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Schizophrenia Debunked?

A: i dont know you r a pshyciatry or not... but you said you studied it 3 years..? or maybe leave your study because you don't believe in chemical imbalance? i see your points there and i must say you made some really good points. we all must know that schizophrenia have no valid prove.. so any one can easily be misdiagnosed with schizophrenia... or anyone can claim he is schizophrenic and psychiatry will believe him. so it may not even be heredity...because we know that they will not be able to do accurate statistics. don't know if chemical imbalance exist or not.... i know there many causes of brain damaged such as trauma,poisoning,birth defect etc.. my friend was misdiagnosed with schizophrenia...because he thought he hear voices...

update (unsteady, floating feeling while walking)

A: Hey Stacie, sorry to hear things haven''t gotten better.    Hope you can get the test done soon.  My mom has dealt with the vertigo/dizziness/unsteadiness thing (she always had trouble describing it) off and on for years.....finally got a dx of Meniere''s (did I already tell you this? Sorry if I did...) and Meniere''s is another autoimmune disorder.   At any rate, prayers and positive thoughts coming your way .   Try not to worry. Hugs, Lucy I am not familiar with celiac ataxia, would you have the symptoms if you''ve been on a strict gluten free diet for over 6 years? Oh and I didn''t have these symptoms when I was dx in 2003, they just popped up a month or so ago.brain) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7496772 Progressive...


New...facing 3rd cervical surgery

A: jennybyc - hi there, sounds like you have been through the wringer, I am so sorry for you. I am fused C4-7 and have problems at C2 and 3 that they wanted to add to mine but I won''t unless it gets really bad for me. I was wondering what actually happened in there for you. Lots of people don''t fuse those last levels if there is hope it might settle down, depending on what happened - so I am curious what the damage was. The nerve areas that C2-3 control are in the head and upper neck and not the arm - I would think you might have headaches and tingling/pain in those spots, unless your disc herniated out and is pressing on the cord. Just really curious what is going on in your situation. I am sure feelbad will jump in here too. Sure sounds complicated. NP ...


Could a hypoxic episode cause dementia?

A: This is a very difficult response to your question. Yes, a hypoxic episode can cause brain damage which is like a stroke and as you know people who have had a stroke sometimes recover. If he does not become upset try simple word games, flash cards and perhaps pictures of your family, trips you have taken and other happy occasions. If he likes to sing, play the old Mitch Miller sing-a-long tapes. Above all, just love him , hold his hand, show your love. The power of "loving touch" is incredible. Make sure your husband doesn`t have sleep apnea. THERE ARE DIFFERENT TESTS AVAILABLE. MY HUSBAND HAD APNEA AND SLEEP APNEA. HIS O2 WOULD BE 97 AND THE NEXT MINUTE OR SO 89 AND EVEN 79. HYPOXIA CAN ALSO CAUSE SEIZURES. YES IT DOES CAUSE DEMENTIA....


What is the significance of pupil reaction?

A: The pupillary light reflex (AKA pupil reaction or pupillary response) controls the amount of light that enters the eye, and may also serve as a useful diagnostic tool. In order to understand its significance I''ll review its structure and functions; a car accident may damage any structure involved, which will result in impact its function. When light enters the eye the iris reacts to fine tune the amount of light striking the retina inside the eye. This ''signal'' that too much light exists is carried by the optic nerve (cranial nerve II) from the eye to the brainstem. The signal is then sent back on the oculomotor nerve (cranial nerve III), which controls the circular muscle of the iris. This is the pathway that functions to control pupil...


knocks to the head

A: No. There should not be brain damage unless you are hit very hard. An example would be if you were hit in the head with a baseball, bat, stick, etc and hit hard enough to black out. Small taps or hits as you described should not cause any brain damage....

Effects of having Sleep Apnea as a child

A: Hi Welcome to the forum!Yes, there is a chance that you suffered from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) as a child. You are also rightabout the fact that there are several studies that point towards OSA causing hypoxia, loss of memory and greymatter of the brain. Certain neurochemical changes are postulated as a defense mechanism by brain to overcomethe OSA. To know the cause and degree of memory loss there are many diagnostic tests which you can take. These includeneuro-imaging like MRI, CT, PET (positron emission tomography) and single-photon emission computed tomography(SPECT) and some cognitive tests. The cognitive steps help in gauging a person?s recent and remote (long-term)memory, attention span, judgment, and word comprehension. The...

AVM: Arterio-Venous Malformation

A: Hi, I had a seizure in 2001 at age 40 and they found an AVM in May. I was scheduled with one the best Neurosurgeon in the country at Mass General in Boston. The surgery was in July 2001 and considered a success. Since that time, I have been on 8 different meds - I requested the changes due to quality of life issues - most drugs for seizures make you feel lousy unfortunately. I have only had seizures since that time while switching drugs and once when I had a flu and couldn''t keep my meds down. I would suggest meeting with a neuro psychologist. They perform a multitude of tests to determine where she may have deficits from the first seizure - my AVM bleed out...in the temporal lobe and although most people wouldn''t suspect any damage.. there were significant...


Opinion on pain & neurological symptoms

A: I am so sorry that this accident happened to your young daughter. Do you have health insurance where she can have a PET scan which shows the brain much better, any problems done to the optic nerve, and intricate blood vessels? They probably ruled out subdural hematoma, etc. It takes a long time for trauma to heal. Has she seen an orthopedic physician for her hip? I am concerned that she is using Motrin for pain. That in itself can cause stomach/intestine problems for young individuals (internal bleeding). Does she have cervical inflammation? That can generate the migraines. As long as she has cervical inflammation, she will have the migraines. Does she have a neurologist? If not, it is time for her to see one right away and to have continued monitoring until...


Migraine Aura - so similar to stroke it''s scary

A: You are right, migraine aura symptoms are so close to stroke, my first migraines had me in the ER because I thought I was having a stroke - I didn''t even mention the headache I had by the time I saw the doctor! After I understood they were migraines I would still go to the ER after one with an aura to get a a neuro check even though I was pretty sure that it was just another migraine, eventually I stopped going to the ER as I recognized the symptoms and eventually my aura''s stopped, they are rare for me now, now I just get the migraine. However I have some advice/suggestions that can maybe help ease your anxiety and concerns over determining whether you are having a stroke or a migraine. You should talk to your doctor about this - I do not have a medical background. Anyway, you can ask...

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