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What are some good ways with dealing with Cancer, because a loved one died not that long ago?

A: this problem. Our science and our medicines have developed some medicines which allow to control this illness in a good way if the patient doesn''t have the sickness in a very advanced stage. When a tumour appears in any part of the body, you must go to your doctoCancer is a very complicated illness. Many people have died because of this problem. Our science and our medicines have developed some medicines which allow to control this illness in a good way if the patient doesn''t have the sickness in a very advanced stage. When a tumour appears in any part of the body, you must go to your doctor because this is not normal. Besides, there are osme other symptoms such as: anaemia, lack of appetite, constant pain in osme parts of the


How Can I Deal With Weakness During Pregnancy?

A: There are many ways to deal with weakness during pregnancy, including getting plenty of rest and sitting down when you feel weak. You should also make sure to get plenty of water and electrolytes every day. It is critically important for you to eat a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy as well. Taking prenatal vitamins can also help you deal with weakness during pregnancy.. Many women have to deal with weakness during pregnancy. When another human being is growing inside of you, it can take a lot of your energy away. It is because of this that you have to be very careful what you do during this stage of life.. When you are pregnant, you have to get plenty of rest to deal with weakness. Even though it may be difficult to sleep, you should try to get at least seven hours of sleep every...


Did I get a good deal at Bath and body Works Today?

A: I Think your Deal is Awesome! My daughter went and also got a great deal. By seeing this deal http://www.jleesaves.com/2010/memorial-weekend-coupon-and-savings/ Here This Freebie is still going on so others can take advanage of it. Thats the goal now days is to save on things you love!...


Where can I get the best deal for The body Shop Wild Cherry body Scrub?

A: Shopping information: Wild Cherry body Scrub New! Best if you want to: Leave skin radiant and subtly scented with a gentle, exfoliating scrub enriched with wild cherry. Best for: normal to dry skin How it works: Natural exfoliating particles made fom kiwi seeds and crushed walnut shells help to stimulate the skin and remove dead skin cells when massaged in. Your skin is left feeling soft, smooth and ready to absorb the next layer of moisture. Cherry oil has excellent moisturization properties, is rich in vitamins A and E, and contains natural antioxidants. Community Trade Brazil nut oil moisturizes and helps to leave skin soft, smooth and supple. Price: $20.00 You can try ebay/amazon.com/overstock.com. I don''t know about any other legitamate websites that would...


Victoria''s secret 5 for $30 deal?

A: the 5 for $30 deal is usually the secret garden collection. you can mix and match anything thats in that collection. If you want, you can just grab all 5 body mists OR all 5 body lotions, but it can only be 5 items for $30. The pear glace body mist smells alright, but its not my favorite, its a little too strong. if your looking for fruity smells, my favorites are love spell, pure seduction, sweet daydream, endless love, secret charm, and berry kiss. ( i love these scents for the spring/summer) if your more into sweet candy smells, go for vanilla lace, coconut passion & amber rose. In my opinion the body butters are amazingly great! i just recently grabbed a few items from that sale and got...


I am new here and was put on tramadol for dealing with chronic pain from endometriosis. I cannot?

A: 9 Aug 2011 I appreciate your extremely complex situation. However, you really NEED to stay away from Tramadol. The horrible Withdrawl Symptoms you have been experiencing only get worse and worse im afraid to say. You are only a short term user and look what is already happening. You really need to see another doctor to help with your pain (2nd Opinion), as Tramadol is prob the worst and most addictive and hardest to get off drug available. I know, as ive been struggling with this drug since 2006. The side affects and long term damage to your mental health are not worth it. Doctors have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how bad this drug is, and thats why they keep prescribing it to their patients. They are told by the manafacturers that it is non habit forming, and is easy to get off. THIS IS A MASSIVE...


how do i deal with pubic hair?

A: All of the threads here and posts will give u plenty of info. Basically it comes down to two things. How much u want gone and how much money u have. If u can afford laser or a wax I''d recommend those. Both thin hair, waxing consistently will thin it out a little, but u can get laser to the point of basically having nothing left at all or just every now and then making it easier to wax yourself (which if u have thick hair generally I wouldn''t recommend) or making for a really easy shave with no ingrowns (waxing can b bad for ingrowns) For me personally. I used to wax and shave intermittently depending on how much money I had, now I get laser (can''t remember what sort sorry, but I pay $35 for a session which is around 5 mins and they do everywhere crack and all- stings like little...


Dealing with breast cancer?

A: You can support your boyfriend emotionally. Just tell him that you will always be there for him and will help him in anyway you can. Just be there and help him. If he needs a hand ordering food or cleaniing the house just give him a hand doing it. I''m sorry to hear this & will say some prayers. Does he have other family that can help? He needs to rely on them & friends as well. He is lucky to have you right now but he can''t take this on alone at 18. ARe they members of a church? Contact the Amer. Cancer Society & see if they can offer help to him. Maybe get some adults to organize a fund raiser for he & the family. If you like to cook, make them meals on occasion, offer to help them with chores, laundry around the house. The little things can help a great deal. God Bless!...


How do I deal with losing my dad to cancer?

A: I dont know what it is like to lose a dad but i do know what it is like to lose a mom, I lost my mom to ovarian cancer almost 3 years ago, she was my best friend and i miss her everyday...i find it easier to talk about her, I am blind to the fact that she is gone....I sometimes even try to call her, when i am excited about something, it was crazy how she died and too this day i still cant get that picture out of my head!!! BUT MAY YOUR DAD REST IN PEASE AND SO MY MOM!!! BE STRONG EVERYTHING WILL BE OK!! I KNOW IT IS HARD TRUST ME! I can''t personally tell you how to deal with this loss, unfortunately grief is different for all of us. I will tell you that it is ok to cry and it is ok to feel angry. I lost my dad when I was 13, and there isn''t a day that goes by now 14 years later that I am...

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