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What Are the Different Types of brain damage Treatment?

A: brain damage can be a potentially devastating medical issue, not just for the person who has suffered the damage, but for friends and family as well. damage to the brain may develop as a result of medical issues such as a stroke or ruptured aneurysm, or more frequently it may be the result of a traumatic brain injury. brain damage treatment begins with making sure the affected person is not in a medical crisis. Once the person''s health is stable, brain damage treatment focuses on teaching him...


What Are Some Different Kinds of brain damage?

A: brain damage is brain injury that is either mild, moderate or severe and brain damage can involve either open head or closed head injury. Open head injury occurs when the skull is displaced or fractured by an outside force and closed head injury occurs when the skull is not displaced or fractured by an outside force. Some of the different types of brain damage include concussion, contusion, diffuse axonal injury, penetration damage, anoxic injury and hypoxic injury. Hypoxic brain damage occurs...

What Are the Common causes of Cerebellum damage?

A: Cerebellum damage can occur for a variety of reasons, with traumatic brain injury and stroke being among the most common causes. Other potential causes of cerebellum damage may include diseases such as multiple sclerosis, degenerative brain disorders, or certain genetic mutations. damage to this area of the brain may also occur due to alcohol abuse or some forms of cancer. Any questions or concerns about cerebellum damage in an individual situation should be discussed...


Can ecstasy cause permanent brain damage?

A: uhhh yah Scientifically it has been proven to cause swiss cheese like holes in the brain. So I think that is pretty good evidence of brain damage. Ecstasy is a mix of all different kinds of deadly drugs and deadly chemicals. There is no doubt that ecstasy causes permanent brain damage. I guess you could keep observing these friends and wait for the changes cause they will most certainly come. Yes. ecstasy has a nasty affect on the brain. There''s terrible things for your body in these pills. If you''re just buying from some guy at the party,...


What Are the Most Common causes of brain Swelling?

A: Swelling of the brain is very serious and can lead to permanent brain damage and even death. There are several causes of brain swelling, with the most common being a traumatic head injury, stroke, and infection. Other causes of brain swelling may be less common, but do occur, such as brain lesions and side effects of being at a high elevation.. A traumatic brain injury is trauma to a part of the brain. It is one


What Are the causes of brain Lesions?

A: brain lesions, changes to the tissue of the brain, can be associated with a number of different causes, including physical trauma, congenital malformations in the brain, infections, and progressive neurological diseases. Abnormal tissue in the brain is a cause for medical concern and can be identified on imaging studies of the brain such as magnetic resonance imaging. Patients with suspected brain lesions are evaluated by neurologists, physicians who specialize in caring for the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral...


What cause organic brain damage when using drugs

A: I''m not sure exactly what your question is here because your title doesn''t match what you have written in your post. All effects drugs, alcohol even tobacco causes damage to your body and brain, if your speaking of specifics, like -LSD, this leads to impaired learning and memory abilities, -Meth, activates certain systems in the brain is very addictive, -inhalants, fatty tissue protection in nerve cells are destroyed this stops or slows down neural transmissions. - Estasy, destoys certain brain cells, the cells that are damaged can''t reconnect normally, -Heroin, brain cells become...


What Are the Most Common causes of brain Bleeding?

A: There are several reasons why bleeding in the brain occurs. These symptoms could range from trauma and injuries, to deformities in the blood vessels in the brain. Without proper diagnosis, an individual cannot determine with certainty what is causing the bleeding. brain bleeding is a serious health condition that can cause irreparable damage to the body and even result in death. The medical term for brain bleeding is either intracranial hemorrhaging or intracerebral hemorrhaging. The most common reason for brain bleeding is trauma to the head caused by an accident or injury, but there are less common reasons such as abnormalities in the blood...

I have some form of brain damage due to estacy can you help me please?

A: I doubt that is true. Sorry, I dont know how to help you . play that brain game on nintendo ds..it realllllly works. Are you self-diagnosed? Ex is like mostly acid these days. If you''re fried, it''s your fault. Duh, acid causes problems. Do math and logic problems to regain ability. you are ok, not. Hi! What is your problem exactly? Try to keep you calm,things can get better with time. first of all why the H### where you doing X You need to see a docter!!! What exactly is your question? Do you expect us to fix your brain damage thru the computer? Stop taking E! Sure, make an appointment. did you think it''d make you smarter?...


Does moderate underaged drinking cause permanent brain damage?

A: Drinking affects brain function, but it would require extremely high dosages (more than what is required to get you drunk) to actually cause brain damage. However, prolonged use can cause permanent impairment of the nervous system, memory loss, personality dysfunction and loss of coordination.Nonetheless, drinking excessive amounts will damage the liver, and there is no cure for that. Starting to drink at a younger age is only giving you a kick start to Cirrhosis, which technically, already means you''re being stupid.Use your head...there''s more at stake here than just being stupid. What does underage mean anyways? In most countries the...

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