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Can niacin clean marijuana out of your system? answers (34)

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What can you use to clean marijuana out of your system?

A: You can drink lots of fluids like water and cranberry juice and take niacin tablets/drink fluids with niacin to flush out your system....

how can I get marijuana out of my system?

A: A: I know that you can buy some things to flush the system but I wouldn`t know any exact names. If it says it does then it probably does. I am sure you know that it stays in the system for 6 weeks.. ...


What can I use to get marijuana out of my system?

A: If they test your hair, you''re screwed for three years. Drink lots of water... and if they are doing a hair sample.. it will show up for awhile. It''s in your clothes, home, car everywhere.. almost three months inside your whole body. Eat well and clean as much as possible. do a 3 day body cleansing detoxicating plan. drink lots of water and cranberry juice... time, sorry... about four months 1. Drink 2-3 gallons of water each day. 2. Drink several glasses of vinegar. 3. Drink Gatorade 4. Drink Cranberry Juice. 5. Various Detox drinks/pills 6....


What`s a way to get THC out of your system?

A: A: I have random ua`s and I need a way that WORKS to get THC out of my system. im 5`4" and weigh 120 lbs. and im on probation and I NEED to pass!! so how can I?. A: make sure you dont smoke for at least 48+ hours drink lots of water but not excessively even tho weed takes about a month to rid you can speed the process you should be fine keep it up for a week or 2 ull be sucessful. A: All right here is the skinny on niacin. First off... you have to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before your test. Particularily if your fat. And if


What vitamins or exotic supplements can verbs against the law drugs out of your system immediately?

A: zilch can clean drugs out of your system some can cover up, but some drug test also test for those, so... you''re screwed. sorry. acquire a fake peenie and some verbs person''s urine. don*t do freaking illegal drugs & you won*t enjoy to worry give or take a few it ....There are no drugs or vitamins that can clean unlawful drugs such as marijuana or cocaine from your system. your body stores the chemicals in the chubby and it would take over 15 weeks to cleanse your...


Is in attendance any successful road to cleanse marijuana out of you system?

A: Do not here anything they read out about detox teas, detox this or that ... it doesn''t work!! The solely way to achieve THC out of your system is staying clean and linger for your metabolism to process and get it out, you can speed the process up , accelerate your metabolism, that means profoundly of workout healthy diet and tons of liquid, there is no comfortable way out. I worked next to several human resources...


How long does it take for marijuana to get out of your system?

A: A: Be above the influence.. A: yo bud,, here`s the real deal... how long marijuana stays in your system depends on a couple different variables... how often you smoke... how active you are... and how much you wiegh... if you are a daily smoker who is inactive and overwieght it can take up to three months... on the other hand if you are of average build, you are active, and you only smoke once... it can be out of your system in as little as two days!!!... if you are a heavy smoker and you need to clean up for a UA I`d recomend drinking lots


What can i drink to get marijuanna out of my system?

A: a lot of room temprature water and you could add a lttile vinegar along with it. also taking an extract of goldeaseal herd will help cleanse. just stay away from soft drinks! there is also a product you can by that works on most tests, called: The Stuff Clear Flush Total Body Purifier you can buy it here! http://billboardtobacco.com/clearflush.html or go to a vitamine shop and look for anything that claims that it is a detox or get some niacine. Dont drink clorox that is dumb you''ll end up in the hospital. and i hate to break it to you if your drug test is tomorrow there is nothing you


Is there anything i can do to get weed out of my system permanently?

A: yeah...quit taking it!!!!!!! You are not helping yourself by keep taking it. stop it Quit, trust me you won''t be missing anything spectacular. Drinking small amounts of vinegar or bleach will clean your system, and I know it sounds gross but it works. Drink as much water you can stand to keep peeing. There is nothing you can do. The drugs are in your system. It''s your mistake, and you did it. You could''ve said no to the people who asked you, and if you bought the cigarettes yourself... you could''ve marched your little drug-addicted ***


Is the marijuana out of my body yet? its been a week!?

A: curious to know It''s out. It''s seriously out. It''s been out for a LOOOOOOOONG time. Drink TONS of water, i mean tons, like untill ur test you need to be downing gallons of water, its honestly your only hope. Also eat a lot of healthy foods, and NO SALT(no food with sodium) in it at all. Water (like 5-6 gallons a day at min) and no salt and you should be good i just read it all, just wait till 2/27 u will be fine by then I like the question. I learned in school that your tissues especially likes to hold on to THC, and stores it long after. Very hard to get away from the effects

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