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What Are the Most Common causes of Sudden Dizziness?

A: There may be several factors that cause sudden dizziness, including infection or illness, use of certain medications, and lack of adequate fluids. Heat exhaustion, which is caused by exposure to extreme temperatures while under direct sun, may also cause sudden dizziness. A condition known as vertigo may cause an individual to feel as though his surroundings are rotating or revolving and this may last for a few seconds or several minutes.. An inner ear imbalance or infection of the middle ear may occasionally cause dizziness. A condition referred to as swimmer`s ear may also produce the same symptoms. This is generally a painful condition marked by pressure inside of the ear canal. This


What Are the Most Common causes of Dry Mouth and Sore Throat?

A: Dry mouth, technically called xerostomia, can be caused by a number of different things. Dry mouth and sore throat symptoms are often related, since a dry mouth frequently causes a sore throat. Some of the main causes of dry mouth include dehydration, medication, nerve damage, infection, and a person`s everyday lifestyle.. Dehydration can be a direct effect of too much sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, burns, and blood loss. When too much liquid escapes from one`s body, the result is dehydration, which will, in turn, cause dry mouth and sore throat symptoms. The only way to battle dehydration is...


What Are Common causes of Headache and Night Sweats?

A: Headache and night sweats may be caused by a variety of different physical and mental conditions. A few of these include stress, anxiety, dehydration, menopause and HIV infection. Remedies for headache and night sweats are often helpful in alleviating symptoms. Such may include hormonal therapy, psychotherapy or traditional home remedies.. Individuals who are experiencing stress and anxiety may suffer from headache and night sweats as a result. Other symptoms associated with these conditions may also include mood changes, depression, attention deficits, unintended weight changes and a loss of appetite. Learning how to cope with stress and anxiety usually stops nighttime sweating and frequent...


What Are the Common causes of Hot Saliva?

A: Hot saliva, or the feeling of hot saliva, is often caused by acid reflux disorder and other gastrointestinal problems. This is usually caused by acid or stomach bile moving upward into the esophagus and mouth. Saliva may also feel hot when one has a fever, is about to vomit, or after eating very spicy foods. Other symptoms may also be present when it is caused by gastrointestinal issues. In other cases, excessive or hot saliva may be the first or only symptom noticed.. Reflux disorders are commonly associated with the feeling of hot saliva. This is a condition in which stomach acid moves upwards into the esophagus. Reflux can be caused by a weakened esophageal sphincter muscle. This muscle usually holds acid down in...


What Are the causes of Unexplained Bleeding?

A: causes of unexplained bleeding will depend upon the specific location of the bleeding. For instance, the cause of a spontaneous nose bleed may be dry air or allergies. Unexplained bleeding or heavy menstrual cycles may occur as a result of ovarian cysts, which can be detected by an ultrasound. When bleeding occurs from the gums, especially after brushing and flossing the teeth, this could indicate gum disease. One hard-to-detect type of bleeding is stomach bleeding, which may be caused by the use of anti-inflammatory medications.. Unexplained bleeding during the first or second trimester of...


What Are the causes of Male Stomach Pain?

A: The causes of male stomach pain are varied and can include a wide range of medical conditions. These may include digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease as well as conditions such as hernia, liver pain, or muscle cramps. The cause of male stomach pain may be determined based on the severity and location of discomfort.. One of the most common causes of male stomach pain is digestive discomfort due to one of many potential ailments. Intestinal gas, indigestion, and upset stomach are the most common. Irritable bowel syndrome and colitis are...


What Are the causes of Eosinophilia?

A: One of the most common causes of eosinophilia is an allergic reaction or diseases that are related to an excessive response from the immune system. An infection from a parasite such as roundworm and hookworm can also cause the condition. Eosinophilia may also be caused by some cancers, autoimmune diseases or lung diseases. The signs of eosinophilia are variable and depend on the conditions causing this medical problem. Treating eosinophilia begins with identifying the cause of this condition and then employing oral, topical or inhaled corticosteroids.. Eosinophils are white blood cells that destroy foreign particles and advance the inflammation process that confines...


What Are the Different causes of Polydipsia?

A: People who exhibit extreme thirst and are driven to drink excessive amounts of water suffer from polydipsia, a condition that can result from a number of issues. One of the most common causes of polydipsia is disease, with diabetes being the most frequent culprit. More temporary, environmental-type factors such as being in a very hot, dry location or eating spicy or salty foods can also be to blame. Certain types of drugs or high levels of some supplements can lead to severe thirst. When the condition is the result of a psychological disorder, it is known as psychogenic polydipsia.. A number...


What Are the Different causes of Rectal Pain?

A: Some causes of rectal pain are anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and rectal foreign bodies. Anal fissures are small tears in the anus from moving stool or giving birth, while hemorrhoids are swollen veins in or around the anus. Rectal foreign bodies are foreign objects inserted in the anus or, in less common causes, consumed and then lodged in the rectum during a bowel movement. Sexually transmitted diseases can also be the culprit for rectal pain, though not all diseases are capable of causing pain in this area.. Anal fissures are small tears in the lining of the anus. They are a common cause of pain, ultimately caused by particularly hard or...


What Are the Common causes of Flaky Ear Skin?

A: Common causes of flaky ear skin include allergic reaction, eczema, dermatitis, and dry skin. In addition, flaky ear skin can be caused by sunburn, which can usually be prevented by applying sunscreen to the ears. Flaky ear skin can occur on the outer portion of the ear or inside the ear. In addition, dry flaky skin can also cause significant itching and embarrassment. Like dandruff, flaky ear skin can drop off onto the clothing, prompting the individual to limit their clothing to light-colored fabrics.. Flaky ear skin can usually be treated by replacing moisture to the area. The ears are typically very dry and this is more evident on the outer portion of the ear....

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