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How can I get help for perscriptions?

A: Medicine is expensive,but you can give her something that is cheap plus natural.Try giving her vitamins and minerals.Fruits and vegtables are full of vitamin C,vitamin C and other vitamins will protect her cells from cancer.They boost the immune system and will give her the enrgy that she needs.Not to say all medication is bad.But there are no vitamins or minerals in medicine.And for the brain tumor,I suggest onions and bellpeppers.Onions are have sulfides they protect the tumor from growing.Just one cup will help protect the cells and reverse the damaged ones. You can raise a chairty to help raise money. Your grandmother should be on Medicare or Medicade if she does not have insurance....


I got mud inside of my ear how can I get it out? Is it safe to use ear drops

A: The ear is a sensitive organ that consists of three parts – the outer, inner and middle ear. The outer ear is the part of concern here, and starts from the ear you see outside visibly, to the ear drum. getting anything stuck in here could trigger the start of some kind of an infection in the ear. getting mud stuck in your ear is problematic because it could contain many types of bacteria that can give you a bad ear infection. Ear drops will not help you in this regard, and you will need to flush out the mud completely. Normally, using a cotton swab in the ear is something that is highly unadvisable but in this case, there might be no choice. Ear infections can happen quite normally...


If my son fell at a restaurant and bumped his head really hard,what can i do?

A: Why do people always want to blame somebody else for their misfortunes ? When did we abrogate responsibility for our own actions ? Incidentally, do you put out signs before you wash your own floors? File a complain with your local health department or Labor and Industries. Both agencies would be interested in this issue. Or you can find a way to complain to the upper management about the local employees you might find this information on the companies web site. Below I found the companies contact information if you want to go that route. Hope your son is feeling okay! i would sue there *** big time ur son could have gotten really hurt Go on the internet and find the corporate office address for Chuckee Cheese and write to them. Give them...


Do you think it is worth the risk to use deodorant/other things that increase chances of cancer/brain damage?

A: Cervical cancer Cervical cancer is explored through signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and risks. Cervical cancer facts about cervical cancer that includes causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, prevention, and risk factors. Cervical Conditions Cervical conditions from dysplasia to polyps and cervical cancer are described and discussed. Find out what your doctor really means when he talks about your cervix. Cervical Dysplasia Details about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cervical dysplasia or CIN. Cervical Erosion Information


can ignoring asthma symptoms cause permanent damage?

A: Yes, it can damage your lungs permanently. Do what you need to do to control it, please. Hi ... me too. I''m glad you asked, since when I told my doctor about the cold-weather wheezing and coughing, he basically brushed past it, since I haven''t had a full asthma attack. According to him (and I suggest you ask your own doc too), he can give me an inhaler I use 15 minutes before the attack, which is kind of silly since one never really knows until one hits the cold weather. So he told me to avoid rushing in the cold. (Love the answer ... ) So I''m not sure if this helps, but some of these folks love to exaggerate -- just thought my experience might shed some light in a different way. Have a great day! Asthma


I have hep c.Will it kill me?How long can I live with it?

A: Hnj6000, No it will not kill you. There is no curable treatment for it though, but you can control it with medication. See your Doctor. TDCWH Hubby Fred has hep C. When he did interferon, he was sick and sleepy and couldn''t get out of bed. Right now, he feels fine and refuses to do more interferon. He''s active and the doctor hasn''t told him he was going to die. Pamela Anderson has Hep C and she seems fine with living with it. I would atleast try the treatment, just so you know first hand you don''t want to do it because it is worse. Good Luck considering there are over 150 extrahepatic symptoms or "bi-directional diseases of having hepatitis c, ranging from skin rashes to depression, to kidney disease to


How can I stop my cousin from smoking?

A: If he has been smoking for a while, he may not be able to stop without help - Nicotine is chemically addictive. It alters your mood and once your brain gets used to it, without it you can become seriously affected in your moods. Give him alternatives and help him push the amount of time between smokes. If you notice that he smokes while doing certain things, change the activity. Distract him for just a few minutes more every day and increase that time over weeks until he''s only smoking once in a very long while. Sadly, the ultimate way to smoke is to actually want to. If he doesn''t, then you can''t make him. Good luck. TELL HIM HOW MUCH HE MEANS TO YOU AND TELL HIM TO STOP AND STUDY HOW...


What can I do to lower my cholesterol without making huge changes to my lifestyle?

A: FOODS do not have anything to do with it!!! Quit thinking you can lower your cholesterol without doing some major "road work"!!! You don''t have to change your diet Plan that drastically. In fact red meats, butter, cream and whole milk have absolutely nothing to do with the cholesterol problem you have. You absolutely must get out and do some walking, jogging, or biking for at least an hour a day every day!!! Quit thinking you can get lower counts on your lipids panel without doing some hard workouts!!! It ain''t gonna happen!!! I just found out my ldl & triglycerides are high. I''ve armed myself with a list of natural things to take and discuss with my MD because I don''t want...


What are some facts about smoking weed?

A: http://www.nida.nih.gov/Infofacts/marijuana.html this website will give you some facts, but you can''t make him stop unless he wants to, and unfortunately, smoking pot is becoming more and more acceptable even though the quality is becoming more and more poisonous. Speaking from experience, my daughter is a recovering drug addict, it all started with marijuana. Marijuana use reduces learning ability. Research has been piling up of late demonstrating clearly that marijuana limits the capacity to absorb and retain information. A 1995 study of college students discovered that the inability of heavy marijuana users to focus, sustain attention, and organize data persists for as long as 24 hours after their last use of...


can i drink alcohol if i am diabetic type 2 ?

A: No. Alcohol can temporarily lower glucose levels. For diabetics, that is deadly. No. Though I have known Type 2 diabetics that do have an occassional drink, but their sugar is under control and they aren''t having any problems. no All things in moderation!!! There is no limit to what we can eat or drink. We can have whatever we want!! Sometimes we pay the price in higher or lower glucose levels than we would prefer, but we each must decide if it is worth the cost! Each of us being an unique individual must test out foods and drinks for ourselves. Speaking to the doctor about whether we can or not, is not the same as testing to see what this food or drink will do for...

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