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cancer treatment centers versus traditional outpatient care?

A: Also, you may want to look into Social Security/Disability. I am only twenty-four, but because of my type of cancer, I was unable to work, so I was given access to it right away. It feels kind of morbid on the outset, but was an invaluable resource....


cancer treatment centers of America?

A: The CTCA is not on the designated cancer center list and is not considered a comprehensive cancer center contained by the US. You can find a list of respectively states designated cancer centers online. These cancer centers network beside each other to provide current information on adjectives types of cancer treatment and research. Many are the top facilities within the world. cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/NCI/cancer-centers'' title=''http://www.cancer.gov/


Does the cancer treatment Center of America have a cure for pancreatic cancer?

A: Ask the one-man owner of this privately-owned for-profit hospital - he lives in Barrington, IL jimsbaby said: 1 Peggy did not have the regular kind of Pancreatic cancer that so many people are diagnosed with. The lethal Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas is uncurable, what Peggy had was the endocrine type of Pancreatic cancer. Go to www.carepages.com and you can read and interact with Pancreatic cancer patients who are currently receiving treatment at cancer treatment centers...


I have recently been diagnosied with multiple myeloma. I have beaten ovarian cancer with a combination of traditional and alternative therapies. (1999) I am sure there are therapies for multiple myeloma also. I am interested in talking with folks. I am starting an alkaline diet, doing acupuncture, taking Immuno Power which was recommended by a nutritionist at the cancer treatment Center of America, etc. Anyone have anything else?

A: Hi there, since you mentioned alternatives, you might be interested in LDN. I've been taking it for 5 years now for my MS but it could very well help you as this type of treatment was originally intended to help people with some cancers. I don't remember which ones at this point but if you go to the ldninfo.org site, they are listed. Keep in mind that the ones that are listed are only listed because these are the only ones that Dr. Bihari has experience with, with the LDN therapy. I'd say that any auto immune type disorder should be helped. I know, it's huge but then as I always say, there are many things out there that should be researched. Will they be clinically tested? Probably not cuz that costs money and if there is no...

Are you worried about Peggy''s cancer coming back and grateful that the doctors at the cancer treatment Center of America

A: Peggy Longmire: Fluffy the Miracle Cat survives two lung cancer surgeries No. Not really. Then again, as this discussion below implies - her case was rather atypical. Shasha said: 1 Alternative medicine has great cancer treatments...I know this place does some Conventional treatments which destroy the body more...Radiation/chemo can wreck the intestines and poison the body. They can wreck the gut lining so you absorb even less vitamins. Sign in to report abuse or send a compliment ...


My mammogram two weeks ago showed a new cluster of microcalcifications. I was immediately called back for magnification. The radiologist told me films like mine look like cancer and then sent me on my way. Two weeks later I saw a surgeon/oncologist who told me that he thought that he would most likely find benign tissue, if not the next thing he expected to find was DCIS. He said the risk of chemo was only about 2% so I should not worry about that. He told me he would perform a wire biopsy and showed me with his thumb and finger that he would remove tissue slightly bigger than a golf ball. I asked why this was so big because the area looked very small on the mammogram. (I carried a disk of my films with me but this doctor does not use disks, only original films. In radiology I had been shown four microcalcs in the shape of a one eyed smiley face with the eye being slightly larger than the rest, all of them looked round to me. The report said small cluster of microcalcification varying in size and density, birad 4 and a note that tissue should not be excluded from biopsy because it looks normal and a small percentage of cancers are only visible on mammogram.) The surgeon told me that I would not want to have any of this left. I would not want anything left that could spread or grow. I am confused because he said that he thought there was a 25-30% chance it was DCIS. This sounds like a lumpectomy to me, not a biopsy. Is this correct procedure? This surgeon is affiliated with the cancer treatment center in Idaho and its highly regarded Breast Center, but appears to do digestive cancer surgery as well. I need a wire biopsy because it is high on the chest wall and next to muscle. He also told me that if this is DCIS I will have to have 6 weeks of radiation and possibly tamoxifen, but he would not consider me a cancer patient(?). Will I have to have radiation right away with DCIS or could it wait a couple of months? I would have to drive over an hour on icy winter roads to reach the closest treatment center. I called his nurse and told her I needed to know the size of this area of tissue because I was having a hard time justifying this in my mind. She said that they don''t usually measure microcalcs, the doctor had not looked at my films because I brought a disk. She said they would have a measurement after the wire was inserted and I would have a chance to ask the Dr. questions before I was taken to surgery. The center I am going to has the best reputation in the area, but I am concerned that right before surgery is not a good time for me to think of questions or disagree with his recommendations.

A: sounds like he is suspicous that the findings would be DCIS and yes, it does sound like he is trying to do a lumpectomy, without knowing if it is or isn''t noninvasive breast cancer. that said, yes you would need radiation afterwards if it is cancer, dcis or otherwise. radiation can wait a few weeks-- in some cases 8 weeks. take this one step at a time though. consider checking to see if a breast surgical oncologist is in your area. that''s what you need....

My wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. We have an appointment with cancer treatment Center of America in Zion, Illinois. They claim they treat ''the whole body'' with traditional, non-traditional, state of the art, nutrapathic, diet, etc. How can we be sure we are going to a place for the best treatment possible? Are these places rated for success results? We live in VA.Beach and may get a third opinion at your facility if we see flaws in our second opinion this week. We live in VA. Beach, VA.

A: See if they are accredited with the NCI as being a comprehensive cancer center. That''s the best place to start. You want to be in the hands of specialists who are credentialled to take care of breast cancer patients--- like a surgical oncologist who specializes in breast cancer. (vs a general surgeon who does hernias, gallbladders and a few breast cancers.) hope that makes sense. remember, when you are dealing with your life, it is worth traveling to experts to ensure you are in good hands....

Sloan Kettering versus cancer treatment centers of America

A: I cant tell you the best out of the two. Ive heard great things about both cancer centers. I would definately get a second and even maybe a third opinion. See what each place has to say. Im sorry you and your wife are faced with this. I went through this with my mother. By the time she was diagnosed she was extensive small cell. It had spread to alot of places. I will be sending prayers your way. Think positive, there are people who have gone into complete remission.I pray your wife will be one of them.It does happen. Keep your faith. Thank you for your concern and prayers. I will pray for your mother also. Hi Flash- Other than their TV commercials, I do not know much about The cancer


cancer treatment centers Of America

A: The only thing I have been told is that they do not handle Melanoma (because of the very nature of the beast) but they do great things for other cureable treatable cancers. (or so I have been told) But I do not live in USA. only thing I know is that they use chemotherapy which to me is a negative. But they do emphasize diet and spirituality which is great! I bet it is very expensive. If I ever get cancer I''m going to reno, nevada to one of their alternative hospitals. I know a lady who''s been stage 4 BC for 7 years who goes to one. Yes I have heard they are great for all other cancers except for melanoma, as beside surgical intervention and adjuvant types of therapy there is not much they...

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