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Do you think smoking causes brain damage, or was that condition already there when they started smoking?

A: Both. And smokers will do anything to defend their nasty dirty habit. There is virtually no evidence that smoking causes brain damage until very very late in the game (i.e. right before death). The way the question is stated, however, is clearly meant to be offensive. It is *HIGHLY* likely that the asker has relatives that are smokers. Does he claim that they are all brain damaged? its the Cocaine in a cigerete There are too many other factors and it depends on what kind of brain damage. Other factors could be diet, exercise, alcohol consumption, genetics. If we stop for a second and look at the bigger picture, we...


Does ban deodarant really cause brain damage?

A: i don''t think it does!lol The story said that one of the ingredients had the potential to cause brain damage or altzheimers but its not proven. i dont think so No, it just helps you when you sweat. dont be scared . be kool .. Wow... that must explain my report card!!LOL just kidding A+ average! Maybe your friends think you''re stupid. how smart are your friends? no very! so that explains me i think the aerosol type would be what causes the brain damage. it would be just like sniffing spray paint....


Does cannabis cause brain damage ?

A: In excessive amounts, yes. But marijuana isn''t all that harmful to be honest, you''d have to smoke a very dangerous amount to cause brain damage. I heard in the newspapers that cannabis cause brain damage....


Can bleaching your hair cause brain damage?

A: There is no possibility that using bleach on your hair could cause brain damage, the only way that you might be at risk of this is if your were to ingest the solution. However hair bleach is a strong mix of chemicals and care should be taken if you are using it. You should always use rubber gloves when applying bleach, it contains hydrogen peroxide, which is very drying to skin. I do not recommend that hair bleach should be used by amateurs, unless they are very experienced, bleach can irritate the scalp and burn the hair if it is left on for too long. You are also at risk from ending up with dry, damaged, orange hair if it is used incorrectly, this is one job best left to the...


Can circumcision cause brain damage to infants?

A: no none of this is true. That is like most of the crazy statements that the ignorant people that are against circumcision make. Just stick round this category reading how many men have problems with their penis from being uncircumcised. No! Circumcision in no way causes brain damage. i don&''t remember crap from the 1st week after i was born, so i have no "trauma." that is not true at all...

Does holding a baby upside down, while playing, cause brain damage?

A: While most babies love active play and flying like an aeroplane why on earth would you want to hold a baby upside down? I am sorry but would never dream even in playing to hold any youngster upside down I think it is just common sense without taking a look into any dangers this could cause. Toddlers and babies like to be bounced on your knee or lifted into the air, although it is best to be gentle with young children to avoid any accidental injury. Hope this helps Hi, valvizi! It might. And, I do agree with the above answer. Is there a particular reason that you''re asking the question, please? Thanks! It really should not cause any brain damage if done for only a minute or less. This would...


Can too much niquil the medicine cause brain damage

A: Yes, improper use (abuse) of this medication may result in serious harm (including brain damage, seizure, death). Do not use for longer than necessary or in dosages larger than recommended unless given permission by a doctor. again soon!...

Does prolonged use of Prozac cause brain damage?

A: where in the world did you hear something like that? i was put on it about 4 months ago and my shrink thinks it is the best if prescribed right. he has never mentoned brain damage at all. he is a shrink from a father who was a shrink etc., so he is very familiar with these type of drugs. let me know if that claim is ever validated. good luck Dear Ceahk My advise to you is to buy and read the book "Beyond Prozac" by doctor Terry Lynch I am sure this book will help change your life for the better.People in America seem very messed up on drugs and every normal feeling,habit,emotion and personality trait has been medicalised and turned into a so called disorder.Drug companies are behind this. They have ODD(Obsessive diagnosing...


Can the whooping cough vaccine cause brain damage? If so is there a genetic susceptibility?

A: The Health Protection Agency have an overview on whooping cough (pertussis) [1].  This includes the following Q&A: “Does the pertussis vaccine cause brain damage? In 1974 a paper was published suggesting a link between the whooping cough vaccine and brain damage. Because of this concern, the number of children receiving the vaccine fell. As a consequence, the number of cases and deaths from the disease rose. Subsequent research shows that, if there is a long-term risk of brain damage from the vaccine, it is rare, whereas the disease itself is known to

If I have never drink any alcohol before and for the first time I drink too much alcohol, is it bad for health? Will it cause brain damage?

A: There is always that possibility if you drink way too much, it can even cause death. It doesn''t matter how long you have been drinking, you can still die from it. That being said, just take it easy. If you are at a party and you say to yourself, man my lips are a bit fuzzy, that means you are wasted and you should put down the drink. It''s very easy to drink a lot, especially if you are having fun. Just keep reminding yourself that you don''t what to be the kid that hammered and throwing up on everything. Every party has one, and you don''t want to be that person. It is already destroying your brain Stop Now!!! Too much alcohol will cause DRAIN damage. Will ruin your kidneys. The nephew of...
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