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What is the cause of cramp in my legs when I'm asleep and how can I prevent it?

A: Your body may have to little salt, so try having more salty foods. u need extra magnesium and zinc in your diet this helps your muscles settle down when in bed also iron this will help ya blood travel better through ya body to help stop cramp. also do warm downs when you do sport. if u want to get rid of it just rub hard the area of your body where it is front and back I used to get bad leg cramps at night and had no idea what to do. A friend told me to try chewing a couple Rolaids every night before bed for a few days. It worked! I still get them every now and then. But I know what to do now. It still works. Try it. It can''t hurt! I have always heard it was from not enough potassium in your diet; and bananas are a great source for...


I have noticed my right eyelid is twitching of its own accord what could be the cause of this?

A: It is just a nerve in your eye,mine does it some times to. And no it is not serious.just annoying It''s nothing to worry about. But see your doctor, in the old days, like when I had the same problem, I was prescribed Valium- it''s not such a nasty drug, it'' actually mainly a muscle relaxant, but don'' get hooked on it! are you tired? spent too much time in front of the computer ? too much yahoo answers? oberve and monitor.. if its acute, ( just recently) take some rest, and get some sleep. stay away fr the glare.. if not, you can get it checked out.... There could be any number of causes from a trapped nerve to more serious reasons. Don''t muck about go see your doctor and find out. If it...


What Are Common causes of a Swollen Tongue and Sore Throat?

A: A swollen tongue and sore throat can be symptoms of a few different problems. Most commonly they are indicators of an allergic reaction, mononucleosis or tongue cancer. An infection in the mouth can also cause these symptoms. Other less common issues may also be responsible for a swollen tongue and sore throat. Many problems caused by these symptoms can be serious and may need emergency attention.. Allergic reactions can sometimes cause a swollen tongue and sore throat, depending on the severity of the reaction. Other symptoms of an allergic reaction may include trouble breathing, hives, rashes and sneezing. A swollen tongue also can be a cause of the breathing...


What Are the Common causes of Workplace Fatalities?

A: Workplace fatalities are said to be relatively rare for the average American worker. Just about four workplace fatalities per 100,000 workers were reported to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2006. Most people are aware that there are some occupations considered more dangerous than others, such as logging or commercial fishing, but few can name the actual most common causes of death, independent of the workers` careers. Fatalities vary by occupation, gender, ethnicity and age. Regardless of these variables, the overwhelming cause of work-related death is that of on-the-job highway accidents.. On-the-job car or...


What Are the Common causes of Train Fatalities?

A: Compared to other types of transportation, trains are relatively safe and train fatalities are not common. They do occur, however, and the most common reason for such train fatalities involve train/highway crossings that are inadequately designed. Limited visibility for an automobile driver, limited visibility for the train operator, inadequate warning systems, and human error are all common reasons for accidents at such locations along train tracks. Other causes of fatalities due to train accidents include faulty equipment, operator error, operator fatigue, or driver failure to yield at train crossings.. Train/highway crossings are present throughout the world, posing a risk to train...


What Are the causes of a Weak Immune System?

A: The causes of a weak immune system are many and include an accumulation of toxins, waste material, nutritional deficiencies, dehydration, lack of exercise, and use of chemical substances such as drugs and alcohol. Internal factors such as chronic emotional stress, depression or lack of sleep can also inhibit the function of the immune system. A weak immune system is often the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.. The immune system is a network of cells and organs which have specialized to defend the body against attack. A healthy immune system is...


Viral causes of FMS

A: Thanks for restating your question, Polly.  Maybe it will help others, too. "Another precursor includes cold sores, influenza, mononucleosus, Epstein Barr and Chronic fatigue Syndrome. We refer to this as the VIRAL route." "Another precursor includes", not "includes these viruses".  Four are viruses, but CFS is a condition that results. Commonly in that order.  I personally had all of those, and in that order.  One bout of influenca was so bad I had to be hospitalized. A history with severe flu is often mentioned.    I consider Chronic fatigue Syndrome to be Fibromyalgia, but at the point that you still have symptoms

What Is Causing My fatigue?

A: Chronic fatigue Syndrome and a similar condition called Fibromyalgia are 2 very common conditions seen in an upper cervical chiropractic office. What is Chronic fatigue Syndrome? The Mayo Clinic describes it this way... ''Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complicated disorder characterized by extreme fatigue that may worsen with physical or mental activity, but doesn''t improve with rest. Although there are many theories about what causes this condition - ranging from viral infections to psychological stress - in most cases the cause is still unknown. Because its symptoms are difficult to measure, CFS wasn''t widely accepted as a real...


What Are Common causes of Fever and fatigue?

A: In most cases fever and fatigue are caused by an underlying infection of some sort. Individual conditions which are caused by bacterial or viral infections include influenza, pneumonia, hepatitis, and many sexually transmitted diseases. These are only a few examples of hundreds of potential causes. Occasionally fever and fatigue may be caused by teething in small infants.. As a general rule of thumb, if fever is present in the body, an infection is present somewhere. The type of infection which also causes fatigue and other symptoms is...


Can doxycycline cause chronic fatigue?

A: I see nothing related to chronic fatique and doxycycline. I have been on doxycycline in the past and I already have CFS or Chronic Fatique Syndrome ... There was no increase in my symptoms. Many think that CFS works alone and no other diseases or factors cause CFS. However, I think there is still a lot of researcg to be done on Chronic Fatique Syndrome and what actually causes it. I have it for over 10 years.. ...

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