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What Are Common causes of fatigue and Blurred Vision?

A: Several conditions can result in fatigue and blurred vision. The most serious of these are anemia, lupus, and Sjogren`s syndrome. It is important to remember that fatigue and blurred vision can occur independent of these medical conditions. People suffering from these symptoms should visit a health-care provider for a diagnosis.. Anemia is the most common blood disorder in the US. It usually occurs as a symptom of other diseases or conditions. A patient is diagnosed with anemia when his or her red blood cell count is much lower than normal.. Blood cells contain a protein called hemoglobin that carries oxygen throughout the body. When the bloodstream does not contain...


What Are the Hidden causes of fatigue?

A: fatigue is a non-specific symptom that can be caused by a multitude of medical issues from hypoglycemia to cancer. Depression, sleep apnea, insomnia, influenza, infectious mononucleosis may also be part of the differential diagnosis. Consult your family physician if fatigue continues despite attempts to reduce it. I''ve suffered from chronic fatigue for many years and there are many causes. a stress-filled lifestyle, poor diet, poor sleep habits, caffeine, sugar and white flour, not enough protein. mannapages.com Links: mannapages.com being tired What causes fatigue? In this video, Dr....


What Are the causes of fatigue in Children?

A: fatigue in children can be caused by improper diet, poor sleep habits, stress, medical conditions such as anemia and thyroid disorders, or chronic infections such as walking pneumonia and mononucleosis. When a child suffers from abnormal fatigue, it is best to first evaluate his diet and sleep patterns, and monitor him for any evidence of unusual daily stress. If these observations do not suggest a problem, then the child should be then be watched for any signs of a medical issue and be seen by a pediatrician.. Upon noticing fatigue in children, the first problem to watch for is an improper diet consisting of junk food, which is void


What are the causes of fatigue&nausea?

A: fatigue and nausea often occur in tandem. While lifestyle factors or minor ailments can trigger such symptoms, something more serious requiring a medical evaluation could be a factor.General ConsiderationsFrequently nausea, often accompanied by vomiting, is the result of gastrointestinal upset provoked by food, a virus, or morning sickness associated with pregnancy, according to Mayo Clinic physicians. Doctors at Mayo also note that a common cause of fatigue is simply poor nutrition. causes of fatigue and nausea is : - Pregnancy is the obvious reason why one might...


What are the common causes of fatigue?

A: Great question! I have written a page all about the most common causes of fatigue here:...


What can be the cause of fatigue?

A: Increase calories because you have upped the exercise(because you may be shortchanging yourself) Too extreme of a drop of calories too soon(it has to be a gradual decline) Aerobic Exercise should increase energy. all the rest will drag you down. Also doing very little activity such as sitting on you PC typing out of boredom. Get out and get moving....


What can cause extreme fatigue in type 1 diabetes?

A: I''ve had Type 1 diabetes for 40 years and have never felt so fatigued from high blood sugar that I could sleep all day. That doesn''t mean no one else has, but it just didn''t sound right to me. Your HgA1c is good. Ask your Dr. to check into other possibilities. What about mono? I agree with the person that said for you to check your bs when you''re feeling tired. The journaling is a good idea, too. It''ll help you and your Dr. rule things out. Keep in touch with your doc. You are doing ok!May be low iron. I had that a year ago. Im 72 yrs young.with diabetes type 2. If you experience the exhaustion about the same time each day or so many hrs before/ after you eat, would give you some big clues as to if your diabetes is causing it. Perhaps your spiking and its...


What Are Common causes of Palpitations and fatigue?

A: Heart palpitations and fatigue can be caused by a number of health conditions. Palpitations are characterized by the feeling of irregular or missed heartbeats, while fatigue results in a sensation of being worn down and out of energy. While palpitations and fatigue can indicate an underlying heart condition, they can also be caused by hyperthyroidism and other thyroid and adrenal gland conditions. Anemia and vitamin deficiencies might also include symptoms such as palpitations and fatigue.. The heart muscle normally maintains a regular, rhythmic beating in the chest. Occasionally, the heart...


What Are the Most Common causes of Eye fatigue?

A: Eye fatigue can be caused by any activity that causes the eye to focus on one object for a long time, especially when the object is close to the eye. Common activities that lead to eye fatigue are computer work, watching TV, and reading. Eye fatigue may also occur more quickly when the eyes are repeatedly switching focus, making driving, especially night driving, another common cause.. Environmental causes of eye fatigue include lighting that is too low or too bright, as well as glare on the object on which the eyes are focusing. Pollution in the air can also be a cause. Drug use can increase the problem. Stress and...


What Are the Most Common causes of Diarrhea and fatigue?

A: Many individuals suffer from flu-like symptoms that lead to dehydration, fatigue, and stomach ailments. A person who has symptoms of both diarrhea and fatigue is typically suffering from food poisoning or the stomach flu. Because of the loss of liquid within the system, this will quickly lead to dehydration which causes extreme fatigue.. There are many potential causes of stomach ailments. Most issues pass within a few days but long-term diarrhea and fatigue is a sign of more serious problem. Food poisoning will cause...

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