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If i'm hit on the head, how hard would it have to be to create minor brain damage?

A: go see a vetinerian they will help I seriously think if you got hit on the head it will make you smarter I don''t know but if you stand there and give me a hammer.....we''ll see!!!! The way you type I wouldnt worry. un thi uder handd ifff u cain wreed ths thien yis If you black out during or after the hit then it is bad news you could have a concussion. You should also check any blood vessels around the bruised area for swelling. i cant tell what did u hit... and how long ago did u get hit.. and wut did u get hit with... when u add the details i will add more to my answer get it checked out. brain damage is more common than we think. I hit the concrete going 45 mph + (was in a coma for 2 weeks) I think you''ll be fine. if it''s swelling @...


Is their a doctor who will consider treating my daughter, who has severe brain damage due to being shaken?

A: Dr.Robert Breeze out of Denver,Colorado.My son had a brain tumor and Dr.Breeze is a great doctor.I owe him for saving my sons life.Hope this helps. you are one sick peson maybe someone should give you a good shake You do need a specialist in Neurology. just to let you know...I reported you....your Mom must be really be proud of you....what kind of a person are you anyhow.....?? take her to the emergency room. The doctors and nurses will know exactly what to do.It seems that she should have a doctor by now ! If this is some kind of joke, it is in bad taste, at the very least. If your daughter has severe brain damage the ,first Aid is this that don''t let her be sad ,I mean do what ever she says .coz if she again got...


I have some form of brain damage due to estacy can you help me please?

A: I doubt that is true. Sorry, I dont know how to help you . play that brain game on nintendo ds..it realllllly works. Are you self-diagnosed? Ex is like mostly acid these days. If you''re fried, it''s your fault. Duh, acid causes problems. Do math and logic problems to regain ability. you are ok, not. Hi! What is your problem exactly? Try to keep you calm,things can get better with time. first of all why the H### where you doing X You need to see a docter!!! What exactly is your question? Do you expect us to fix your brain damage thru the computer? Stop taking E! Sure, make an appointment. did you think it''d make you smarter?...


How much brain damage does coricidin cause

A: Coricidin is a cough medicine for people with high blood pressure. Used normally it causes no brain damage....

Can too much niquil the medicine cause brain damage

A: Yes, improper use (abuse) of this medication may result in serious harm (including brain damage, seizure, death). Do not use for longer than necessary or in dosages larger than recommended unless given permission by a doctor. again soon!...

Can circumcision cause brain damage to infants?

A: no none of this is true. That is like most of the crazy statements that the ignorant people that are against circumcision make. Just stick round this category reading how many men have problems with their penis from being uncircumcised. No! Circumcision in no way causes brain damage. i don&''t remember crap from the 1st week after i was born, so i have no "trauma." that is not true at all...

My doctor told me I was anaemic and baby could get short of oxygen. Can this cause any birth defects or brain damage for the baby?

A: Anaemia means a lack of red blood cells, a major building block of which is iron. It is very unlikely that anaemia could cause your baby to become short of oxygen. Anaemia would have to be very severe before it affected baby, and iron deficiency isn''t linked to birth defects or brain damage....

Can side effects of vaccines result in brain damage?

A: Side effects range from mild to serious—from swelling and fever to brain damage and death....


Alcohol related brain damage

A: Yes.  Ask them to count backwards from 100 to 65 by 7s.  For example, 93, 86, 79, 72, 65!  If they can"t do this, it is very well likely they have experienced brain damage in the form of decreased cognitive abilities... Hope my response was helpful....


Does prolonged use of Prozac cause brain damage?

A: where in the world did you hear something like that? i was put on it about 4 months ago and my shrink thinks it is the best if prescribed right. he has never mentoned brain damage at all. he is a shrink from a father who was a shrink etc., so he is very familiar with these type of drugs. let me know if that claim is ever validated. good luck Dear Ceahk My advise to you is to buy and read the book "Beyond Prozac" by doctor Terry Lynch I am sure this book will help change your life for the better.People in America seem very messed up on drugs and every normal feeling,habit,emotion and personality trait has been medicalised and turned into a so called disorder.Drug companies are behind this. They have ODD(Obsessive diagnosing...

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