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brain tumor symptoms

A: Headache, blurred vision and trouble swallowing could be signs of a brain tumor but those symptoms can also be signs of many other disorders that are more common than a brain tumor. Headache is the most common symptom that can be found in many disorders and conditions starting from simple tiredness to a brain tumor. The possibility of a headache being caused by a brain tumor is very small. Blurred vision can be due to many eye disorders so you can check that with an ophthalmologist. Trouble swallowing can be due to a throat infection which is more common than a


worried about brain tumor symptoms

A: Hello, brain tumors presentation include: - Nonspecific symptoms like headache, nausea and vomiting. - Specific signs and symptoms are usually related to the location of the tumor. Non of what you have described is related to known symptoms of brain tumor. These symptoms could be related to the drugs you are receiving , the cardiac troubles and or anxiety. Paxil as well as are toprol are known to cause some neurological, emotional, cardiovascular side effects which may explain your symptoms I advise you to follow up with your Doctor for...


Experiencing brain tumor symptoms! Can't stop crying. Scared.?

A: these symptoms can mean a lot of things. not necessarily a brain tumor. i would get checked out at the doctor asap cuz it could be serious but maybe not. get another family member to take u to the doctor. get better! xoxo...

possible cancer/brain tumor symptoms.

A: Try not to do too much online research. Brian tumors show up for every possible symptom. This person needs to get to the doctor-period. But I wouldnt be so hasty as to suggest a brain tumor. "any suggestions for a screening should be ruled out". Well firstly if this person has a brain tumour then unless they get to the doctor they will die. But again it could be many other things than what you originally suggested such as a brain tumour. Cancer in the brain very rarely spreads to other organs in the body, but it can be the other way round. Where cancer from another organ in the body spreads to the


Questions on brain tumor symptoms

A: I had similar symptoms of morning headaches, zoning out, and trouble finding the right words. Turns out I had sleep apnea which is a treatable condition. You may want to consider polysomnography to at least rule it out....


brain tumor symptoms?

A: The most common symptom of a brain tumor that is the first to be noticed is the onset of seizures. The next most common symptoms can be any number of neurological abnormalities such as dizziness, changes in vision, hallucinations, loss of coordination, smelling phantom odors, drooling, problems swallowing, difficulty thinking, losing blocks of time with no recollection, difficulty forming, speaking, or understanding words; and lastly headaches and nausea....


I Get Migraines 3 To 5 Times A Week. What Are brain tumor symptoms?

A: Please go to your dr to be examed. He can give you a accurate diagnosis and nay have to do a cat scan or mri...

What Is Required for a brain tumor Diagnosis?

A: A brain tumor diagnosis is usually made after a neurological exam, imaging tests, and a biopsy if necessary. Imaging tests include magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized tomography (CT), and positron emission tomography (PET). A biopsy is often performed as part of the operation to remove the tumor but can also be done using a needle. The removed tissue is then analyzed to see if the tumor is cancerous or benign. In some cases, a doctor may also order additional testing to determine whether the patient has cancer in another area of his or her body that is the source of the brain tumor.. Initial brain


I think I have a brain tumor........?

A: tumor city. A stroke waiting to happen. Wheel chair bound. Vegitable While it does sound rather familiar to the signs and symptoms of a brain tumor, there are possibly a few other disorders that might be causing your issues that have similar symptoms. (my cousin and another friend of mine suffered from.. I believe it''s called Chiari malformation or something like that...where the brain stem actually grows down into the top of the spinal cord, and creates a lot if not all of the symptoms you mentioned. They both had operations to fix it and are both incredibly healthy right now) Your best bet is to see your doctor as...


What Is the Connection Between brain tumors and brain Cancer?

A: A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells in the brain. Some brain tumors are noncancerous, or benign, while others are cancerous, or malignant. The connection between brain tumors and brain cancer is that a certain portion of tumors found in this area will be malignant. Both types of tumors are serious, as the cranium is unable to expand to allow room for tumor growth.. In addition to being categorized as either cancerous or benign, brain tumors and

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