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I am a fair skinned, 19 year old girl. I get pimples on my face particularly on chin, neck and back frequently. I have long hair with a lot of dandruff. Can fallen dandruff aggravate my pimples? I have no idea what medication will do. Please help.

A: dandruff can certainly aggravate your pimples. There is a natural process of renewing of your scalp cells through the sloughing of dead cells. Sometimes, this shedding of dead cells from your scalp increases due to fungal infection or over dryness. This results in flaking, scaling and itching of the scalp. Certain other things also affect dandruff like hereditary cause, hormones, bad diet, disease or stress level. The dead flakes from your scalp may clog your skin pores causing or aggravating acne breakouts. You should pay attention to eliminate your dandruff first before treating your acne....


How 2 bring back rid of dandruff besides shampoo I DON"T HAVE IT SOMEONE I KNOW DOES?

A: By shampoo containing savila. dandruff is one of the major disorders of the scalp.Poor hygiene, unsuitable diet ,sluggish condition of the scalp caused by poor blood circulation are the prime causes of dandruff. A herbal rinse is a not dangerous method of removing dandruff. Apply lemon juice next to the rind on the scalp .After 5 minutes wash sour with shampoo and river. More simple remedies at http://usefulinfo-dandruff.blogspot.com/......


I have an oily skin and my scalp always remain to be an oily, I have lots of dandruff and because of that I have lots of hair fall please help me out

A: An oily scalp is a rather common occurrence that causes the hair to become oily more often resulting in a very dull appearance and making your hair look lifeless. This further on, adds to a number of other issues of the hair that cause a great deal of inconvenience. An oily scalp is due to the sebaceous glands producing excess oil that could be because of hereditary, irregular eating habits, hormonal imbalance, excessive heat, an underlying skin problem or because of a lot of exposure to chemicals with the use of different hair products.


What are the causes of an intense itching rash on the scalp?

A: An intense itch on the scalp can be frustrating and painful. Pruritus is the medical term for itching. According to PsoriasisNet, pain and pruritus have a few common neurophysiologic pathways, which explains why these two sensations overlap in some cases. There are a number of medical conditions that can cause scalp rashes that lead to painful and intense itching.Seborrheic DermatitisMainly affecting the scalp, seborrheic dermatitis causes red, itchy skin and can create dandruff. It''s associated with a reaction to the overgrowth of yeast on the surface of the skin in people who are genetically predisposed. There are a number of...


Pimples caused by dandruff???!!!?

A: dandruff can aggravate & cause pimples only because the dead flakes from your scalp can clog your pores which causes acne. So getting rid of the dandruff & keeping your hair clean & tied up could certainly alleviate your pimple problem...

How do I get rid of dandruff when it isn''t dandruff?

A: Randa took the words right out of my mouth - or fingers, I guess. My hair stylist suggested using tea tree oil shampoo. I found mine at Sally Beauty Supply, it was $6.49 for a 16 oz bottle. There''s a conditioner too. The only thing I would caution is to only use it like once a week. I wash my hair twice a week, on Monday and Thursday nights. Monday nights I wash with the regular shampoo I always used, and on Thursday nights, I wash with the tea tree oil one. I''ve heard a lot of people say it can really dry out your hair and scalp if you use it every time you wash, which can cause other problems. my daughter had it soooooooooooo bad ,,the coal tar worked!!!! It was caked on white flakes......try it again,,,do 7 days in a row,,,,,leave in...

how can you get rid of dandruff for ever?

A: A very good question.Try this simple, safe, natural treatment and it will be permanently eliminated. I'm afraid you will get answers giving totally ineffective treatments, some harmful like many anti-dandruff shampoos and others that will aggravate problem - so beware. dandruff is a disease: Shampoo manufacturers misinform & lead you to think you have it. Look it up and see if you really have. Problem could be just a very dry flaking scalp and skin, like I used to have, sensitive to chemicals, harmful ingredients in many commercial shampoos, soaps, other products. Tints, bleaches, straighteners, tanning booths or sunlamps also harm, scalp and hair and cause reactions. Use only a mild tea tree oil shampoo or...

got dandruff

A: dandruff shampoo works for most folk, have you tried it? dandruff particles are visible flakes of skin that have been continuously shed from the scalp. It is normal to shed some dead skin flakes as the skin is constantly renewing itself. The new cells form in the lower layers. They are gradually pushed to the surface as more new cells form beneath them. By the time they reach the surface, the cells have become flat and overlap each other roof tiles. By then, these cells are dead and are shed from the surface all the time. They are so small that we do not notice this is happening. With dandruff, this whole process of skin renewal (or skin...

How can a vinegar, coconut oil and lemon can be a dandruff control?

A: Old skin cells are constantly shed to accommodate new, healthy cells resulting in flaking. The scalp also sheds dead skin cells. This is a natural process wherein the flakes are usually too small to be seen by the naked eye. However, when the PH balance of the skin is affected, it results in increased sebum secretions from the sebaceous glands that cause the small flakes to cling together and fall off as visible white or yellowish flakes called dandruff. The condition is believed to be caused by a yeast-like fungus called malassezia. Dry skin, pollution, exposure to sunlight and unhygienic conditions also result in excessive flaking. Stress, unhealthy dietary habits and injurious lifestyles aggravate the condition....


Since my childhood I have dandruff I use shampoo regularly, but my dandruff problem can''t be cured, I''m 24 yrs old, due to this my hair is also falling. Please help me

A: The human body is wrapped in a protective layer of skin. Skin is the outer layer of the body that protects the body from various types of illnesses and diseases. Skin also helps regulate the temperature of the body. Different parts of the body have different characteristics when it comes to the nature and texture of the skin. The scalp is the specific area of skin that is on the top of the head. This area of skin is designed for hair growth. Hair follicles are densely packed around the scalp. Skin on the human body is made up of several...

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