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What Are the Different breast cancer treatment Options?

A: breast cancer treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immuno therapy. Other options are hormone therapy and biological agents called monoclonal antibodies. The type of treatment chosen depends on the stage and type of the breast cancer. Surgery is the most common of breast cancer treatment options and is usually accompanied by radiation therapy. Other options might not be applicable. Lumpectomy is surgery that involves removal of the lump only, which spares the breast. Sometimes it might be necessary to remove...


How Is breast cancer treatment Tracked?

A: My gnomes, of course. What a silly question. In this health video learn how it can take months to find out if a woman''s breast cancer treatment is even working. A new scanner can give results in days. Powered by 5min...


What are some breast cancer treatments?

A: There is a treatment for every type and stage of breast cancer. In most cases women will undergo surgery along with additional treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation or hormone therapy. Radical mastectomy is a surgery that is rarely performed these days. The vast majority of women with breast cancer are, instead, candidates for a simple mastectomy or lumpectomy. If you decide on mastectomy, you may opt for breast reconstruction. breast cancer operations include the following: Lumpectomy This procedure removes just the lump and the surrounding normal tissue, thus...

When your DR & your Radioligist disagree about breast cancer treatment?

A: Only Radiologists And Oncologists Should Make Decisions About cancer Patients It Is Important To Know That A G.P Has Limited Knowledge About cancer So Get The Radiologist And Oncologist Working Together Cheers I Am A Doctor Go with the oncologist and a mastectomy. The radiologist would enter late in the game, perhaps too late to avoid spread. I think that I would go to a well known teaching medical center and get tested again. I think that these placess have a much more modern up to date approach on all the new stuff and diagnostic equipment. I am a nurse and that is what I would do. I also like going to women physician......they are much more sensitive. Unfortunately in this day and age, the doctors want the patient to make the final...


Is there a connection to heart issues after breast cancer treatments?

A: Heart issues after breast cancer ? OK lets look at this woman shes 86 years old and she has had breast cancer, chemo, and radiation. and she has lived a very long life and is tired as she should be . And this is the way of older people really and not because of any heart issues but she needs this rest and dont need to push this hard and she may well have a weak heart after it beating this many years but this is normal for the persons age after all this trauma with the body and the age and the work she is still trying to do . My mother was the same way and she was just tired after so many years of work and living and this woman needs this rest and she sure is not lazy . a young person would...

Can blood clots caused by breast cancer treatment be dissolved?

A: The use of a female hormone blocking agent, like Tamoxifen, is a breast cancer treatment that has a very small risk of causing blood clotting, especially if used along with chemotherapy. In general, the benefits of its use far outweigh the risks of this rare complication. The risks of using an anti-coagulant to reduce this rare complication far outweigh any benefits it may provide. In the rare case, where breast cancer treatment causes a blood clot, anti-coagulants are highly effective....


What are my breast cancer treatment options now?

A: In reading your question, it appears that you are well informed with staging information and treatment details related to your cancer diagnosis. Based on all the details you have included in your question and your current comments about your daily fevers and significant pain, I would recommend a second opinion both with a medical and radiation oncologist. You have also included many details about your previous treatment for cancer, with that in mind, one source of information I would offer for your review prior to additional discussion with either your physician and or a second opinion is the following. The NCCN (National Comprehensive cancer Network) clinical...


Will shark cartilage help or hurt with breast cancer treatment?

A: Many people find nutritional supplements appealing because they seem more ''natural'' than drugs. But supplements can cause significant side effects, especially if they are taken incorrectly or mixed with prescription medications. And although many supplements make dramatic claims, their manufacturers aren''t required by law to prove they work. Visit http://www.everydayhealth.com/alternative-health/healing-therapies/dietary-supplements.aspx for helpful information on how to choose supplements wisely. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), shark cartilage has not been shown to be effective in cancer treatment. So, until more studies are done, the effectiveness for cancer is classified as inconclusive....


Does skin cancer after breast cancer treatment mean the treatment wasn`t effective?

A: Skin cancer can form after breast cancer, but I am not sure that is technically what happened in your mom`s case. It sounds like she possibly had some radiation dermatitis after the original treatment, which is unfortunately common, but then possibly the original breast cancer itself spread to the skin. This is confusing because cancer is really identified by what cell it originates from, not necessarily where it is in the body. I think it sounds like your mother had breast cancer cells IN the skin, rather than skin cancer itself, which is...


Hi, there. My wife, 34-year-old, was just diagnosed breast cancer (Pathology: invasive breast carcinoma, poorly differentiated, Bloom Richardson Elston Mod. Grade III; DCIS, high grade, with focal comedonecrosis; Ultrasound detcted size could be 4-5 cm). She''s in the 12th week of her first prangnancy. My questions are: considering the size and the bad type of BC, should we terminate the pregnancy asap to start the treatment? One doctor suggested that. If she keeps pragnant, how much less chances of surviving the cancer compare to those a non-pregnant woman with the same type of BC? Do the hormones of pregnancy make it harder to successfully treat breast cancer? Is it difficult or impossible to do surgery on the pregnant woman in her 4th month of pregnancy? If she continues pregnancy, will it worsen her chances of recovering from breast cancer? Can breast cancer treatment during pregnancy harm the baby? We want to hear from you, the expert, rather than from some unreliable Web pages. Thanks.

A: There are windows of opportunity to provide the baby safety and your wife treatment during the pregnancy. she needs to be in the hands of a comprehensive NCI designated cancer center though where they will have experts very familiar with dealing with pregnancy simultaneous to breast cancer treatment. if you are within a few hours of us please consider bringing her to us. just call 443-287-2778. Her breast cancer at this point is stage 2 and possibly 3. an ultrasound of her lymph nodes needs to be done to see how they look at this point too. hormone receptors needs to be done to see if the
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