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What Is a brain ct scan?

A: A brain Computerized Tomography (ct) scan is a diagnostic test that involves the use of radiological equipment to obtain images of a personís brain. Unlike some other types of diagnostic tests, this scan does not require injecting anything into the patient or removing anything from his body. Instead, the radiology equipment captures images of different portions of a personís brain. A special computer then uses all of the images to create a three-dimensional depiction.. Patients usually receive this type of scan while they are dressed in regular clothing or a hospital...


does brain ct scan show current and past bleeds, strokes, current anureism

A: I just had one done and my neurologist told me the ct scan would pick up current bleeding and tumors. Not sure if anything would show past bleeding or not. I think you would need an MRI to show the others....


brain (ct?) scan shows tumors and/or circulation?

A: depending on just what you are looking for some tests would show some things a bit better than others.if you are just trying to see if you have some sort of an ''issue'' in the brain,the really best way to start would in my opinion be just having the MRI WITH contrast.the contrast just would help to highlight the arterial structures within the brain and could pick up on vascular malformations such as AVM or aneurysm.tho my particular aneurysm did not show up on my MRI,i also did not have it done with contrast only becasue i also have kidney disease and contrast can cause further damage for me.in a normal person,contrast is not an issue.just people with kidney problems. if you are trying to find out if there is some...


brain ct scan?

A: Stress is one of the things that causes muscles to tense up. Take a swig of molasses it has the magnesium and potassium that will help. For a full explanation and way to help yourself not have the muscles tight enough to go there so quickly read The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Davies. It deals with muscles, pain and referred pain with a 75% over all success rate for the inexpensive cost of $20.00....

Tomorrow Is My brain ct scan

A: Robin, I hope everything goes well and you find out quickly!! My dear Robin, Take care. Hope you get good results. Thanks for keeping us posted. that on the foggy days ....lol LOL Robin...you will have proof! Good luck tomorrow, my dear, hope they figure out what is going on and how to fix it! Hugs, Krista...


What Are the Pros and Cons of a ct scan for Strokes?

A: A stroke is a medical condition in which part of the brain receives an insufficient supply of oxygen as the result of an obstruction or loss of blood. Some stokes can have serious complications, while minor strokes may not produce any obvious symptoms. Strokes are diagnosed and evaluated using a combination of physical evaluation and clinical testing. A computer tomography examination (ct scan) often is used to determine the location and severity of the stroke. Using a ct scan for strokes is useful, because it quickly can give doctors an accurate picture of what is occurring within the


How good is a ct scan at finding brain tumours?

A: qwertyuikol; the scanner r REALLY GOOD! they work perfectly Ah yea the ct scan will pick up everything yes. even if it wasnt, u dont have anything to lose anyway , except dying if you dont do it. ct scans are very good i have had 2 in my fight for throat cancer.you will probably need an mri scan too. It is only as good as the Doc that is using it. The scan is only as good as the radiologist that reads it. Also there are better ct systems than others. Some machines are newer and more state of the art than older models.. Bur even newer machines and great radiologists can...


Will ct scan hurt me!!!?

A: No. no I am not a doctor, but I play one on television. The answer is no, it does not hurt. I agree with the real doctor that had had cancer and knows more about it than I would ever care to know. I believe he is 100% right on, but his answer is better because he paid a lot of money in tuition and expensive books and he is certified. But with all this on-line stuff, who really knows for sure. He could be a she, that actually works in a hotel running room service orders up to hungry guests. Just like myself, no not really a tv actor, just remember a commercial on tv of somebody that played a doctor giving advice on some type of insurance or something...possibly what...


A Lot of ct scans and Radiation - Worried about risks

A: I am in the same situation. I was burned in a MRI so I can''t have one so ct scans are the only option. I have had 2 brain ct scans in the last year and will have another one in a few months. I had several on my back prior to back surgery and several of my adominal area. I heard 5 should be the maximum as the radiation is something like equal to 300 xrays. I won''t have any more on my back and in the future I will try to stick to ultrasounds of my stomach but I have no option regarding the brain scans. I will have one more and after that I will doctor shop to see if someone can give me a...


What Is an Enhanced ct scan?

A: An enhanced Computed Tomography (ct) scan takes X-ray images of the body after a patient has had an imaging agent ó sometimes called a contrast agent or dye ó injected into their veins to enhance the areas a doctor chooses to view. The anatomical images are then viewed on a computer that uses a mathematical program to construct 3-D images from the collected data. Different agents are used for different scans. They can sometimes be taken orally or rectally depending on the area of the body being scanned. The imaging agents are considered safe, but on some occasions the...

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