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What Could Be The Cause of Deep Tissue Neck Pain?

A: A ''Whiplash'' could be the cause of your pain. Also, you may have slept with your head and neck in a wrong position. Inflammation from over exertion could be the cause of pain. Even with out catastrophic injury sitting and holding you head in one position for a long time, if you are not careful to remain in ergonomic position can injury the tissues leading inflammation and pain. There are several possibilities. Most common is caused by sleeping with the head propped too high on a pillow. Muscle pulls in upper shoulders account numerous cases of muscle pain. Cervical disk problems (e.g. compressed disk, ruptured disk, etc.) are also responsible, as well as conditions as Anklosing Spondylosis, Arthritis, and Skeletal...


What Are Some causes of A ''charlie Horse''?

A: The exact cause of a leg cramp, a. k. a. Charley Horse, is not well understood but there are some factors that contribute to the condition, such as dehydration, excessive exercising, muscle fatigue, and electrolyte imbalances. Leg cramps occur occasionally, but persistent ones need to be checked by a physician. Many people experience muscle cramps when they are dehydrated. Due to lack of hydration, potassium levels can also be thrown off. Try drinking some water and eating a banana. Charlie Horses can be caused by several conditions, the first one being growing pains, second is blood clotting and the third reason is a deficiency such as the mineral potassium....


causes of malaria

A: Malaria health advice  Malaria is a blood infection carried from one individual to the other by mosquitoes. The infection commences with a bite from an infected mosquito. The parasite that is transmitted through this bite travels to the liver, where it begins to reproduce. During this period, the person feels no change in any bodily function. The symptoms of malaria appear only after the parasite has left the liver and travelled to the bloodstream. Here, it infects red blood cells, which then burst and enable the parasite to spread to other red blood cells, thereby releasing more parasites into the bloodstream. Malaria will also spread if another mosquito bites an infected person, and that mosquito carries the infection to someone else. Malaria can also...

What Is The Cause of Leg Spasms?

A: There can be many causes of leg spasms, including muscle fatigue, a calcium or magnesium deficiency or dehydration. Gentle stretching of the affected muscle can relieve simple leg spasms. Mineral or electrolyte supplementation can relieve more severe spasms, but your doctor should be consulted first. More serious disorders, such as narrowing of the arteries or diabetes can also cause spasms. Leg spasms are caused by numerous reasons. Some are due to involuntary contraction of muscles. Other may be due to nutritional deficiency and/or nervous system related issues. Improved diet may well correct symptoms, however, it symptoms are continuous...


What is the cause of death for most swine flu victims? is it the fever? is it the effects on the lungs? what makes it a killer virus?

A: The cause of death for swine flu victims, and for sufferers of influenza in general, is respiratory failure (i.e. the failure of the lungs to oxygenate the blood and to remove carbon dioxide). This can occur despite mechanical ventilation (i.e. a ventilator) if fluid builds up in the lungs such that adequate amounts of oxygen cannot be delivered to the air sacs in the lungs. Frequently the inflammation caused by the virus renders the lungs susceptible to a secondary bacterial infection (pneumonia), which can lead to a systemic inflammatory response (also called sepsis). This causes blood pressure to drop, and organs such as the brain, heart and kidneys are unable...


What you guys do when you suffer from insomnia ? What are the causes of insomnia?

A: Usually when i have a bout of insomnia, i get up again and find something to do to occupy my time , as it could mean that i am awake for the rest of the night......already being a light sleeper some of the things could include: - watching a movie/documentary read a book - something thinky.....(to take my mind off of whatever the situation might be.....) i come onto the computer and answer other peoples questions in yahoo answers..... some nights, depending on the weather, i continue to lie in bed, to see if i will fall asleep again.... the causes for insomnia are:- Psychophysiological Insomnia, Difficulty Initiating...


Cause of leg cramp?

A: the reason is not known, but I am sure Nocturnal leg cramps is different from accumulation of latic acid probably heredity, probably nerves disorder that cause sudden involuntary actions. usually involuntary actions are beneficial or cause no harm to body, but for this, I have no idea as it caused an impact. maybe this is one of the character of homo sapien: evolution there are many different reasons that you might have a leg cramp. #1, you exercised before stretching properly. #2, you pulled a muscle. #3, you have a charly horse. or #4, you dont eat enough bananas! hope i helped. There''s different reasons. It could be growing pains, or that you don''t exercise enough. The cause of a leg...


What Are the causes of a Petechial Hemorrhage?

A: A petechial hemorrhage is a type of bruise-like bleeding under the skin that has causes ranging from simply hitting a shin on the edge of a coffee table to serious illnesses that require medical care. Unlike a typical bruise, a petechial hemorrhage creates a pattern of small red dots called petechiae. Some petechial hemorrhages are mistaken for rashes, though they do not produce the chronic itching, blistering and swelling that often accompany rashes.. Injuries are among the least serious causes of a petechial hemorrhage. Women are more likely than men to develop bruising on the skin after an...


What Are the Most Common causes of Random Nausea?

A: Many things can lead to random nausea. Most commonly, nausea is the result of a stomach infection, but it can also be associated with things like hormone imbalances, sleep deprivation, brain injuries, and stress. If no obvious cause for nausea can be identified, it is advisable to see a doctor, as feeling nauseous can be a sign of a serious medical complication. A doctor can perform a workup to learn why a patient is feeling ill and develop a treatment plan for addressing the underlying cause.. Random nausea is often associated with a stomach infection. Whether mild or severe, if bacteria, viruses, and other organisms get into the gastrointestinal tract, patients often feel sick to their...


What Are Common causes of a Dry Cough and Fever?

A: A dry cough and fever are two symptoms that are often found together. Some conditions that can result in dry cough and fever symptoms include the flu, measles and pneumonia. Most causes of these symptoms can be treated with medication and home rest. They are sometimes symptoms of a potentially serious condition, however; if symptoms persist, a physician should be consulted.. A dry cough is an attempt by the body to clear the breathing passages of irritants, foreign particles, or microbes. The causes are related to any sort of intruding and offending object in the throat and upper airways. A...

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