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Need serious medical advise! Is there some kind of anti cancer medication that can help our friend.?

A: i''m sorry to hear that but sadly.. there isn''t any.. i''m guessing she is at her late 2nd or early 3rd stage? right now the only thing you can do is be with her, try make her less sick maybe by letting her do things she like that aren''t tiring.. or help her.. spend time with her.. lift her emotions up.. it said to be that psycological health to promote recovery.. maybe give her food that have more anti-oxidant in it.. it might help.. hmm.. God bless.. I have large and small cell lung cancer. Inoperable. The oncologist told me they have approved a new drug (actually for kidney cancer) that has an arrest rate of lung cancers by 40-50%. He uses it as the "last stand" against ALL aggressive


General cancer / Bone cancer

A: if radiation treatments are given to one spot (say the shoulder) then pain relief will be in that one area only. If hormonal treatments are given (say, castration or Lupron injections) then the remission will be in all places where there is cancer. chemotherapy is still in very early stages for prostate cancer. People usually get a drug called Taxotere or another drug called Novantrone. These drugs are not likely to cause any remissions. They can slow the cancer somewhat for a short period of time. The doctors can not do anything more, even if they see him more than once a month. If pain is his main symptom, then treatments like Quatramet (liquid radiation) will help, since the...


What are Some Kidney cancer Treatments?

A: There are several ways of treating kidney cancer, and the chosen method depends on the stage of the cancer as well as the overall health of the patient. The patient''s preferences are considered as well. The most frequently used method of all the kidney cancer treatments is surgery. This treatment is localized, treating the tumor or tumors in the affected kidney. The surgery used to remove the kidney or tumor is referred to as a nephrectomy. A radical nephrectomy removes the whole kidney and the adrenal gland as well as some of the surrounding tissue; lymph nodes may be removed as well. A simple nephrectomy is used to remove the kidney only, a surgery that is most often used in patients whose


What Is Advanced Liver cancer?

A: Advanced liver cancer occurs when cancer cells spread into both lobes of the liver or into other areas of the body. Unfortunately, doctors often have trouble diagnosing this disease until it is in the advanced stages. Some of the most common symptoms of advanced liver cancer include loss of appetite and unintentional weight loss. Fever may or may not be present along with other symptoms. Frequently, the liver may be enlarged and even feel a little lumpy.. Initial symptoms of advanced liver cancer are often so similar to other less serious conditions that the diagnosis is not made until other illnesses have been ruled out, giving the cancer more time to spread to...


chemotherapy causes a chemical taste in mouth - any suggestions to help lessen this?

A: Some great ideas here. My son was prescribed Chlorhexidine oral rinse to take care of any mouth sores . .which he never experienced in the 22 months he''s been on chemo (he''s very, very lucky). When he was on high dose chemo (Etoposide and Ifosomide) he had issues with odors setting off nausea. His nurse practitioner recommended Essense of Peppermint to smell whenever he felt ill. It worked pretty well for him. As for the taste buds . . switching between hard candies seemed to help him too. He was never all that hungry during chemo treatments anyway, and just preferred to sleep alot. We basically determined that anything he wanted to eat . . was a good thing . . he got anything he craved. As with some of the other respondents here, I found that sucking on hard candy helped. My...


chemotherapy patients - when you lose your hair - what do you wear?

A: I had different periods that I wore different items. First I wore a bandanna around the house, but it kind of made me feel worse, so I bought a lot of baseball hats in different colors and I liked that better. I also bought a wig. I know it is hard, but you are definitely not alone. it takes about 3-6 weeks to lose once hair a wig would be most natural but you can wear anything that fits you; if hair loss is really important talk to your cancer specialist; since there are chemotherapeutic agents that makes you to keep your hair good luck As a guy, I didn''t mind the bald look. saved on shampoo and conditioner, and once a week with a buff of turtle wax made it sparkle. (Not reccomended if you have silk sheets!! head slides right off pillow..lol) One time I did stop...


Can bone cancer cause diarrhea?

A: It is not the bone cancer itself that causes diarrhea as much as the chemotherapy treatment associated with bone cancer. chemotherapy causes the tumor cells to die but it also causes rapidly dividing normal cells, such as those found lining the stomach and colon, to die. The large scale death of these cells leads to diarrhea.. ...


What Are the Different Pancreatic cancer Stages?

A: Several different staging systems are used for pancreatic cancer. Because pancreatic cancer stages can vary depending on the system a pathologist is using, it''s important to talk about the implications of pathology findings with a doctor. The treatment plan is dependent on the stage of the cancer, and patients need to know what each of the pancreatic cancer stages actually means. cancer staging is a technique which is used to sort cancers to describe them in a uniform way. The staging is done by taking biopsy samples and medical imaging studies of the patient to determine what type of tumor is involved, how large the tumor is, and whether or...

Do you think there is a cure for cancer this very moment?

A: Yes ... There is a cure. It''s called your immune system. I feel like a broken record, because I have left posts on other message boards. Look at the fist chapter of the bible. As I say, even if you don''t believe in the bible, just look at the first chapter. How did Adam and Eve live? Did they live a stressful lifestyle? Did they eat at Burger King or did they eat fresh whole foods? Did Adam and Eve drink Diet Mountain Dew? Were they angry all the time? Were they 200 lbs over weight? All you have to do is reverse the factors that caused the cancer in the first place and your body will cure yourself of cancer. chemotherapy and Radiation CANNOT CURE cancer. It can get rid of it for a while...


Affordable treatment for cancer?

A: you get what you pay for. and there are no ''herbal cures'' for cancer anymore than there are herbs you can put in the gas-tank of you car to fix a flat tire. anyway, it''s only money, and if the cancer treatments prescribed by your doctor seem expensive, talk to the doctor about it. it''s far better to be poor & breathing than to save a few dollars and be dead. learning Healing gong can contain the cancer if it is not on terminal stage.Go to qigong .com for one nearest your site,Good luck Infact they seem to be.. but as soon as the patient starts using herbs for the treatment.. they become quite expensive and the basic reason is its less availability.. The patient should go for Caemotherapy... i would say.....

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