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can you live without one lung? or do you have to have both?

A: My uncle had TB and lost one lung and 3/4 of the other one and he lived quite awhile like that. Many people have a lung removed or part of one removed. It''s not an easy thing to endure; it will surely effect your stamina afterwards. One lung is all you have to have, but I would rather keep both of mine if you dont mind... you can live with just one lung. Many people do. yes you can live with only 1 lung. My father is actually surviving on 18% of his lungs (overall) ~ So you can


How long can you live after your kidneys have failed

A: Hello Lolastar and welcome to HealingWell. I am sorry that your father is in such poor shape. If his kidneys have failed .....without dialysis I don''t think he has a whole lot longer........I believe my husband died within in a couple of days once his kidneys failed. Since he was at home under hospice care I can only judge that his kidneys failed once he was unable to urinate. I am also sorry that he didn''t get better treatment from the medical system. What a lot of us have found out is that the patient and his family/caregiver has to play a big part in it. If the patient can''t speak up for them selves then it is up to the family to demand proper health care..........but if


how long can you live on high blood pressure without taking medication before complications arrise

A: Hi Toni, The Joint National Committee defines four blood pressure categories. Very High Range - Stage 2 Hypertension Systolic (top) blood pressure 160 mm Hg or high Diastolic (bottom) blood pressure 100 mm Hg or higher If in this range you have hypertension (high blood pressure). High Range - Stage 1 Hypertension Systolic (top) blood pressure 140 - 159 mm Hg Diastolic (bottom) blood pressure 90 - 99 mm Hg If in this range you have hypertension (high blood pressure). Caution Range - Prehypertension Systolic (top) blood pressure 120 - 139 mm Hg Diastolic (bottom) blood pressure 80 - 89 mm Hg Take action! Normal Range - Normal Systolic (top) blood pressure below 120 mm Hg Diastolic (bottom) blood pressure below 80 mm Hg Perfect!...


Where can i ask for a medical opinion as to weather i should go to the emergency room now, or wait until morn?

A: Go to the ER right now. Sure hope you went to the Dr and all is ok. If you didn''t go to the Dr. GO GO GO! The word is triage! Should you decide to take care of yourself first,no one else will. Then in the emergency room you are qucily evaluated and seen according to the seriousness of your condition. you cannot waste anyone''s time in the emergency room. you can suffer needlessly alright. your health is your responsibility. Unless you take action,


I am a diabetic and have not seen my dr in over 4 years, how can i get insulin without a prescription?

A: im a recovering alcoholic, and had a relapse and want the person who can prescribe me antibuse... with out a prescription... your case seems worse than mine.......... let me know how you made out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only way you can get insulin, is going to your doctor. So, my advice is for you to get check immediately, because its unpredictable and no telling what can happen next. you can be feeling fine now, but who knows tomorrow. Please follow our advice. Most pharmacies will give you one vial to hold


How long can a person live if thier kidneys have shut down and they will not have dialysys?

A: well it really depends on many factors like the metabolism rate of the body sort of food the patient eats the temperature of the body and the temperature of the surrounding also if there are any sort of other liver disease or any sort of infections but in general patient doesnt survive for a long period and even befor dieing they get into a coma due to the accumolation of toxic materials in the brain and liver in general you can say from 3 days to a week Not very long at all. NOT LONG THE KIDNEYS FILTER THE BLOOD OF TOXINS. YOOU WOULD BE POISONING you BLOOD. i''m sorry, but not very long. wow not long. I hope you or whoever gets better. Im...


When a person donates bone marrow or a kidney who pays the medical costs for the donor?

A: Interesting question. My assumption is the donor pays nothing, but it will be interesting to see the answers. The answer is found on this donation site. Donors may have to pay for travel costs, but the rest should be covered by insurance. The insurance of the person receiving the donation. you pay nothing. But they will not cover your after-care so you should be working with your doctor the entire time so that when the surgery is over you will have good after-care. Edit to add: you do pay travel and possibly lodging costs. Another out-of-pocket cost is the loss of income while donor is recovering. The way I''ve heard...


Do you know anything about kidney stones?

A: If they are too big too be passed thru the urinary tract, they can now be "blasted" apart (with sound waves, I think)...no surgery needed. Kidney stones may form to our kidney because of excess in salts, vitamin c or ascorbic acid. If these substance will prolonged to our kidney it will turn to liquid then solid (little stones). They are serious, because it could affect our metabolism, appetite and our health. Kidney stones need to performed an surgery if the stones in our kidney can not be removed through laser. Surgery is major one to remove kidney stones in our body, but because of technology there are alternatives like laser and medicines that can make these stones to more liquid. For all people who...


Reality show with a kidney for a prize? Is this good or bad?

A: I think we have reached the depth of depravity.... Bad ,there is only one way and that is to be properly diagnosed and while each case is deserving , SOMEONE MIGHT HAVE A REAL HEARTWRENCHING STORY TO TELL . IT IS NOT THE WAY TO GO what will they think of next. its sick really sick what are these producers of these kind of shows thinking of// the end results in say a year or so will be horrific The whole reality show thing is a bit much for me, i don''t agree with it... but i can''t say i''m dead set against being able to choose who i''d give my organs to... i''m not saying, give them to the most clever, or the prettiest or whatever... but i''d look at it logically... i''d be more inclined to give my organs to a woman than a man... a woman


I cannot live without sugar & caffeine, what am I going to do?

A: All the above answers are great. This is a little different, though-- you are dealing with an addiction and withdrawal problem. And it''s probably not limited to just the two items you mentioned. All national food brands put additives in their food designed to increase appetite, and make us crave their processed foods. On the label, they are called ''spices'', or ''broth''. And to add insult to injury, in the processing they destroy the enzymes and other nutrients necessary for our well-being. This isn''t a matter of just giving up a couple of unhealthy items--your health can only be kept by a MAJOR CHANGE in lifestyle and diet. you MUST...

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