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What are Home Remedies for dandruff?

A: dandruff is a condition characterized by white flakes of dead skin in the hair and on the shoulders. Most dandruff sufferers also experience itching on the scalp, yet scratching the itch only serves to irritate the condition. There are several conditions that can cause dandruff flakes. Many people believe dry skin is the cause of dandruff, but this is not true. While dry skin on the scalp can cause the skin to be itchy and flaky, the flakes from dry skin are smaller and not as oily as true dandruff. dandruff can, however, be caused by overactive oil glands located on the scalp, which can speed...


I have pimples and small pimples and also dandruff

A: dandruff is the presence of the dry scaly dead skin of the scalp. dandruff is often associated with hair fall, itching, and the deterioration of hair quality. A little known fact is that dandruff may in fact also cause pimples and minor infections of the skin. The good news is that there are plenty of products, both natural and commercially produced, that help treat dandruff to give you a clean, clear scalp and healthy hair. dandruff is usually caused by the increase or decrease in the amount


I am Prince Samuel residing in Chennai and I am suffering from dandruff for the past 9 years and the intensity is very much nowadays. I tried all kinds of anti dandruff shampoo but no remedy. Kindly suggest me some remedies

A: What is dandruff? Pityriasis simplex capillitii, simply known as dandruff, refers actually tothe shedding of cells that are dead of skin from the individual’s scalp. dandruff can be a bother as it affects the overall appearance and health of your hair and is socially embarrassing. However, dandruff is universal, affecting almost everyone world over at some point in their lives. It is also very normal for the skin cells to completely die and therefore flake off, but in some persons, due to certain triggers, there is excess flaking, which also causes redness and...


Whats a good cure for dandruff

A: dandruff is a condition which affects millions of people world wide. It is characterized by the appearance of tiny white flakes or scales on the scalp. dandruff may either be dry dandruff or oily. When a person has dry dandruff, the scales lie loosely scattered among the person’s hair and at times may flake of the scalp to settle on the person’s clothes, face and eyebrows. Oily dandruff on the other hand tends to stick to the scalp in clumps. dandruff may at times cause severe itching, and the act of scratching could cause damage...


My mother used to scold me for using onion or lime juice, curd and vinegar. Due to dandruff and hair fall I used to try all this. Will they harm my hair and cause easy greying? Please reply

A: dandruff refers to a skin condition wherein white scales separate from the skin of the scalp and collect in the hair. This condition can prove to be discomforting when there is infection of the skin. The shedding of loose flakes of skin is a normal process that the skin undergoes. When the old skin cells die, new ones take their place. dandruff occurs when the cells are shed even before their die. dandruff is not a life threatening condition, nor is it contagious. But it can get frustrating and bothersome due to the constant itching and flaking. dandruff may be persistent or it may come and...


What Is Anti-dandruff Shampoo?

A: It could be safely assumed that no one likes dandruff. Those white or silver flakes on the shoulders are generally assumed to be caused by dry skin. In fact, dandruff is more often caused by excessive oil in the scalp or a yeast infection. Most people, however, are not as concerned about the cause of dandruff as they are with ridding themselves of its visible effects. Thankfully, either an over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription anti-dandruff shampoo can usually take care of the problem in short order. Virtually all shampoos include a variety of scents, vitamins,...


What is dandruff and what causes it?

A: dandruff (also called scurf and historically termed Pityriasis capitis) is the excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. dandruff can also be caused by frequent exposure to extreme heat and cold. As it is normal for skin cells to die and flake off, a small amount of flaking is normal and in fact quite common. Some people, however, either chronically or as a result of certain triggers, experience an unusually large amount of flaking, which can also be accompanied by redness and irritation. Most cases of dandruff can be easily treated with specialized...

I have dandruff in my head also got few grey hairs. Please suggest me any remedy to get rid of this. Also i hav got itching in my lips and they become dry and skin is peeling off. please suggest a remedy for this also.

A: dandruff is characterized by an itching and flaking of the skin on the scalp. The cells of the skin renew themselves constantly and when new cells are formed, the old cells die off and are shed from the surface of the skin. When dandruff affects the scalp, this process starts taking place faster and as such an increased number of dead skin cells are shed. This causes a pronounced flaking of the scalp. The symptoms of dandruff include flaking, itching, tingling or soreness of the scalp.


I currently moved to muscat and now suffer severe hair fall and dandruff. I use oil every 2days. But it seems my hair loss more while oiling. Now my hair is just half volume. Please help me

A: dandruff is characterized by the flaking and scaling of the skin on the scalp. This is a common condition and a large number of people suffer from it. dandruff tends to cause embarrassment and consciousness as the flakes become quite visible, especially on dark colored clothes. Many individuals with dandruff also experience hair fall. However, dandruff has no direct effect on hair loss. It does cause significant amount of scratching and the affected individual may itch the scalp constantly. This could cause weakening of the hair roots, thereby resulting in gradual hair fall. An individual may...


Will coloring the hair increase dandruff in the hair ?

A: did you do a test patch before actually going all out? did you have this done professionally or at home? dandruff is a common ''allergic reaction'' to hair coloring. well, i''ve never had a problem with dandruff from coloring my hair. but everyone''s scalp is different. if you think it might be the shampoo then switch back to your regular one. i''ve tried the loreal color protecting shampoo too and it really didn''t even make any difference, my hair faded in the normal amount of time it does with anyother shampoo i''ve ever used. Wow... !! I never knew we were supposed to do patch testing... nevertheless it was done by a professional.... but she suggested Matrix...

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