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cancerous brain tumor

A: Dear Beth,   Absolutely do NOT make any types of mobile.. The motion of these things for people with brain tumors can cause SEIZURES and that is the last thing this girl needs.....  Light, motion, bright colors for people with brain tumors can often cause seizures...  So I would not suggest anything like this..... As for what you can expect, it is this girls death.. Also, most cancerous brain tumors will not even allow the person to live 5 years...  The most common thing for brain tumors whether benign or cancerous...

Lung Cancer, brain tumor, Stress

A: YOU should have clicked to make this question private! I can not do that. Sorry! His brain tumor is probably due to that his lung cancer has spread to his brain. That is quite common with lung cancers. Well if this was my father I would tell all visitors not to talk too long with him or burden him with problems. I would point out - harshly if necessary - that he is VERY ill and needs his rest and should not be burdened with other people"s problems since he has enough of his own! I do hope you will succeed with this! Well by telling you what I would do if he was my father I did tell you what I think should be done which was what you asked for! Right? So I do think I did tell you what you asked for! Though maybe...


can a non-cancerous brain tumor located on the pituary gland be removed?

A: Although rare, most pituitary tumors are noncancerous, comprising only 7 percent of brain tumors. However, because of the location of the pituitary gland, at the base of the skull, a pituitary tumor grows upward. Eventually, most pituitary tumors will press against the optic nerves, causing vision problems. Researchers do not know at this time what causes pituitary tumors. Most pituitary tumors are not cancerous. About 1,300 pituitary tumors are diagnosed each year. However, because many of these tumors do not cause...


GBM-cancerous brain tumor

A: Dear singh Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and most aggressive type of primary brain tumor. Mostly it would be very difficult to treat it with any medication. Also considering the age of the patient. It is true that homoeopathy can reverse the case. but out of hundreds of remedies only one remedy would be able to do that and if the doctor could not select the correct remedy the case would progress further. you can talk to me so that i can understand the case better. contact details available in my website. regards...


possible cancer/brain tumor symptoms.

A: Try not to do too much online research. Brian tumors show up for every possible symptom. This person needs to get to the doctor-period. But I wouldnt be so hasty as to suggest a brain tumor. "any suggestions for a screening should be ruled out". Well firstly if this person has a brain tumour then unless they get to the doctor they will die. But again it could be many other things than what you originally suggested such as a brain tumour. Cancer in the brain very rarely spreads to other organs in the body, but it can be the other way round. Where cancer from another organ in the body spreads to the


brain tumor help!!?

A: I don''t know from experience fortunately but I know several people who''ve had brain tumors. One didn''t know until they suffered a severe seizure. It was a cancerous tumor and required major surgery. There was a 50% chance he''d be paralyzed for life and a very high chance of not totally eliminating the cancer. Today he is alive and well. Another is an older gentleman who has a non-malignant tumor. He needs yearly MRIs and gets headaches occasionally, but he''s mostly well. Death from a brain tumor could take many forms depending on what actually killed you... When you die, it depends on if you knew Christ and had a...


brain tumor? cancer? help please?

A: You need a doctor not us...? Well Im only thirteen but there are a lot of possibilities to where his syptoms could be from. You say he had a brain tumor before? IM so sorry. It culd be an aneurysm, or meningitis, or maybe yea he could be relapsing. Im sorry ad yes ill pray for him. anything i, or anyone else, says would be pure speculation and guessing. does he say he''s ok? does he go to his doctor for checkups? oh hon, i just can''t answer, and would be wrong to try. my heart goes out to you and your dad. i can offer you support and maybe find a resource for you to talk to. email me if you want. god bless you and yours! my mother had a brain tumor. she had radiation to help but it wasnt....


What Factors Affect brain tumor Survival?

A: brain tumor survival refers to the amount of time a person is able to survive after receiving treatment for a brain tumor. The rate of survival depends on many different factors. Some of these factors may include age, tumor type, and the location of the tumor.. One of the factors that affects brain tumor survival is age. In general, younger patients have better chances of survival. Those who are older may not respond as well to treatment or may not have the health reserves to weather the disease; as a result, sometimes they do not survive as long as younger, healthier individuals. Although...

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