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What Are the causes of memory loss?

A: The human brain and the way in which it stores and retrieves information is a subject of debate and speculation. Modern science has its limits when it comes to understanding the functions of the brain and how it affects memory. There are many possible causes of memory loss; however, each case of memory loss can be caused by different factors and life experiences. Some memory loss is normal, and a part of the aging process. As we age, we lose...

What are some causes of memory loss

A: There are several. One can be from prescription medicine, old age, some diseases and conditions will also cause it. Thanks !...

What Are the Common causes of memory Deficit?

A: There are many common causes of memory deficit, also known as memory loss. Many people believe that memory deficit naturally happens as a person grows old, and while some forgetfulness is to be expected, a dramatic loss of memories is a sign of another problem. Alcohol, some drugs — often illegal — and untreated depression can result in memory loss. Dementia is also characterized by memory deficit, though the disease affects many other aspects of...


What Are the Different Types of memory loss Drugs?

A: memory loss can be caused by a variety of factors, including diseases such as Alzheimer’s, other forms of dementia and even depression. Each of these conditions affects memory loss in a different way. For instance, Alzheimer’s disease affects short-term memory, and other forms of dementia are known to affect working memory. There are several types of memory loss drugs that are created to treat the many possible causes and...


Strange attacks of memory loss and it''s strange things i''m doing.

A: Hi, The cause of sudden transient memory loss could be Anxiety. You may also be suffering from Bipolar disorder.Please consult a physician for complete examination, investigations and diagnosis. Please keep yourself freefrom stress, take a highly nutritious diet comprising of multivitamins and multiminerals, take plenty offluids and juices and adequate sleep at night. Please go for regular exercises. These lifestyle changes mayhelp you to get relief from the symptoms to a great extent. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!...

what can cause temporary memory loss? can exercise cause this?

A:  It almost sounds as if you`ve had a mini stroke, but since I`m not a doctor, don`t take my word for it. Any sort of memory loss is serious, so make an appointment with your doctor and see what`s going on. Don`t wait for this to happen again.. Date rape drug? Waaaay too much alcohol? Take a trip to the doctor and have a blood test iF you truly do not know! TOMORROW!!! ;). Age. Happens to us all the time.. memory loss causeS, BUILDING SELF CONFIDENCE & POSITIVE THINKING Here we will focus on memory skills, self esteem exercises & positive thinking exercises here as – depending on your particular background and...


What are the causes of memory problems?

A: Sometimes memory problems occur when you have a lot on your mind. This is normal, but there are other causes of memory problems that may be serious.TypesAging, lack of sleep and inadequate nutrition can cause memory problems. Drugs, depression, tension, head trauma, a brain tumor or infection, a blood clot inside the brain, inadequate vitamin B12, alcohol abuse, a thyroid problem, vascular dementia or Alzheimer''s disease may also be the cause of memory problems. I have read that memory loss is...


Some Signs of memory loss?

A: Hello Jason, Thank you for writing.  I am glad you are concerned about your parents.  At 59, we certainly do see some signs of "normal" aging and sometimes the beginning signs of Dementia.  However, it sounds like it is too early to tell which is which. Many adults at this age tend to get "set" in their ways, opinions and general outlook on life.  You may be bringing information that is new to them and they may be resistant to any new ideas.  That is normal aging. Also, since they are in, now, an "untraditional" type of work environment, they may not be interacting as much with their peers...which would also block any new, or advanced information. If your parents start to have...


Does zoloft and/or amphetamines cause permanent memory loss?

A: Hello, I also suffer from OCD, now Zoloft does cause memoroy loss I do not know if it is permanent, with regrds to amphetamines, I have never read anything about memory loss. Stop for one minute and think how many children worldwide suffer from what you did and grow up to be regular or "normal" persons. Know you being hypochondriac and also suffering from OCD let us say it is more than just a ·dramatic" state of mind to be on, to tone it down a bit . It is all in our minds... and you are educated and you know that are our minds are very, very strong and can deceipt us anytime they want..and also as I am sure you are...


I could not recall much of anything about my life. Could extreme depression cause eternal memory loss?

A: It could also be because of your diet. Why don’t you do some brain exercises like brain games etc and also eat diet which is good for your brain? Or might be if you had a traumatic brain damage throughout life time so far, it could contribute for memory loss. Yes, It can be medical problems. especially psychological problem. i advise you to take meditation. it may be help for your stress and depression problems and losing memory....

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