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Can you get a blood clot in your legs from sitting too long at your desk in front of the computer? How often should you move around?

A: Yes, you can. However, there are certain exercises that you can perform discreetly at your work station in the sitting position. Some examples are calf raises, quadricep extension and hip flexion. I would also stretch out every hour or two....


Is It Likely That By Lifting 50-60lbs Of Weights Will Cause A blood Clot In the Brain? Even If Lifted the Wrong Way

A: Many things can cause a clot to the brain, or a stroke.  Heart health is the primary one, cholesterol levels another. So a healthy fit man, who has been training with weights for years, and knows his limits, and can listen to his body and know what it is doing, is less likely to experience this. Yet someone who is keen to knock his body into shape as quickly as possible, could indeed damage his health by straining in the face and not in the arm chest and leg muscles. You need to have your health checked out regularly by a health professional. If you are full of lean muscle, you can get away with more, if not, you can injure yourself if, as you say, you lift...

Can You Get A blood Clot In the Fingers And Thumb?

A: Yes you can.but it isn''t nothing like the clots that you can get in your legs.or other parts of your body..    Take care..  ...


Is it safe to take mobic 15mg if you have a blood clot in your leg?

A: 17 Jul 2011 I would suggest that you discuss this with your doctor. It depends on what sort of medication you took to dissolve the clot, etc. Votes:+0CommentVote upReportSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsblood Disorders - My leg swelled up and became numb when I went off coumadin. Doppler was negative?the blood clot I had was supposedly gone 2 answers • 23 Jan 2010 • blood clot?can u get a blood clot in your groin don,t know if i pulled something it just started 2 hour ago please let me...


Can anyone describe what having a blood clot in your legs feels like?

A: I''ve never had a clot but I''ve been given the signs to watch for severaltimes. If the area is red and hot to the touch then you should notifysomeone immediately. If there is no pain or any of these other signs Iwouldn''t worry too much just yet. But by all means go to the ER if youjust aren''t comfortable. It could just be the muscles in your legsknotting. Again, though, if you aren''t comfortable, go to the hospital;better safe than sorry. Take care and good luck. Pam S.T.: After having dealt with my Mom having


blood clots in the Brain

A: Depending on where the stroke is in the brain, your father''s balance may be affected as well as the leg numbness. Are his legs still numb or has the feeling come back? What about numbness in the bottoms of his feet? Diabetes can cause that without a stroke. And yes, Valium can make you dizzy and make you fall. But I tell you that even if his legs are back to normal, his balance may be way off just from the stroke alone and he may need physical therapy to get it back. I''m going through that right now myself. Talk to his doc and ask about


A 52 Years Old Man Suffers A Pulmonary Embolism That Originated As A blood Clot In His Right Leg. Can You Describe This Condition And How It Develops. Specifically, Trace the Pathway Of the blood Clot From the Leg To the Lungs?

A: Did you have some major surgery or some kind of trauma where you were lying in bed for awhile? Poor circulation problems? Because this can happen from lying in bed for some time. Or if some kind of trauma,loosened a clot and it traveled up your leg per artery or vein to lung....

if you have a blood clot in your leg and are on coumadin can the blood clot still break loose and cause problems?

A: That is a valid concern Yes. Depends on the size of the clot as to the damage it might cause. Serrapeptase is an enzyme taken on an empty stomach that is supposed to eat up the clot. I was worried that... Misha said: 1 Yes. Even though you are on anticoagulation therapy, if you have an existing clot, it can break off and cause severe issues/damage in your body. Sign in to report abuse or send a compliment 38 months ago...


Has anyone had a blood clot in their leg?

A: I had a pulmonary embolism. That''s a blot clot that begins in the legs and moves to the lungs. I didn'' feel a thing....

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What Kind Of Foods Should I Eat If I Have A blood Clot In My Leg?

A: You can eat what you want, but you can''t over do salads an foods that are high in vitamin k. This is one of the clotting agents for your blood. Try to stay on a schedule with the amount that you eat of them, because then you can stay on a set schedule with the medicines. Hope this helps, good luck to you. I am sorry that you have one, they are terrible to have, I have had two of them....

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