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What Are chemotherapy Agents?

A: chemotherapy is a type of cancer therapy that makes use of special cancer drugs, also known as chemotherapy agents, to treat various types of cancer. chemotherapy agents can also be used to ease a patientís symptoms and reduce the likelihood that a cancer will spread to other parts of the body in some cases. Physicians may choose from one or more of several types of chemotherapy agents including alkylating agents, anti-tumor antibiotics or mitotic inhibitors. Physicians may prescribe courses of chemotherapy treatments or agents to cure or control a patientís


How Effective Is chemotherapy For Colon cancer?

A: The effectiveness of chemotherapy for colon cancer is dependent on a number of factors including the stage of the cancer, the type of chemotherapy, whether additional therapies are used, and the patient''s general level of health. Generally, chemotherapy extends survival for patients with colon cancer and in some cases can be curative in nature. Because approaches to cancer treatment are constantly changing, it is very important to discuss all options with an oncologist before committing to a specific form of colon cancer treatment. Colon cancer in stages zero and...


What Are the Pros and Cons of chemotherapy for Lung cancer?

A: There are several pros and cons to consider when choosing chemotherapy as a treatment for lung cancer. chemotherapy may help ensure all cancer is destroyed when used in conjunction with other treatments such as surgery and radiation, or it may help to shrink a tumor in preparation for other treatments. It also may improve the quality of life for patients whose cancer is incurable, even if it is not a cure. chemotherapy for lung cancer can have some severe side effects, such as nausea, vomiting and fatigue, however. It may also make patients more susceptible to other infections by lowering their immune function. One...


Whoever thinks there is a cure for cancer....?

A: The Answer : MONEY The cancer industry is a $200 Billion a year industry. That''s right not $200 million but $200 BILLION !!! Now if you had a large interest in such a huge market wouldn''t you try to protect your industry and market share? Of course you would. And that''s exactly what has happened and is happening today. Unfortunately we find ourselves living in a time where lies and deceit have been and are being used by government national bodies and foundations which were designed to research cures and treatments for cancer, not to focus on protecting their significant financial interest. Did you know the wealthiest non profit institution on this planet is the American cancer Society ? Did you know the worlds...


What Is the Difference Between chemotherapy and Radiation?

A: The main difference between chemotherapy and radiation is that chemo uses one or more medications in the treatment of cancer and radiation uses radio waves for the same purpose. chemotherapy combines chemicals which kill cancer cells that are delivered intravenously to the patient. Radiation involves the use of radio waves, which also kill cancer. They both may be beneficial at treating different types of cancers, as some respond better to one treatment than the other. Both chemotherapy and radiation kill cancer cells, often by destroying their deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). It is also true...


How do doctors decide whether to use chemotherapy or radiotherapy?

A: The choice of treatment for cancer depends mostly on the type of primary cancer. A great deal of research has helped to pinpoint which types of cancer respond to which treatments. They do vary widely in how they respond. For some cancers chemotherapy works better and for others radiotherapy does. For some cancers, your specialist will recommend you have both. As well as the type of cancer you have, the choice of treatment may partly depend on whether the cancer is in just in one area of the body (localised) or whether it has spread. Radiotherapy is a local treatment, like surgery. This means...

How Effective Is chemotherapy for Mesothelioma?

A: Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of cancer with a poor prognosis. chemotherapy for mesothelioma treatment is used to shrink tumors before surgery, to kill cancer cells in the hope of avoiding surgery, and after surgery to kill stray cancer cells and prevent a recurrence of cancer. chemotherapy can also be combined with radiation for mesothelioma treatment. chemotherapy is an effective treatment for mesothelioma, however, mesothelioma is an aggressive, difficult to treat cancer, and so, the treatment is not always successful. Mesothelioma develops in the lining of different tissues in the...


What Is 5FU chemotherapy?

A: 5-fluorouracil or 5fu chemotherapy, an older chemotherapy drug, has been used to treat various types of cancer such as colon, esophageal, breast, pancreas, ovarian, and skin. Medical oncologists typically administer 5fu chemotherapy to patients intravenously, either over the course of five days, once a week, or once every four weeks. This type of chemotherapy is also given in cream form if a patient has skin cancer. The amount of 5fu chemotherapy a person gets depends on various factors. For instance, oneís weight, height, and the severity of the cancer will tend to determine how much of this...


Medication for lung cancer?

A: chemotherapy,pain relief in the form of ampules of Diamorphine snapped open and liquid drunk ...syringe-driver giving regular doses of Diamorphine...surgery.... Agree with HI on this one, my mum passed away in Jan this year from lung cancer and was to sick for either Chemo/Radio therapy. The only medication she had was dis-solvable paracetamol for the pain and morphine on the morning she died! Ok the real answer is this. chemotherapy is the most common treatment for lung cancer. It also depends on many factors: 1) Is the cancer operable? 2) Has the cancer spread? 3) What type of lung cancer? Small cell or Non-Small...


chemotherapy question??

A: it is liquid a shot tube chemotherapy is taken thru an iv, depends on what kind of cancer or the type of health you have. It is good to ask questions, That is how we discover new things and obtain answers to those things we do not know. It is a pill or liquid that runs through an iv site. It tends to have different reactions to different people. For some they get really ill and other tolerate it fine. With this some have radiation which is as it stated radiation just in different areas of the body. Together they make some ill and for some they tolerate it fine. It is a rough section of life for everyone that has to deal with it and help those that are. Usually it is by IV, but it can be a shot or a pill. The normal...

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