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What is the highest fever ever survived by a person without sustaining brain damage?

A: i have heard 106 F. when the patient was admitted to the ER. they immediately brought ice packs and cooling equipment to cool down the patient. . It`s going to depend on the circumstances, but at least some doctors claim damage doesn`t begin until 42C. http://www.drgreene.com/21_349.html . shet throw that person into thee f0ckin NORTH POLE and leave him or her there to freeze...shet thats f0ckin high & hot tempature ever had . My son had a fever of 106.4. The doctors were actually pretty unphased by it, although they could find no cause. They never use ice packs, it`s not good to do that because it causes the body to try to warm up, which, of course is the opposite of what you want. They treated it with motrin and sent him home. The best thing to do is remove any...


Consequences of migraine brain damage.

A: Hi arti,   So let me see if I understand this correctly. You are just learning about lesions of white matter on your brain, that may or may not be causing these symptoms, from a MRI of your brain a year ago? What is the diagnosis? Is it Migraine or some other vascular condition? I think it may be time to seek another opinion, in my humble opinion.    Yes, there is growing evidence that Migraine is a progressive brain disease. A recent study showed that Migraines can cause brain damage. Yes, Migraines Can Cause brain damage. Also people who have three or more...

Can brain damage be revirse?

A: Yes, it sometimes can be reversed, or at least contained and improved upon, but the outcome is heavily dependent on the type of damage, the support available to the patient and carers and, of course, the patient themselves. Those who''ve seen brain-damaged people through partial and even complete or near-complete rehabilitation will all tell you the same thing: never give up. This is a very difficult journey on which to embark, and nobody should feel guilt if they are unable to follow it through. Feel-good success stories encourage those carng for brain-damaged patients, but sometimes put too high a burden of responsibility upon them, which can lead to crushing...

If I have never drink any alcohol before and for the first time I drink too much alcohol, is it bad for health? Will it cause brain damage?

A: There is always that possibility if you drink way too much, it can even cause death. It doesn''t matter how long you have been drinking, you can still die from it. That being said, just take it easy. If you are at a party and you say to yourself, man my lips are a bit fuzzy, that means you are wasted and you should put down the drink. It''s very easy to drink a lot, especially if you are having fun. Just keep reminding yourself that you don''t what to be the kid that hammered and throwing up on everything. Every party has one, and you don''t want to be that person. It is already destroying your brain Stop Now!!! Too much alcohol will cause DRAIN damage. Will ruin your kidneys. The nephew of a friend of mine did that. He had a catastropic...

What has caused my cousin''s brain damage?

A: This is clearly a distressing topic for you, and one that youdeserve to have a thorough explaination for. I can only speculate as to what may have happened to your cousinas, like you, I haven''t enough information to be certain of what caused thisproblem. So, it is important that your family should find out exactlywhat occurred by asking the GP, or writing directly to the consultant wholooked after him in hospital. Since the duration of his illness was so short, I do wonderwhether he sufferred a catastrophic bleed within his brain. Occassionally, people develop a spontaneous haemorrhage called asubarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH) in which a small ''bleb'' or aneurysm in the brainsuddenly ruptures. Very occassionally, there may be a warning...


brain damage from treatment

A: I am sorry to read about your daughter! Unfortunately I have no good news for you. The prognosis of a glioblastoma multiforme grade IV is hopeless whatever you do. The only effects you may accomplish is a relief in symptoms and a somewhat longer survival time. Her tumour may have shrunk dramatically during treatment, but based on experience it is still there and will remain so. Though I can not guarantee that none of her symptoms are due to her treatment, it is still far more probable that they are caused by her tumour. Remember, her visual problems started BEFORE her treatment and were rather typical symptoms of some brain tumours. Unfortunately I have nothing to offer with regards to therapy, except that I suggest that you follow the advice of her drs. I am...

Does moderate underaged drinking cause permanent brain damage?

A: Drinking affects brain function, but it would require extremely high dosages (more than what is required to get you drunk) to actually cause brain damage. However, prolonged use can cause permanent impairment of the nervous system, memory loss, personality dysfunction and loss of coordination.Nonetheless, drinking excessive amounts will damage the liver, and there is no cure for that. Starting to drink at a younger age is only giving you a kick start to Cirrhosis, which technically, already means you''re being stupid.Use your head...there''s more at stake here than just being stupid. What does underage mean anyways? In most countries the drinking age is 18. And people in europe have an...


Does Ecstasy cause brain damage?

A: Two recent journal articles have been published discussing results from a series of studies done at Johns Hopkins University. The studies were done on human subjects and looked at ''brain damage'' and ''memory damage'' caused by the use of MDMA. Both of the journal articles are available at Erowid : MDMA Neurotoxicity Study MDMA Memory Study Along with the original journal articles are also listed a series of responsesto the studies, pointing out some possible areas of concern regarding studymethods and interpretations of the results. A reasonably careful review of the neurotoxicity study suggests that heavyMDMA use can cause measurable changes in brain chemistry. It''s stillunknown,...


Could falling off a three story roof at 5 years old cause brain damage?

A: It could very well cause brain damage. It could be decided by other factors like how she hit the ground. You do not essentially see signs of head trauma that could cause brain damage because the skull could stay intact and the brain bleed inside the skull. Spine injury also may show no outward signs right away but could show pain at the site of injury or else inability to move certain body parts. That is an extremely far fall. This kid needs to see a physician right away. By the time a bleed in the head is obvious there could already be brain damage and a crack in a vertebrae could become a full fracture pinching on...


Severe brain damage?

A: No there's no excuse under any circumstances to explain away the murder of your family and subsequent suicide.A tragic set of events for sure, but completely unforgiveable and something that can't be condoned. But it can be explained maybe on what drove Chris Benoit to do that, by the effects of that brain damage to him.In terms of mood swings, temperament, judgment and unusual behavior.It would have had a detrimental effect on him. http://www.braininjury.com/symptoms.html...
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