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MUGA Heart Scan to Determine the Effects of Breast cancer chemotherapy

A: MUGA Heart Scan MUGA heart scan for breast cancer chemotherapy is an important test for many breast cancer patients. The test is conducted to determine the ability of the heart to pump blood. The operating doctor may perform a multigated acquisition test (MUGA) prior to the chemotherapy treatment as well as after the treatment during follow-ups....


Breast cancer chemotherapy Drugs

A: According to American cancer Society Stats, in 2007 approximately 40, 480 deaths were attributed to breast cancer. (Avery). Though it primarily affects women, men can also get breast cancer. Breast cancer chemotherapy drugs are given in cycles of drug administration and body recovery, usually over the course of 3 to 6 months. (AMS) There are also many individual drugs and combinations of drugs that may be used....


Is aplastic anemia a common occurrence with cancer chemotherapy treatments?

A: Acquired aplastic anemia means a person develops the condition during his or her lifetime. Acquired aplastic anemia is the most common type, and it is sometimes a temporary condition. It can be triggered by exposure to toxins, chemotherapy drugs, ionizing radiation, or viral infections. The specific cause of acquired aplastic anemia is often not known. Hope this info is useful please have a look at the source. source(s): http://wiki.medpedia.com/Aplastic_Anemia...


How is the use of tropical plants in cancer chemotherapy?

A: the plants have been tested so they could help cancer cemotherapy...


I need help to lose 25lbs gained from breast cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

A: Hi Sassy, CONGRATULATIONS ON BEATING BREAST cancer! People like you are an inspiration to all of us here. After the hell you''ve been through, you deserve to have those 25 lbs gone! So let''s get to it. I''ll start off by saying, I have no real grasp of what chemotherapy does to your body, so everything should be double checked with a physician. I would imagine that your primary care physician could answer some basic questions for you regarding a weight loss regimen as well as your oncologist. I''m sure you are not the first person to try to lose weight post-chemotherapy. It certainly wouldn''t hurt to ask a professional for any tips for weight loss. Beyond that, let''s focus on the key to all weight loss:...

Small Cell Lung cancer chemotherapy Treatments

A: Small Cell Lung cancer Small cell lung cancer constitutes about 10 to 15 percent of lung cancer diagnoses. Its name reflects the type of cancer cells that are involved. These cells are very small and mostly filled with the nucleus. Due to its appearance, it is also sometimes called ‘oat cell’ cancer. The main therapy for this kind of cancer is chemotherapy, because of two reasons: This type of cancer responds very well to chemotherapy. By the time it is diagnosed, it has usually already spread beyond the lungs. Several drugs can be used in


The Development of Asthma After Breast cancer chemotherapy

A: Asthma is a disorder characterized by the inflammation of the airways. Common symptoms include wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. Many environmental triggers such as exercise, animals and dust have all been well-established as initiators of asthmatic symptoms. However, recently certain cancer patients have been shown to be developing asthma after chemotherapy for breast cancer. While pulmonary toxicity is one of the most frequent non-hematologic toxicity associated with chemotherapy, with a reported incidence of 39%, a role of chemotherapy in the development of asthma has yet to be fully established....


Stage IIA Colon cancer & chemotherapy

A: According to the stage of colon cancer (IIA), it is not recommended that you use adjuvant chemotherapy but conventional protocol dictates that you return to your doctor only for regular check ups: standard blood analyses (blood count, sedimentation, hemoglobin, liver status and renal status) and blood level of the so called ''carcino-embryonal antigen'' (CEA) must be performed once a month. Further, an abdominal ultrasound and colonoscopy should be done once a year. You can consult an oncologist for an expert opinion....

Puppy Eyes Looks Like Cold In Them. What Can I Use. I Wash The Eyes Every Hour. Please Help. No Money Lost Job Over 2 Years Ago. Taking TREATMENTS FOR BREAST cancer. chemotherapy & 4 KINDS OF RADIATION. THEY PUT A PORT IN ME.MY DR''S?

A: I am so sorry you are having to go through all of that.  I can understand the money situation to.  Washing the eyes and then washing your hands is a very good start.  I don''t know how many days your dog has had it so it is hard to answer.  If it just started you can keep on with what you are doing and see if it better on it own because a large percentage of eye infections are viral and medications will not help.    If it does not get better after 3 or so days or it get worse you will have to go to the vet because it is probably bacterial and will not get better on its own and it could cause blindness.  Do not use any of your meds because so many are toxic for dogs or even certain breeds.  I hoped this helped...
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