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What are some symptoms of lymphoma-cancer of lymph nodes?

A: Hi, there is 4 or 5 different cancers in that "family", each has different test etc. check out http://www.leukemia-lymphoma.org/hm_lls they do a GREAT job and helping with Lymphoma and good luck - jewells 29 months and still here Below are listed some symptoms and if they are indicative of a particular form of lymphoma (Hodgkin''s Disease = HL, or a form of Non-Hodgkin''s Lymphoma = NHL): Lymph node swelling, often in the upper body area but it can be in almost any node or related lymph system organ. The node is usually NOT painful as opposed to infected lymph nodes which are common and can be painful (HL, NHL) A lack of energy, general


What are the symptoms of a person with high levels of blood sugar?

A: Symptoms of high levels of blood sugar or hyperglycemia can vary from person to person, normal symptoms are increased urine output because your body is trying to expel extra sugars out throu urine, feeling tired or weak, redness to the face. The best way to get it down quickly is to drink lots of water therefore you urinate it out, a long term fix is to cut back on sweets, and carbohydrates expecailly bead it has lots of simple sugars which can raise your sugar. Exercise can drastically change your blood sugar. If you have a little extra "luggage" try going to the gym or working out at home. If you have a friend or relative that has diabetes check your sugar on their machine,...


What cause constant yawning?

A: Actually it is the brain needs oxygen. Your body''s lack of oxygen!! lack of O2 Many people can have asthma without even realising it. Asthma is different for everyone, you don''t need to suffer a so called "attack" to have asthma. The key to controlling asthma is knowing how to spot the early warning signs of an asthma episode. These are known as "prodomal" symptoms, and some may occur a day or two before an attack. There are not always easy to recognise because warning signs are not the same for everyone, and they may change from attack to attack. Some most common warning signs are: __ Chest tightness or a heaviness of the chest __ General difficulty in breathing __...


Diagnosis of arthritis

A: Hi Kimber, welcome to the Arthritis Forum... Hhhhhmmm sounds like you need another rheumy! I have PA (Psoriatic Arthritis) and it doesn''t show in my bloodwork. Had I not gone to a GOOD rheumy, I would still be undiagnosed. Do they have you on any meds? When I saw my rheumy, he did a physical examination first, plus x-rays and told me that I had PA before my bloodwork even came back. I had bloodwork done prior to see the rheumy and my regular doc said, "Well, you''re negative for arthritis." So I thought I didn''t have anything... When I finally requested to see a rheumy, is when I found out that sometimes the bloodwork is not as accurate as most doc''s would like it to be. Good luck to you, I hope you find a new doc... please let us know what happens! - Duck 20 years. Finally, I...


Muscles Out of Control/Some burning too

A: Blessed4life, Have you had a EMG/ncs?Were the mri''s just of the brain? I have been on a diagnostic roller coaster for 2 years now and initial symptoms started 12 years ago. My neurologist sent me to the cleveland clinic and the host of symptoms were divided,they have not ruled out MS.3 lesions in the neck,but more interested in polyneuropathy or myopathy.Both consistent with the muscle pain,twitching,burning. fatigue is a symptom of both.The memory loss I was told can be contributed to muscle pain.I was explained that with muscle pain twitching and burning can cause the fatigue with exhaution in can lead to forgetfulness.Your young and should be running and being...


What are the symptoms of being anemic?

A: feeling weak and tired all the time, dizzy when you stand up. You need to see your dr. to find the cause. I was anemic after I had my kids, due to blood loss, and took iron supplements for a few months afterwards. It solved the problem. Not a quick fix, it takes several weeks to begin working. Donate blood. They will ask you questions before hand and prick your finger to get a tiny blood sample to see if you have enough iron. If you don''t have enough iron you can''t donate. Low iron is what makes you anemic. And hey, if you don''t have low iron and can donate blood you can help save a life. One blood donation can same up to three lives. My mom was anemic. She was always tired and craved ice. She was pale a lot too. I would go to the doctor. They can test you for it. Tired and weak. There...


Eye strain/fatigue

A: If your eye test is normal and your vision is perfect, then, it is less likely that your headaches are due to any eye disorder. Headaches can occur due to other conditions and will require evaluation by : 1) Otolaryngologist - to rule out "sinus" headaches. 2) Dentist - to rule out dental causes. 3) Neurophysician - to rule out conditions like migraine or other neurological causes for headache....


I have need of comfort near Deression?

A: If you don''t want to lift medication, you can change your diet. You can guzzle more complex carbohydrates to help next to the anxiety. You can do things that naturally elevate your endorphins (a list is here: http://www.recoverfromdepression.com/bet... You can natter to a counselor, cut sugar and caffeine, exercise, take Bach Rescue Remedy or other herbals. Yes. I tight, you''re cutting yourself...so what do YOU suggest? PLEASE get some assistance from your doctor. Also.....other people cannot cause you happy. In other words if you estimate your boyfriend is going to make your depression jump away.....that''s not going to happen at adjectives.well i enjoy thought about this and i ponder u should stop cutting urself and try something soothing and a short time ago tell ur friends to stop...


What is first sign of diabetes & is it true "Drinking Cold water increases blood pressue" my homeopath doc say

A: Copious excretion of urine and excessive thirst. Don''t know about the water. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing health concerns. Some early symptoms are excessive thirst, frequent trips to the bathroom, blurred vision, feeling weak / tired, slower to heal. The average blood sugar range is between 90-130 mgdl. You will burn more calories to "warm" the water in your body so it kind of makes sense that drinking cold water might raise your metabolism / BP but I doubt it is a significant amount. Frequent urination. Take a glass of cold water and put one spoon of oil and see. the oil will freeze. Similarly, when you drink chilled water, the oil inside the...


  I need an idea of where to go. I know I have fibromyalgia, but I''ve had it for15 years, and this is VERY differd ent. Itstarted with a pulmonary embolism ofunknown origin, I am fatigued, I can hardly breathe (out of breath just goingupstairs or walking

A: Hello and sorry for the late reply. Hope your symptoms are better now. Inadequate oxygenation can producesymptoms of breathlessness, as the body tries in an effort to compensate for the decreased oxygen supply. Itcan also cause paleness and sometimes fainting spells. Certain systemic disorders like anemia, diabetes,vitamin deficiencies and thyroid disorders can cause these symptoms. Discuss these options with your doctor.Regards....

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