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chemotherapy! Does it ever get back to normal?

A: No not really, that shouldn''t be a side effect though, with memory loss. hi, i lost my dad to cancer, and firstly id like to say full credit to her for even having a conversation with anyone whilst having treatment, whenever my dad had chemo he couldnt speak to anyone as he was too out of it, but i suppose that there are different forms of chemo. mention it to the doctor about the memory loss, i know that my dad suffered slight hallucinations whilst having the chemo. i wish her all the best, cancer is a nasty vicious disease, my dad finally gave up the fight new years eve, tell her to be strong and fight it all the way, you are in my prayers.xxxx Google "chemo brain". It is real and forgetfulness and sort of zoning out are part...


Coping with a diagnosis of lung cancer

A: Having cancer can feel like a very lonely and scary experience to begin with. Most people feel shocked when they are told they have cancer and it is not unusual to feel confused, upset, frightened and worried. In this situation it is hard to imagine what the future may hold. People often feel concerned that they will not be able to cope with whatever may lie ahead of them. Feeling threatened and scared by the uncertainty that comes with having cancer is normal. It doesn''t mean that you are not coping with your illness. There is no right or wrong way to feel. These feelings are part of the process that many people go through trying to come to terms with their illness. Sometimes people experience a whole range of...

I would like to donate my hair to a cancer society. Which one do you suggest and why?

A: Donate your hair to Wigs for Kids. They are the only organization that makes wigs for kids with cancer who have lost hair from chemotherapy. Wigs for Kids - Not-for-profit organization providing hair replacement solutions for children affected by chemotherapy, alopecia, burns and other medical conditions. http://www.wigsforkids.org/ If you are interested in donating hair for women who may need a wig, than consider Pantene Beautiful Lengths: http://www.pantene.com/en_US/beautifullengths/index.jsp Avoid donations to Locks of Love as they are somewhat deceptive. People recommending them are sadly misinformed. They do not make wigs for children with cancer who have lost hair from short term



A: Dude, if you''re that obsessed with your hair, buy a wig ( I''m not trying to be mean, but its just some hair... ) p.s.if you really want hair and you don''t have any money buy a wig off of ebay with all due respect, seanman96 Well that all depends on if the cancer goes away. If the cancer doesn''t go then they will keep treating you but don''t worry, it will probably take about 6 to 10 weeks. The hospital will know where you can get a wig. Probably at no cost. Don''t know which drug they are going to use, so don''t have any idea about it''s effects. Talk to the doctor about how long it will take. Also, talk to him about School and "Chemo brain". Let your teachers know what...


what if I opt for no treatment of colon cancer?

A: Dear Cathy Stevens,   I will never be patronizing...  I believe if the truth regarding cancer and treatments....  I leave the patronizing and false hope etc to the idiot doctors who never tell the truth anyway because they want everyone to have treatments so more money can be spent.... However, I will tell you that if your colon cancer is stage-0 or stage-1 or even stage-3, I would suggest that you definately try chemotherapy or immunotherapy treatments.....  The first step is surgery and you didn"t state here is you have already had the surgery, what type of cancer they found (adenocarcinoma, melanoma, squamous, etc) because the TYPE of

What Are the Different Types of Pancreatic cancer Treatment?

A: There are various kinds of pancreatic cancer treatment that patients may undergo after a cancer diagnosis. The type of treatment used may depend on how far progressed the cancer is and whether or not it is confined only to the pancreas. Pancreatic cancer is one of the hardest types of cancer to treat, but if caught early and treated aggressively, many patients will survive. The first type of pancreatic cancer treatment is surgery. This is the cutting away of a tumor from the pancreas to either remove the cancer entirely, prevent it from spreading, or to make the patient more comfortable. In some cases where the


progressive disease of colon cancer/met kidney, liver

A: Well if it is in one of his adrenal glands it is to some extent around the top of that kidney. No it probably could not have been prevented. This is what may happen. He probably needs antibiotics now though. More chemotherapy may be needed too. Try to support him as much as you reasonably can. That is the only advice I can give....

chemotherapy and hair loss?

A: Good question. There is a chance that all body hair will be lost. Depends on how much chemo, and what types. My daughter had 7 different types of chemo given to her. Some made her lose a little hair, some made her lose a pile. I have heard of some people losing hair on their legs, etc. but it''s not common. Usually just the hair on your head. I''ve never seen anyone lose eyebrows, etc. If you are worried about the beard, maybe keep it really short, so that when it does go, it''s easier to shave off right away. You may not even lose any of it. Good luck with your treatment. s Yes, you are going to lose all your hair. chemotherapy kills all bacteria. It also makes your immune system not as good. So be careful about getting sick. i had


chemotherapy, my skin is so dry!!?

A: Obviously check with your doctor first, because I wouldn''t want to recommend anything that may have horrible side effects, but I am a huge fan of pure aloe vera gel. I don''t usually believe in herbal/organic/natural remedies, but whenever I have any sort of dry skin problem, this has always been the best thing for me, even for chapped lips! I wish you a speedy recovery. Note-- I very, very recently just read an article about how drinking water does not aid your skin quality. drink water it helps your skin Go on the National cancer Institutes website. They have allot of info. It sounds like you are on platinum salt-type chemo, my girlfriend was allowed to use a moisterizing body wask with aloe and emollients in it. That was OK with HER oncologist, but check with...


Are there any other effective treatments for chronic myelogenous leukemia without using chemotherapy?

A: If I had it I most defiantly would be eating Apricot seeds at least 3 a day!!! Its the B17 have You heard of it? life u need life life life life chemo its poison but it will save u read www.cancertutor.com and live Apricot seeds may contain B17 and laetril but they have not been proven effective in the treatment of any cancers. chemotherapy is your best bet. chemotherapy is not that much useful because it destroy the healthy cells also as it is used to destroy infected cells only but it can''t happen. If you are in India or nearby Delhi you can consult the Dr. Sharma on 9873295307. I have CML. I take gleevec. It is in a pill form. It is very expensive (I don''t know what kind of insurance...

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