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Is there any reason for the cause of eczema?

A: It is not considered as a disease. eczema is a hypersensitivity reaction. The cause of the eczema is not found but it may be because of genetic allergy. There is no particular part of the body where eczema occurs. It occurs on the face, neck, wrists, ankles and the insides of knees and elbows in children and adults....

How can I get rid of eczema?

A: It can''t be cured, only treated. Recent studies provide hints that food allergy may trigger atopic dermatitis. Dietary elements that have been reported to trigger eczema include dairy products and coffee. Non-conventional medical approaches include traditional herbal medicine and others. Your best bet is to stay on Top of the current research and check out the herbal remedies that the pharmaceutical corporations don''t want you knowing about. prescriptions from your doctor vitamin e lotion vitamin e liquid vitamin e vitamins You can try hydrocortisone cream. But, don''t use it too often because it can cause your skin to become thin. Exercise and cut your nails. Exercising increases blood...


What Are the Different Types of eczema Ointment?

A: eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a fairly common ailment that produces red, dry, itchy skin and rashes. It is more common in infants and young children, but it can persist into adulthood. There is no cure, so treatment usually focuses on alleviating symptoms during flare-ups and avoiding triggers that tend to cause flare-ups. One of the most common ways to treat uncomfortable episodes of eczema is by using eczema ointment. The most commonly used types of ointment include eczema cream to moisturize and lubricate the skin, analgesic ointment to reduce itching and discomfort and medicinal ointment to treat inflammation...


How do you get rid of eczema?

A: I wish I knew too! I don''t want to keep applying hydrocortizone, it thiners your skin. Aveno products are helpful. I guess for people like me whose eczema is triggered by stress, learning to control my stress is the way to go. I tried some cream that a doctor gave me once as samples, and it helped so much! It stopped it like right away, and I didn''t get it back in a long time. But I could never remember how the cream was called. tea tree oil works well. What It Is eczema also known as atopic dermatitis is a rough, red, patchy rash that is usually associated with extremely dry Skin. often it forms large infected patches on the fronts of elbows and the backs of...


What Are Common causes of Leg Blisters?

A: Leg blisters can be caused by many factors. They can result from physical damage to the skin from the sun, burns or repeated friction resulting from rubbing against something. Chemical imbalances or diseases in the body, such as diabetes or poor blood circulation, can cause leg blisters to appear. Environmental factors such as bacteria or fungal infections also can lead to the development of leg blisters. Depending on the cause of the leg blisters, the treatments can range from simply waiting for them to heal to draining and bandaging them.. A blister is a collection of fluid sometimes lymph fluid that develops between the top two layers of the skin, called the epidermis, and the dermis....


What Are the causes of Scaly Dry Skin?

A: Exposure to cold weather, eczema, and psoriasis are just some things that can lead to scaly dry skin. In addition, a health condition called hypothyroidism is also a potential cause of dry skin. Although many causes of dry scaly skin are not fatal or even more than a minor inconvenience, some conditions, such as hypothyroidism, should be treated by a doctor as soon as possible. In general, even if a skin condition seems non-threatening, it is best to have a dermatologist determine the severity rather than rely on self-diagnosis.. In general, eczema refers to any rash, whether it is caused by an allergic reaction or genetic condition. Sometimes the cause


I have eczema and have been treated many times but nothing works. But today I just found out there are many types of eczema. What are the different types? And are there any remedies for each type?

A: You are right - there are many different types of eczemas. In fact, the name eczema is not used for a particular disease or condition, but for a wide range of skin conditions. The common factor in all these conditions is inflammation and itching of the skin. There are many different treatments for eczema, but there isn''t really a strict correlation between specific treatments and specific types of eczema. Doctors usually start with milder treatments, selecting whatever is appropriate based on the nature of the inflammation, the severity, and the apparent cause

Does anyone know how to get rid of eczema? Please help!!!! I am tired of my feet itching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

A: eczema''s one of those weird things that flares up....we''ve had luck w/ Blue Cap (natural remedy, online) & plain ol'' Eucerin. My DH uses a prescription cream. 1. use Eucerin cream (can get at any drug store) 2. go see your doctor and get a prescription I had eczema what I was younger for years, but when I was an adolescent it started to clear up. But are you sure you have eczema? It doesn''t typically occur on the feet. Try using a product called Udder Balm at night. Really put it on thick on your feet and then cover them with socks so that you don''t get the Udder Balm everywhere. It helped my nephew who has severe eczema. Also, he uses aquaphor. But Udder...


Toddler is suffering from a severe case of eczema.?

A: aw poor thing. tell your doc ITS NOT WORKING!! Hi there my son has the same proplem! he would cry all night, and when it came time for a bath. he would bring me to tears, it would break my heart i felt so help less. now i''m not sure how you feel about oral steroids but for my son they help get the inflamation down, its called prednasol but you do need a perscription for it. now after long periods of use it can have side affects, i was so scared to use them. but our doc told us that in these small amounts, it would not harm him. in the frist day we noticed a change, he wasn''t scratching as much, and he was so much happier! i''m an emt and know all to well about keeping wounds clean, as to not get infection. but your doctor telling you to bathe your baby in...


How to Get Rid of eczema From Ears Naturally

A: eczema on the ears is an inflammation of the skin that can lead to itching, redness, dryness and flaking. It is believed that eczema could be caused by allergic reactions to certain substances like soaps and chemicals. Researchers at the American Academy of Dermatology aren''t sure the exact cause of eczema, but they believe stress, environmental factors and allergens may trigger eczema symptoms. There is no cure for eczema, but there are many natural treatment options you can take to help reduce your eczema symptoms....

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