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What are the causes of hair loss affecting only the eyelashes - in a 50yr old menopausal woman?

A: We found very little information on this subject.  A 2004 case report in the Dermatology Online Journal [1] reported:   “Alopecia areata (AA) is an autoimmune disease characterized by unpredictable, usually patchy, nonscarring hair loss. Although it most commonly affects the scalp, it can involve any hair-bearing area on the body. loss of eyelashes and eyebrows can occur with severe forms of AA, but presentation of AA with exclusive involvement of eyelashes is extremely rare. We present a child who had bilateral patchy loss of...

What are the causes of hair loss?

A: You can visit a dermatologist to determine the type of hair loss (alopecia) that you may be experiencing. Generally there are 2 types of hair loss: diffuse and limited (circumscriptive) hair loss. I. Diffuse alopecia affects the whole head. This type of hair loss can be: A. Congenital, or B. Acquired. Acquired hair loss generally falls into one of 5 categories 1. acute - caused by toxins, drugs, X-rays etc; 2. chronic - caused by the same...


causes of hair loss

A: Dear Christine thank you for your question. There are many reasons for losing hair.  Lack of specific nutrients such as Sulfur, Biotin, Silica and an electrolyte balance are a few.  Visit http://hairsavers.net/  to learn more about this.  You must be willing to work a little, to stop this problem and get your hair normal again.  Excessive oiliness is generally from an over active sebaceous gland.  Sometimes adding more essential fatty acids into your diet such as 2 tbs. of Virgin Olive Oil can help this problem.  Washing your hair with shampoos made for oily hair can in many cases...

Having hair loss. DHT is one of the cause of hair loss. Does the prostate influence the growth of hair?DHT

A: The prostate has no effect on hair. The prostate does not make DHT. How much DHT we have is genetic....


Possible causes for hair loss

A: There are several possible causes of hair loss. hair loss is one of the common problems men and women face. Some causes of hair loss may differ in men and women, but the most common possible causes includes; *Genetics: hair loss can be hereditary. If a person has relatives who have bald heads, there is a high possibility of hair loss due to baldness. This happens mostly...


What Can Cause Beard hair loss?

A: Beard hair loss is a fairly common condition that may be initiated by several factors, including trauma, certain drug therapies, or significant stress in one’s life. The most common cause for beard hair loss is a medical condition known as alopecia areata, or simply alopecia. Associated with a shift in the body’s hormonal balance, alopecia can affect hair anywhere on the body. Treatment for beard hair loss is usually centered on promoting hair growth, especially since there is no cure for baldness affecting any part of the body.. Individuals who have sustained facial...


Do statins cause female hair loss?

A: There is some information in literature that statins may cause hair loss. I would discuss this with your health care provider. One product on the market, Rogaine for Women, may be of some help. Be sure to ask your provider first before using it....


I am losing lots of hair everyday-I have to wear a hair net and cap-could this cause my hair loss-Should I change my job.I am a woman in my mid 40''s Thank you.

A: hair loss (alopecia) can happen for a number of reasons; however, before making the decision about changing your job, it is important to recognize that there could be other factors causing your hair loss. Take some time to write down some of what you recall about the first time you noticed this condition; had your employer changed the hair nets being provided? Had you changed hair products? What are your stress levels like now as compared to before your hair loss? Do any other co-workers have this problem as well? What medications do you take?...

What are the disease that causes severe hair loss?

A: Although the hair is not important from a health perspective, it is important enough to cause anxiety and discomfort when it starts thinning, disappearing or falling. hair grows out from tiny pockets called follicles. At the base of each follicle is an up-growth known as papilla, this papilla is what is actually responsible for growing hair. The papilla generates or produces hair when a certain bunch of cells convert amino acids to keratin. Keratin is a protein that primarily constitutes the structure of the hair. Now the rate at which this keratin is produced will determine one’s


What can cause child hair loss?

A: Please, please take the child to be seen! hair loss at any age (besides obvious reasons, i.e. old age, chemotherapy,etc.) can be very serious. A child can suffer from hair loss for a number of reasons, one being stress. Stress can come from ones environment (difficult family life, school problems, living situation, etc.) or within ones body(disease, mental issues, etc.). hair loss can occur with nutritional deficits, certain diseases, hair pulling (by self or others)...there are a number of situations all depending on the child''s age, environment, and state

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