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sooo I thizzz a lot, (ecstasy) does it cause brain damage?

A: "The findings support earlier indications that the drug MDMA, often called Ecstasy, may cause lasting damage to nerves that produce serotonin, an important chemical messenger in the human brain associated with mood and personality traits."Courtesy: http://funadvice.com/r/3kn38gasv5If you are using words like "thizzz", it''s a pretty clear sign you''ve done too much. I would suggest never ever even touching stuff like that. It can kill you. It''s not something to joke about. It''s very serious. Doing ecstasy religiously is very bad for your brain because of the high amounts of methamphetamine in it.. Most ecstasy tablets are about 50% some sort of amphetamine which has evidence showing that it CAN...


Water intoxication and subsequent brain damage

A: Hello - Proper hydration is very important, but during normal healthy times it''s generally a relatively minor issue. One way to tell whether you''re dehyrated or not is to pinch some skin on the back of your hand and see if it stays pinched up by itself for more than a second. If so, you''re probably a little low on fluids. Also, if your urine is concentrated (low volume, darker in color) then you probably need a little extra water. While drinking a liter of water after a long dry spell during the day isn''t a bad idea, more than that in one session is likely to cause some symptoms and is wasted anyway. Your body can only handle so much at a time when healthy. When sick it''s often difficult to keep fluids down, which is why many times a stomach bug ends up sending the patient to the...


  areas of brain damaged by reaction to chloramphenicol

A: Hi, The brain does not absorb the drug as itself, chloramphenicol is absorbed in the gut and circulates in ourbody through blood. It can cause bone marrow suppression, aplastic anemia and ear damage. Some researches havelinked it to CLL but there is no definite proof of as association. The is no association of the drug withbrain damage. Hope this helps. Take Care....


Can casually smoking cause brain damage?

A: Are you talking about cigarettes or dope? Even the anti-smoking lobby haven''t suggested that smoking causes brain damage, although one study claimed it caused meningitis! Doesn''t smoking deprive the brain of oxygen? Remove the poison, remove the problem? It''s worth trying. its only a tempory condition! the more you smoke,the more the brain will get used to it! at the moment its just tellin you that its a foreign substance and that you should not be doing it! you are experiencing the damage first hand. the frequency in being casual quickens and shortens with time turning into addiction. if we smoke we are just really needing to that holding onto something for...


Is there a chance that they can be treated for the brain damage related injury

A: The three leading causes of traumatic brain injury relate to firearms, motor vehicles and falls. The leading causes of brain damage differ by age group. Motor vehicles are the leading cause among youth from birth to 19 years of age. Firearms are the leading cause among persons aged 20 to 74 years. Falls are the leading cause for the brain damage among persons aged 75 and older. If taken to the hospital at the right time they can be saved....


Could these seizures lead to permanent brain damage?

A: Yes of course! Throughout a seizure the brain might not receive adequate oxygen which could lead to brain damage. The alcoholism would also cause brain damage. He needs rehab for alcohol addiction....


how can the common cold cause brain damage?

A:  It has long been believed that high fevers can cause brain damage, especially if left untreated. So how much truth is there to this claim? It really depends on the situation. http://coldflu.about.com/od/othercommoni.... Most fevers are caused by viral or bacterial infections, but they can also be caused by toxins, cancers or autoimmune diseases. A fever is just a symptom of illness, not an illness itself. When an otherwise healthy person has a fever because of an illness, it is extremely unlikely to cause brain damage. for cold u cant get any serious problems .. One worries about high fever, sometimes the use of aspirin can cause Reye`s syndrome. It can affect all organs of the body,...


Does Migraines cause brain damage? What are the resources to answer that question?

A: Hi Dodie,   Yes, Migraine may cause silent brain damage. We have an article you can read; Yes, Migraines Can Cause brain damage. The resources are listed on the last page of the article and the information comes from clinical trials listed in the journal Headache.   I hope that answers your questions. Nancy...

Does Migraines really cause brain damage?

A: I believe the article posted on this site indicates that severe migraines over a long period of time CAN cause brain damage. I freaked out when I first read it because I''ve been having migraines since I was a young child and they have only gotten worse over time. My boyfriend said something helpful when he was trying to calm me down. He asked me if I felt like I had sustained brain damage. I don''t, so...the best thing I can do is to keep trying to reduce my migraines. If you only have mad migraines some of the time - I don''t know if I would recommend a bunch of expensive tests but I understand that sometimes you just need peace of mind....

Anyone out there dealing with nerve damage to legs caused by migraine brain damage?

A: Hello,   I''m so sorry to read about your situation. You''re the first person I''ve seen with lesions or other brain damage that''s causing symptoms. I suspect there may be others who don''t know what''s causing their problems. Did your doctor give a name to the type of damage you have? Perhaps neuropathy? I know people with neuropathy from other sources who have found relief from Neurontin.   Sorry you haven''t had more responses. Maybe others will still see this and reply.   I know you''re going through a rough time. If you''d like some additional support, come join our discussion forum. You''ll need to register again once there because it''s a separate membership database, but you can...
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