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How to Regulate brain waves

A: Biofeedback therapy is a method of refocusing thoughts or brainwaves to produce a more relaxed, pain-free state. The body produces beta brain waves when in a relaxed state and alpha brain waves when in an active state. The process of biofeedback, also called neurofeedback, is a method for regulating your brain waves from alpha to beta. Simple at-home relaxation techniques can help you regulate brain waves....


How to Control brain waves

A: brainwaves are a reading of the electrical activity between neurons in the brain at any given time. Much can be learned by monitoring brainwaves, which are affected by emotional reaction to stimuli and other stressing and relaxing influences. brain disturbances, such as epilepsy, also result in frenetically altered brainwave activity. Learning to control your brainwaves can help improve your general mood and keep you more focused and less distracted in day-to-day tasks. Controlling your brain


brain wave spikes during eeg

A: Hi, welcome to the ehealth forum and I am glad to help you. You seem concerned by the abnormal EEG tracing and the confusion between the diagnosis of seizures and vertigo. From your description it appears that there was a lot of movement during EEG recording which can make the reading of EEG tracing difficult and interfere with the correct interpretation. The presence of morphologically similar EEG discharges in other portions of the tracing but unassociated with obvious motor activity will establish that they represent a genuine cortical discharge rather than an artifact generated by sudden movement.You can also coNsider a repeat EEG. A small number of people have EEG tests that show unusual results, even though they never have seizures and they donít have epilepsy. This could be caused...


Do girls have better brain waves?

A: ''brain waves'' are the result of electrical activity in the brain, which exists in all animals that have brains. It is neither good nor bad. There are minor differences in the brain activity of males and females, but none of them can be described as ''better'' or ''worse.''...

irregular brain waves

A: Valencia, I don"t believe that the tingling is from your epilepsy.  The closest guess that I can make without seeing you is that it may be an unusual side effect from the medication.  Why don"t you ask your neurologist if this symptom might be related to Lamictal.  There are many good medications that can work for you if the Lamictal is causing side effects. Sophia...

Is it safe to use brain wave stimulator (a computer application) during stressfull situation ?

A: I prefer to start a little lower down. (In answer to your original question ''Do you use brain wave stimulator during stressful situation?'') From what I''ve seen and read,that thing can cause seizures.Ride at your own risk!...


Which brain wave state reveals that a person is thinking and problem solving?

A: The beta wave brain state is associated with normal consciousness. It is during this state that active concentration or thinking occurs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beta_wave . ...


Let''s Do The brain wave Again

A: I participated in a study in Marin County (Northern Californai). I don''t know whether to believe or not, as the general acceptance of "woo" within that community seems to be pretty high, and there''s even a couple of "so what if it is placebo, at least it works that much" papers in the neurofeedback literature. If I remember right, I was being trained for higher theta and lower beta (and, yes, there are commonly accepted frequency ranges associated with those names). I had two electrodes at specific places on my very high forehead, and the ear clip. I had a couple of bars on the screen that leaped around a lot, when I managed to get the one high and the other low I got a "bing" and a counter incremented. At the end of each session, I think they were about 40...

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