if she has AGA or another cause of hair loss. AGA normally does not come on the temple but on the crown.  Thus, I do not believe she has AGA but traction alopecia....

I am 21 year old, I have hair loss on the upper side area of head, Please suggest the pranayama tips about how to grow my hair and how to do pranayama?

A: hair loss at this young age is really a problem and you would need to give it immediate attention. Yoga certainly offers certain natural remedies for hair loss. However, before learning about Pranayama and other yoga exercises for hair loss, you need to figure out the causes and reasons for hair loss. Usually hair loss is associated with aging, since this is not the case with you there are other aspects that you should look into. The causes, reasons for


hair loss, 20 years old

A: hair loss in men is usually genetic and is called Male Pattern hair loss.  Other causes of hair loss in men include thyroid disease, discoid or systemic lupus, oral medications, recent surgery, severe stress, hormone problems.  Thus, the first step is blood work to make sure there is no systemic problems causes hair loss. Shampoos do not cause hair loss, thus you can use any type of shampoo that you wish. You can go to web MD or...
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