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What are some causes of abnormal fatigue?

A: In some instances this abnormal fatigue may be associated with systemic disorders such as anemia, a deficiency of protein or oxygen in the blood, addiction to drugs, increased or decreased function of the endocrine glands, or kidney disease in which there is a large accumulation of waste products. If excessive fatigue occurs over a prolonged period, exhaustion (marked loss of vital and nervous power) may result. In most persons with chronic fatigue, however, the condition seems to be associated with bipolar disorder. Thorough medical and psychiatric examination may be required ......


What can help my feeling of fatigue, lack of energy and lack of mental concentration? Kindly suggest the causes and alternative treatments?

A: fatigue, lack of mental concentration and a general feeling that you don''t have the energy to get through a day are symptoms that could mean that you are simply overworked and need a break very badly. On the other hand these could be indicative of some serious illness. For instance people who suffer from parathyroid disease often do complain of these symptoms. They also complain of a general feeling of being unwell and often the feeling of tiredness is interpreted as a feeling of being old and tired. They do complain

What is the cause of constant fatigue?

A: Oh My Goodness, there are numerous causes for fatique...Do you have any other symptoms? I would very much like to assist you, however without a few more details, I am at a loss as to what may be causing your problem..Please, post again if you can give us a few more details..Good Luck and God Bless....

  i have being feeling a lot of fatigue tiredness aching joints and muscle. i recently have being diagnosed with fibroidsand in the last two months my weight has shot up.

A: Hello. Fibroids can cause fatigue and tiredness only if they are causing heavy menstrual bleeding. Excessivebleeding leads to anemia which in turn is responsible for the tiredness. Aching joints and muscles and weightgain are not related to the fibroids. You need to consult a doctor for these symptoms. Take care....


What is the cause of my twitchy eyelid?

A: The twitchy eyelid is something that I suppose everyone gets from time to time. I wouldn''t at all be concerned about a twitchy eyelid. That is caused from stress or fatigue and will go away eventually on its own. Sometimes when one overworks a muscle it can twitch, that has happened to me before. The twitchy eyelid is a very common thing. If you are under a great deal of stress lately, whether it be physical or emotional, try to figure out what it is and eliminate it if possible. If you need something from a doctor to help relieve stress, he or she can prescribe a mild sedative. I wouldn''t think you would have to have acupuncture. The twitchy eyelid will correct itself eventually. Hi Edward. I have experienced a twitch in my right eyelid...


What can cause extreme fatigue, muscle aches, daily headaches, rapid weight loss, and neck stiffness for over 6 months?

A: I hope you understand that you''re not alone. I''ve had the same symptoms since dec 15th, 2008. I woke up that day with the worst body paid I''ve ever had in my life. I was curled up in a ball crying and couldn''t get out of bed. It feels like you''re going to die and wish you would! I''ve had colonoscopies, iodine xrays, 130 blood tests and every other test you can think of.  My doctor thinks I have Inflamitory Bowel Disease but it''s still a mystery. I''ve lost 60 pounds since this started and am now below my min weight for my height of 6''3. I''ve been tested for everything from the common cold to aids and NOTHING. It''s not in my head or yours. I know what the doctors think and say about it being...

Thyroid Poisons - Are They Causing Your fatigue?

A: Your thyroid functioning is central to your overall health because it controls the ability and speed you can burn energy in each and every cell of your body (your metabolism). It also controls your growth and development and nervous system functioning. It even drives the speed of your heart beat! It does this by making a hormone called thyroxine. In turn, thyroxine is made from iodine. It doesn`t matter whether you want to use your energy to complete a project or a conversation, or even just to get out of bed. If your thyroid`s not working properly, you can forget about goals altogether. You just won`t have the energy to even create a goal - much less see it through to completion. But it`s not just present-time...


  what are the causes of frequent urination especially at night and 3 times anhour during the day accompained with verydry skin excessive thirst andirregular bowel movements, extreme fatigue, and body aches.

A: Hello latonya33, this increased urination {polyuria}, excessive or increased thirst {polydipsia} and othersymptoms what you have mentioned are suggestive of Diabetes Mellitus. The other possible causes include:interstitial cystitis, UTI {urinary tract infection}, neurological diseases, stroke, overactive bladdersyndrome and may be pschycogenic polydipsia {but all these looks unlikely in your case}. Kindly get fastingand post lunch blood sugars along with HBA1C and complete urine examination and an Ultrasound abdomen to ruleout these conditions. Have a Physician?s opinion. Hope this helps you. Regards...


What Are the Most Common causes of Excessive Bruising?

A: There are a number of potential causes for excessive bruising, some benign, and some less so. Aging is one of the most common causes, as are certain medications and dietary supplements. It is advisable to be evaluated by a doctor if excessive bruising onsets suddenly with no obvious cause, especially if it is accompanied with fatigue, rashes, and other medical symptoms. A general practitioner can evaluate a patient to learn more about the nature of the bruising and provide a referral to a specialist, if necessary.. Women are more likely to bruise than men, and some women may notice that excessive bruising is common throughout their lives....


What Are the causes of Migraines?

A: Behind most stress-related conditions, including migraines, are the thought processes we use to create the stress. Stress is the ''energetic exhaust'' of negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs. When we can pinpoint the thought processes that create the stress that tightens the muscles around the neck and shoulders, those muscles will usually release and relieve the migraine headaches. One powerful tools that is a huge de-stressor is the Metamorphosis Energy Makeover System described in the accompanying video There is no known cause for migraine headaches, but they do have a genetic link. often times, migraine sufferers have triggers that cause a migraine episode. Triggers include: fatigue, chemical...

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