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Can ecstasy cause permanent brain damage?

A: uhhh yah Scientifically it has been proven to cause swiss cheese like holes in the brain. So I think that is pretty good evidence of brain damage. Ecstasy is a mix of all different kinds of deadly drugs and deadly chemicals. There is no doubt that ecstasy causes permanent brain damage. I guess you could keep observing these friends and wait for the changes cause they will most certainly come. Yes. ecstasy has a nasty affect on the brain. There''s terrible things for your body in these pills. If you''re just buying from some guy at the party, you have no idea what you''re getting. Why chance it? It can also change the way your serotonin...


If your noes is blocked an you sneeze and it does not temporally give you relief can you get brain damage?

A: Sounds like it is too late Sure your not already effected? Kudzu has traditionally been used for a variety of condition including migraine, hypertension (high blood pressure), pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders, allergies, and angina. It is both a treatment for hangover, and a substance that reduced the urge to drink alcohol. http://www.herbmark.com/Natures-Way_Kudzu_p6500.html No, it''s called a cold. Don''t worry, you won''t get your brain damaged by a blocked nose. Allergies don''t cause such damages. The can affect us in very different ways - hay fever, sneezing, teary eyes, rushes of all kinds, you can have some food allergies, so that when you eat something you can have tummy ache or some rash. A...


Breathing in raid!! am i gonna get brain damage!! HELLPPP!!!?

A: This is called thining the herd. Ignorant people inherently kill themselves off, for the better good of society as a whole. Thank you. YOU WILL BE OK BECAUSE YOU ARE MUCH SMALLER THAN A BUG get sum more fresh air call your physician and see what steps u can take to see if you may have been poisoned by breathing this in seek help now lol chill out your fine I think you''ll be ok. You keep smelling because you keep thinking of it. You''re gonna be fine. Open the windows to get some fresh air in for more than a few minutes. And next time spray in a well ventilated area. it will be ok - everything will be fine okay calm down. i dont really think you will get brain damage, trust me, they wouldnt even put something like that in shops if if one...


Does holding a baby upside down, while playing, cause brain damage?

A: While most babies love active play and flying like an aeroplane why on earth would you want to hold a baby upside down? I am sorry but would never dream even in playing to hold any youngster upside down I think it is just common sense without taking a look into any dangers this could cause. Toddlers and babies like to be bounced on your knee or lifted into the air, although it is best to be gentle with young children to avoid any accidental injury. Hope this helps Hi, valvizi! It might. And, I do agree with the above answer. Is there a particular reason that you''re asking the question, please? Thanks! It really should not cause any brain damage if done for only a minute or less. This would be the same if you put your baby into one of those...


Can you get brain damage from being slightly tapped on the head by a paperback book?

A: Sure. Depending on how soft your skull is. Technically speaking, yes, but it is quite improbable! chyeahh u can Maybe ,if you do it often enough. probably depends on the size of the book and the age of the person whose head is being tapped YEAH If it''s a stupid book, yes. A concussion maybe, brain damage not very likely. No. I don''t think that anyone can have a brain damage with only a slight book hit. Its not possible. brain skull is strong enough to protect brain from slight book hits...


KERNICTERUS brain damage

A: Hi there. Kernicterus is a condition where severe brain damage occurring in a new born infant due to highbilirubin. There will be only palliative management for this condition. There will be residual brain damage,which will be manifested throughout the life, like auditory problems, specific movement disorders etc,.hope myinformation is helpful to you. Take care. For your reference:www.kernicterus.orgen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernicterus emedicine.medscape.com/article/975276-overview...

Does ban deodarant really cause brain damage?

A: i don''t think it does!lol The story said that one of the ingredients had the potential to cause brain damage or altzheimers but its not proven. i dont think so No, it just helps you when you sweat. dont be scared . be kool .. Wow... that must explain my report card!!LOL just kidding A+ average! Maybe your friends think you''re stupid. how smart are your friends? no very! so that explains me i think the aerosol type would be what causes the brain damage. it would be just like sniffing spray paint....


Is brain damage always permanent?

A: There are numerous kinds of brain damage. The impact that brain damage has, and whether or not recovery is possible, depends to a large degree on the location and severity of the injury....


Does cannabis cause brain damage ?

A: In excessive amounts, yes. But marijuana isn''t all that harmful to be honest, you''d have to smoke a very dangerous amount to cause brain damage. I heard in the newspapers that cannabis cause brain damage....


Can bleaching your hair cause brain damage?

A: There is no possibility that using bleach on your hair could cause brain damage, the only way that you might be at risk of this is if your were to ingest the solution. However hair bleach is a strong mix of chemicals and care should be taken if you are using it. You should always use rubber gloves when applying bleach, it contains hydrogen peroxide, which is very drying to skin. I do not recommend that hair bleach should be used by amateurs, unless they are very experienced, bleach can irritate the scalp and burn the hair if it is left on for too long. You are also at risk from ending up with dry, damaged, orange hair if it is used incorrectly, this is one job best left to the professionals....

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